I love mason jars!  They are cute, inexpensive and I think they make great centerpieces at a wedding.  They look great at outdoor or vintage weddings.  As a centerpiece, you can have one stand alone or you can have a few clustered together. The jars can be filled with flowers, candles, buttons or any items you choose.  You can tie the jars with ribbon, decorate with fabric or you can add photos.  These centerpieces are a DIY project that will save you money. 

After the wedding, the mason jar can be used as a drinking glass.   We've found some great mason jar centerpiece ideas for you.  Take a look. 

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05/22/2012 2:40am

You have such a great blog.

Wedding Thingz
05/23/2012 5:38pm

Thank you!

05/24/2012 4:56am

Love the blossom. Beautiful

05/25/2012 5:46am

So inspiring! Love this little jars :)


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