LDS Temple Wedding Garments Must Meet Modesty Standards

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LDS temple wedding garments must meet strict modesty standards. These garments must be knee-length or shorter, have no slits above the knee, and be free of embellishments and ruffles. The neckline must be a simple V-neck. You can add a sash or train for a more elaborate look, but otherwise, keep the LDS wedding dress simple.

Modesty requirements for an LDS temple wedding dress

When selecting an LDS temple wedding dress, you should be mindful of the modesty requirements. Generally, the gown should be knee-length with no higher-than-knee slits. The sleeves and necklines should be covered, as should the back of the dress. In addition, the dress should be modestly cut and should not be too tight or revealing. Moreover, the garter toss should be avoided.

The modesty requirements for an LDS temple wedding dress are fairly simple. The dress should cover the breasts and not be too tight or too short. It should be made of a thick fabric so as not to accentuate the chest or reveal too much skin. In addition, most women wear a lined slip underneath their temple wedding dresses. Others add a modest filler on the skirt so that it covers any undergarments.

When choosing an LDS temple wedding dress, keep in mind that your dress should be easy to change. The temple will only allow brides who follow the principles of the religion to wear a wedding gown. The bride will also wear a sealing gown for the sealing ceremony and will change into her wedding dress after leaving the temple.

Unlike other religious denominations, LDS temple wedding dresses must be knee-length or longer. Likewise, skirts should not have slits above the knee. The neckline and back must also be modest. Embroidery is also acceptable, but should not be too excessive.

Dresses for LDS temple weddings must be white. However, they can be embellished with a coordinating color, a sash, or a train. However, lace and other embellishments may violate the temple's modesty requirements.

If you are unsure of what you need to wear for the temple ceremony, it's best to consult the temple's modesty policy before selecting a wedding dress. The guidelines are pretty simple. You must wear an all-white outfit with no visible cleavage. In addition, your dress must have a high neckline and cover the back. It should also have a bustle or detachable train.

You may also have to decide between a wedding dress and a temple dress. Both styles are beautiful, but you should choose the one that fits you the best. Regardless of which style you choose, your temple wedding dress should be simple and unobtrusive.

Styles that are acceptable

For an LDS wedding, it's important to choose a wedding gown that is both modest and traditional. There are special requirements for LDS temple weddings, such as the length of a bride's wedding gown, which must be at least knee length. Similarly, she should avoid slits and high waistlines. A modest neckline is also necessary. Simple scoop or square necklines are common, and a slight V neckline can hint at femininity.

In addition, there are LDS temples around the world that can perform marriages using the principles of their faith. Buying your wedding gown from an LDS boutique will ensure that your dress is both beautiful and appropriate for your ceremony. You should also keep in mind that LDS temples are very expensive, so you may want to look online to get an idea of the prices.

Since 1923, the LDS Church has made several improvements to its wedding garments. One such improvement is the use of stretch cotton fabric, which is a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This fabric allows the top to breathe and allows for a comfortable fit. Another addition is the placement of stretch mesh panels on the crotch area. These changes help to improve the comfort and confidence of LDS women.

Modesty is a key aspect of an LDS temple wedding. A modest wedding dress should cover the chest, but it should not be tight or reveal too much skin. The dress should also be made of thick fabric. Most women choose to wear a lined slip underneath the temple wedding dress. Some women also use a modest filler under the dress to cover up any undergarments.

The LDS Church published a video in 2014 titled Sacred Temple Clothing. This video explains the rules surrounding temple clothing. The New York Times characterized the garment wearing rule as an "exhortation" and said that a disobedient LDS member risks devastating consequences.


LDS weddings have several differences from traditional weddings. For one, the bride and groom are relatively young and have limited financial resources. Second, the bride's family pays for the wedding and other related expenses. The bride's family is also responsible for hosting the Engagement party, which introduces both sides of the family before the wedding.

The cost of LDS wedding garments depends on many factors, including the bride's budget and wedding theme. She may want something modest, but she may also want to make sure that her dress reflects her personal style. Depending on the design, LDS wedding garments can be both elegant and modest. You may want to wear a strapless gown, or a backless one with a plunging neckline.

Another option is to use an LDS thrift store or a donation center. These stores accept donated wedding garments and can match them up with the bride. These stores often have modest wedding gowns that can be altered by adding sleeves or a chemise underneath. Ask the salesperson for assistance in making these changes if needed.

LDS wedding garments can be costly, but there are ways to minimize this expense. For example, White Elegance offers modest bridal attire for under $200. These dresses are also temple ready. In addition to saving money, these gowns serve as a special reminder of your wedding day. In addition, they eliminate the stress of shopping for and altering separate temple garments.

If you decide to use an LDS temple, you will need to follow strict church rules in order to be able to get married in the temple. You will need to pay tithes, which are usually 10% of your income, and you must be chaste. You must also avoid eating unhealthful foods. In addition, you will need to wear special garments for the ceremony. You must also get a temple recommend for guests who will attend the ceremony.

If you do not have a temple-ready dress, you can still wear your wedding gown for the sealing ceremony. Just be sure to check for temple-ready requirements when purchasing a LDS wedding gown. Brides should keep in mind that temple-friendly garments must be white, have modest necklines and reach the floor. Also, they cannot have a train. In addition, they must be removable. Temple workers will also provide a white dickie.