How Much is a Wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club

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Weddings at the Danversport Yacht Club

If you are planning to have your wedding on the waterfront, then the Danversport Yacht Club will be a beautiful location. This waterfront wedding venue will allow you to write your own story and capture meaningful expressions. You can choose from a variety of enchanting settings, from beautifully manicured gardens to waterfalls and fountains, as well as gazebos and pergolas. This waterfront wedding venue will fit any budget and style.

Price range

For an elegant waterfront wedding, consider a ceremony at Danversport Yacht Club. The club offers 3 function rooms with stunning water views and a variety of settings for your special day. From wedding receptions to corporate outings and holiday parties, this club provides elegant accommodations with great service and food. Guests will be delighted by the excellent food, impeccable service, and attentive staff. A wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club is a great alternative to a Boston venue.

The venue's waterfront venues are ideal for any type of ceremony. Outdoor ceremony options include the Gazebo and Pergola. If you would rather have an indoor ceremony, you can choose from different event rooms for the reception. For your ceremony, Danversport offers an assorted juice bar, a coffee bar, pastries and bagel stations. You can also enjoy a delicious brunch after the ceremony at the venue. The food served at Danversport is second to none.

The waterfront location of Danversport Yacht Club makes for a picturesque setting for a ceremony. Beautiful water views are a natural backdrop for a celebration with your closest friends and family. The picturesque grounds of the waterfront location also offer scenic spots for a ceremony. With an all-inclusive package, you can be sure to have a wedding to remember for a lifetime. And because the venue offers so many different settings, you can tailor the details to fit your vision.

For a larger, waterfront wedding, Danversport Yacht Club can accommodate up to 200 guests. For the most elegant wedding, consider having a live band play a selection of classic songs. The Texas Tenors are an excellent choice if you want to hire a band for the reception. They have custom-built black pianos and a drummer that can create an all-request rock and roll sing-along.

Service offered

Whether you're looking for a day of sailing or a night out with friends, the service offered at the Danversport Yacht Club will not disappoint you. The DeLorenzo Family has been hosting events and social events for the past fifty years, and the marina has become one of the premier locations for any event. The yacht club also has a full-service restaurant and bar to suit all of your dining needs.

Danversport Yacht Club and Marina is a full-service marina, offering everything from hauling to launching to engine and system repairs. The professional staff at the Danversport Yacht Club has more than 35 years of combined experience in boat repair. The facility has a fuel dock and offers members the convenience of staying close to the open water. In addition to great service, the marina also offers dining and lodging close to the water.

Before the Danversport Yacht Club opened, the DeLorenzo family owned a metal fabrication business. They dreamed of creating a large dance hall and marina for the community. So, in the 1970s, Joseph and Barbara DeLorenzo purchased 19 acres in Danvers, Massachusetts and began a project that became an icon of the town. The new building opened on December 6, 1970. Throughout the years, the yacht club has expanded to serve the needs of the surrounding community.

The Danversport Yacht Club offers a full range of wedding services, and its facility is outstanding for any occasion. With a harbor-view ballroom, large lawns, and a savory Grille & Bistro, the club is perfect for the wedding of your dreams. All of the wedding staff members are passionate about the club and their job is to ensure the guests enjoy a memorable celebration. You can relax and enjoy a romantic evening with your friends and family.

Lighthouse point

The waterfront location of Lighthouse Point and Courtyard are two of the most beautiful venues at the Danversport Yacht Club. The stunning harbor views and cascading waterfall make for the perfect setting for an intimate wedding or small gathering. Both areas also feature a 560 square foot dance floor and high-top tables surrounded by lush gardens. At the same time, both venues have a variety of menu options to meet the needs of every couple.

The Danversport Yacht Club is an all-inclusive waterfront venue. Located in Danvers, Massachusetts, the waterfront venue offers enchanting settings and a convenient location for your wedding and reception. The venue has a beautiful outdoor setting, ample free parking, and a great selection of lodging options. Additionally, the wedding packages at this waterfront venue are affordable and easy to plan. However, you should consider checking with the Danversport Yacht Club first before booking.

The Lighthouse Point has a private dining area and a courtyard. Set in a courtyard, this venue is surrounded by water features and lush greenery. It is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding, and the room has large windows and beautiful natural light. In addition, there is a tented outdoor patio for the ceremony if you wish. This wedding venue is also ideal for small corporate celebrations. Guests will enjoy a cocktail hour and a gourmet meal.

Whether you're looking for an elegant setting with a waterfront ceremony or an intimate ceremony, the Danversport Yacht Club has the perfect place for you. Its scenic location and professional staff will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your special day. For a more intimate ceremony, you can choose to hold the ceremony outside the venue and have a beautiful view of the ocean. A reception at the yacht club includes a full bar and on-site catering, as well as an outdoor ceremony space. And if you're worried about parking, you can have it on the waterfront!


The Danversport Yacht Club is an indoor venue that features three reception areas and an outdoor ceremony area. It is also known for its beautiful view of the harbor. Wedding ceremony packages start at $5,950, which includes the venue's beautiful interior and service. The venue also features an elegant crystal chandelier and floor-to-ceiling windows. Weddings at the Danversport Yacht Club are a truly unforgettable experience.

The Danversport Yacht Club is located on 19 acres of picturesque grounds. You can have an outdoor ceremony on the dock or elope on the lawn. Either location is ideal. The waterfront ceremony space is beautiful and offers breathtaking views of Boston Harbor. The ceremony area can also be held indoors for a classier feel. Weddings at the Danversport Yacht Club can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

If you're wondering how much a wedding at Danversport Yacht Club will cost, consider that it offers multiple waterfront venues for your reception and ceremony. The views are breathtaking, and the menu options are plentiful. If your guests are coming from all over the world, you may want to choose the Harborview Ballroom. The venue is spacious and offers chandeliers. However, if you have a smaller wedding, you can still host the ceremony in a smaller room, like the Garden Terrace Room.

As far as the food goes, the Danversport is renowned for its first-class fare. You can have a customized menu and request a pre-wedding tasting, so you can sample the dishes prior to your big day. The venue also offers full service bars and specialty drinks. There are many different wedding packages available for couples to choose from. You can find the perfect wedding package by checking out their website.


The Danversport Yacht Club has several restaurants on the property. In all, the restaurants have an average rating of 7.1 out of 10. To find out how much food is served at the Danversport Yacht Club, read on to find out more about the different types of food available. The restaurant bistro was closed on April 2, 2017 after announcing that it would be closing. This closure sparked a wave of emotions on Facebook. While some people expressed excitement about the restaurant's future event space, others were disappointed by the suddenness of the announcement. It is unclear what happened in the short time since the Yacht Club knew that closure would affect the number of boat slips renewed.

Before the Grille & Bistro closed, the Danversport Yacht Club opened as a square dancing club. In 1970, DeLorenzo wanted a larger dance floor for the square dancing club that was held in the building. He also wanted a pool club and holiday banquets, and the Yacht Club became famous for both. It is important to know how much food costs at the Danversport Yacht Club before ordering.

The Danversport Yacht Club has three different locations for your ceremony. Guests can enjoy beautiful harbor views, and there is also a mingling area. You can choose between a traditional or formal wedding ceremony at the waterfront, or have an intimate gathering in the Lighthouse Point courtyard. The Yacht Club also offers a variety of menu options, and has a variety of wedding packages to choose from. There are also options for guests with food allergies and gluten intolerance.

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