LDS Wedding Luncheon Ideas

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When you're looking for LDS wedding luncheon ideas, be sure to avoid anything sexually suggestive. You'll want to serve southern comfort food and steer clear of fish. And don't forget to skip the receiving line! This is important when it comes to planning traffic flow! But if you can't stay away from fish, here are some ideas for what to serve. Also, consider how the couple wants to be received.

Avoid sexually suggestive lds wedding luncheon ideas

If you're planning an LDS wedding luncheon, you should keep in mind that you are in a religious community. Although LDS weddings can be freewheeling, spontaneous and mostly unstructured, you should still dress modestly. The couple's clothes should cover the neck and knees and reflect the conservative nature of the church. Business attire works best, and alcohol is prohibited.

LDS meetings take place in a cultural hall or a Relief Society room. In the former, the seating is more comfortable and the decorations are more elegant. In the latter, the room is multipurpose and could even feature basketball court markings. The wedding music may be unfamiliar, and the officiant is likely to wear a suit and tie. This means that a guest's attire shouldn't be a source of stress.

Serve southern comfort food

Serving southern comfort food at a LDs bridal shower is a fun way to celebrate your new bride and groom. Fried chicken tenders on a stick, mini waffles, and honey mustard or maple dipping sauce are sure to please. You can even personalize each bottle of barbecue sauce with the couple's wedding date and name. These foods are also a great choice for an antique, Southern-themed wedding.

Southern-style barbecue is a southern staple, and this recipe is no exception. Pulled pork is slow-cooked and marinated in natural smoke flavor and seasonings for 24 hours. It pairs best with coleslaw and other southern-style dishes. For an extra touch of southern style, try serving a side of fried corn on the cob. A Southern-style wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life.

Skip the receiving line

Skipping the receiving line is a popular LDS wedding luncheon idea that combines traditional elements with modern day convenience. The receiving line is typically composed of a couple's parents and attendants, as well as some bridesmaids and groomsmen. It's a nice way to get to know each other before the wedding, and it also allows guests to express their gratitude and compliments. A reception in an LDS temple, however, should be more intimate, and the receiving line should not be as long.

The receiving line is traditionally done at the beginning of the reception. The newlyweds, parents, and wedding party all form a line to greet the guests as they enter. This is a traditional wedding tradition, and it allows couples to interact directly with their guests and answer questions individually. The receiving line is also a great way for the bride and groom to thank each guest individually. By skipping this traditional ritual, you'll still be able to greet guests and engage in meaningful conversation.

Traditionally, the receiving line takes about 20 minutes, which is not long if you've invited 75 guests to your luncheon. The receiving line can be short and sweet, with a few words of hello from each guest before everyone has a chance to get their seat. Many couples prefer to skip the receiving line altogether, to spend more time chatting with guests. There are other LDS wedding luncheon ideas that don't include the receiving line, such as a casual cocktail party after the wedding rehearsal dinner.

If you have the time, you can skip the receiving line altogether. Using the receiving line to greet guests is a classic practice at big weddings, where guests congratulate the couple and send them off. The receiving line can be as informal or as formal as you want it to be. A few creative alternatives to the receiving line can help you decide. So, how do you go about avoiding the receiving line?

Avoid serving fish

While fish is a common entree for Latter-day Saints, they should be aware of a policy against it. The church drafted this policy during the 1833 mission in Nauvoo, Illinois, and has stood by it ever since. But it still has its detractors. Here are three things you should avoid serving at an LDS wedding luncheon. A: Guests who are allergic to fish should not be served at your wedding.

Skip the salad bar

Latter-day Saint (LDS) wedding receptions have changed a lot since the days of salted nuts and pastel mints. In the cultural center, lines often snaked down the floor, and today LDS brides and grooms choose to hire a professional caterer to take the stress off their mother. Most brides still have a guest book, which serves two purposes. First, it helps the bride and groom remember all the guests who attended their wedding. Second, it helps them write down their names so they can send thank you cards.