LDS Cultural Hall Wedding Reception Decorators

Should you be organizing a marriage celebration in an LDS cultural hall, it's wise to think about engaging professional decorators. This piece will explore the advantages and expenses associated with employing a professional decorator for your celebration. Additionally, you will discover tips for choosing a decorator for the cultural hall that aligns with your financial plan and style preferences. Keep reading to gain further insights! If there are any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us!

Professional lds cultural hall wedding reception decorators

LDS cultural halls are a popular venue for LDS weddings because they can help you keep costs down. In addition to the cultural hall's beautiful facilities, it also has a kitchen where food can be prepared. You can also reserve the building for your reception, which is free of charge. Here are a few ideas for decorating your reception in a Mormon cultural hall:

Use white floor-length linens. You can borrow from a neighbor, purchase or rent the linens, or buy overlays to coordinate with the wedding theme and colors. Chair decorations can add elegance to the cultural hall, too. To dress up folding chairs, tie a colorful ribbon around the back. Or, you can purchase chair covers to hide the chair frame. Even the simplest touches can go a long way!

Guest books come in many styles and are available in different materials. You can get traditional books, contemporary books, or even off-the-wall, depending on the style you choose. Table coverings are necessary for any wedding reception, and can range from cheap plastic tablecloths purchased at the local dollar store to luxurious linens rented from a professional. Most LDS brides choose the middle ground. The guest book is also a useful item for brides and grooms to remember who their guests were and send thank-you cards to their guests.

Cost of hiring a lds cultural hall wedding reception decorator

If you are looking to have your wedding reception at the LDS cultural hall, you have two options. First, you can rent tables and chairs for less than $100 apiece. Second, you can have a cleaning service come in after the reception. This will be a much cheaper option than paying the venue for cleaning services. Besides, many venues outsource this task to a third party. Lastly, you can cut back on the number of wedding guests and still get good quality pictures. Even better, it will earn you favorite child points with your parents.

You might wonder about the cost of hiring a professional to decorate the LDS cultural hall. First of all, it can be quite expensive. The cultural hall has no windows, so in the winter, the sun will set before the reception starts. Additionally, not many people get married in the winter, so you can get a good deal. And remember, you can always cook your food elsewhere.

Choosing a cultural hall wedding reception decorator

A cultural hall can be a versatile space, but it is important to keep a few things in mind. Cultural halls are commonly used for sporting events, such as the annual ward Christmas party, and they may lack the style or functionality of a traditional wedding venue. Instead of sacrificing style and functionality for the sake of versatility, Cousins suggests using old window frames, curtains, and dressing screens to create an intimate, cozy setting.

The decorator should have a basic understanding of the cultural hall's rules for using its kitchen. If a church has a cultural hall, they may have different rules about cooking food in their hall. For example, LDS meetinghouses only have ovens for warming food, so you should check with your bishop or building coordinator before you plan your wedding reception there. For this reason, it may be best to avoid using the kitchen if possible.

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