The Benefits of LDS CTR Wedding Rings

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What are the benefits of an LDS CTR wedding ring? This article will discuss their history, design, and cost. Whether you are looking for a religious symbol or a simple statement of love, these wedding rings are the way to go. Learn more about them today. Here are the top five reasons to purchase one for yourself:

Symbol of religious commitment

Unlike many religions, the LDS Church does not have a centralized point of worship. Instead, members wear a ring with a CTR shield as a reminder to make good decisions and live their lives in accordance with the principles and teachings of the church. The CTR wedding rings are worn by many Mormon adults as well, including their spouses.

The CTR letters have long served as a symbol of religious commitment for LDS members. The letters appear on a green shield, and they have a rich history and deeper meaning to many of the church's members. Over the years, CTR rings have become a popular fashion statement and outward expression for many of its members. These rings are perfect for both a traditional wedding and a modern one.

Covenant rings are a rare tradition in modern society. A man or woman wearing one will be forever bound to his partner. In addition to a marriage commitment, the covenant ring will always be a symbol of purity and a reminder of the father's love. It represents a commitment between the man and his daughter to remain pure and chaste until they are legally married.

The marriage ring symbolizes the gifting of resources in marriage. In the Bible, the covenant was made with Noah. The blood covenant involved belts that form circles. Noah and his wife wore rings to honor their covenant with God. As the sign of the covenant, the wedding rings serve as a reminder to the couple that they are married and will follow God's guidance.


The CTR (Choose the Right) symbol is often displayed as an emblem on the LDS Church's rings. The shield is also worn by Church primary children. The symbol is available in a wide range of designs and customizations. The symbol was first introduced by Primary general president LaVern W. Parmley in the 1970s. The phrase and shield logo are now widely used by LDS members of all ages to signify their religious affiliation.

The letters CTR are also commonly used on various products, including jewelry and t-shirts. The initials can also be found on other materials, such as stationery, t-shirts, and bookmarks. In addition to wedding rings, CTR wedding rings are commonly used on a variety of other items, including jewelry and other accessories. Listed below are the designs of popular CTR wedding rings. The design of LDS CTR wedding rings can be customized to fit a variety of styles.


A CTR ring has a 27-year history, beginning with the first CTR rings given to Primary children when they reached age six. These rings were originally designed as a badge of faith for boys and girls and have become almost legendary. In addition to adorning LDS couples' wedding bands, they have been a popular choice for many adult Mormons. Today, some CTR rings are manufactured of 14-karat gold or sterling silver. The company making them pays the church royalty for use of the CTR trademark.

A CTR wedding ring is a symbol used to encourage Latter-day Saints to be more virtuous and follow the Lord. It was created by members of the Choose the Right class, which became a Primary ward. In 1864, LDS prophet Brigham Young used the phrase, which was then used by Joseph Townsend 14 times in a hymn. The CTR ring itself was first presented to members of the Church in 1970, when the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley announced the implementation of a new Primary "CTR" curriculum. Children in primary would receive new CTR rings, and parents of children in the six and seven age groups would be able to give them to their spouse.

The LDS Church uses the CTR ring as a symbol of faith and a reminder of "Choose the Right." LDS members also wear it as a shield on their rings. CTR rings come in many different styles and customize options. A woman named Patricia Knight was introduced to the Church by her children. When she saw one of her grandchildren wearing a CTR ring, she was pleasantly surprised.

The initials CTR are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, and t-shirts. The letters CTR appear on the shield and are also used on stationery, bookmarks, and t-shirts. This emblem also symbolizes religious affiliation for LDS members. This symbol is also often seen on religious education materials for young people. So, if you are looking to buy an LDS CTR wedding ring, you may want to read the history of these rings and get more information about them.


LDS CTR wedding rings are often made of 14K gold or sterling silver. Ring Masters Inc., a 10-year-old Ogden, Utah, company, made $2.5 million in sales last year, and nearly half of that business is related to CTRs. The company manufactures nearly 400,000 rings each year for the Primary. They also have a commercial line of CTR rings in nearly forty languages, tapping into the huge Mormon missionary market.

While the CTR ring may not look very elegant, it does have a religious meaning. It represents the cross, a symbol given much emphasis in American religion. Many CTR wedding rings are also fashion statements, doubling as a statement piece. The CTR ring was originally developed in the Primary curriculum committee chaired by Nichols, who is now 87 years old. Clinger served on the same committee and said she is delighted to see CTR rings in her local community.

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