LDS Average Marriage Age

If you're curious about the typical age at which LDS women get married, you've found the perfect source. Church data reveal that the average marriage age for women in the LDS Church is 26.1 years, which is above the national average. Additionally, they generally have larger families compared to their counterparts.

Women’s average marriage age is 26.1

There are a variety of factors that can influence a marriage's age, including the religious affiliation of the couple and the educational level of the couple. This study shows that women in the United States are marrying younger than men in most states. In particular, lower-income women and those who are religious are less likely to get married earlier than others.

The median age of first marriage for women and men has increased two years. In 1890, the average age of a woman's first marriage was 25.1 years. That number is now 26.1 in the United States. However, men in New York and other western states are still significantly younger than women.

The average age of marriage in North Carolina is 27.1 years for women and 28.8 years for men. Ohio residents marry around that same age, but men are a bit older at 29.3. Women in Oklahoma are just slightly older than men - 25.5 and 27.2 years, respectively.

The average age of marriage in the US varies considerably between men and women. Men marry at a slightly later age, while people with a college degree get married earlier. The average age of marriage for a person with a college degree is 22.7 years older than those with a high school diploma. The average age of marriage in New York is 20.8 years younger than that of a man with a bachelor's degree.

While men and women have similar odds of marrying by age 46, women have a slightly higher chance of getting married at younger ages than men. Those with college degrees are four percent more likely to marry than those with just a high school diploma. This difference means that women should not delay settling down.

Statistics of marriage are also a bit misleading. While the age of marriage has increased in recent decades, the average age of women has remained consistently higher than men. In 1968, the average age for a woman to get married was 21 while it was 23 for a man. However, this is not a complete picture. Several factors have been cited as influencing this trend.

The NLSY79 study measures marriages for Americans born between 1957 and 1964. The broader time frame is helpful for analyzing patterns. In addition, it provides a more comprehensive view of marital patterns. In fact, 85 percent of this cohort were married by age 46. However, the bulk of these marriages began at the age of 28.

Divorce rate for returned missionaries

The divorce rate for returned missionaries is significantly lower than that of their non-missionary counterparts. While the divorce rate of non-returned missionaries is roughly double the national average, the divorce rate for returned missionaries is only slightly higher. The same study also found that fewer returned missionaries are currently single than their non-missionary counterparts.

Returning missionaries are encouraged to date upon their return and start a family. However, the church does not teach them to get married until they are physically and emotionally ready. If a returned missionary is interested in a family, he can finish his education or even serve in the military.

The average age of a returned missionary's first marriage is 24 years old, compared to 21 for non-missionaries. Non-returned missionaries typically marry between 21 and 22. In addition, LDS men and women marry four to five years younger than their non-LDS peers.

Mormons have a high divorce rate and live in a region where the rate is particularly high. Researchers included temple marriage as a category in their survey because they assumed that only Mormons would select this option. However, they discovered that only 7% of Mormons who were married in a temple were divorced. The same study found that 45% of Mormons who were civilly married were divorced. A total of 21 percent of "other" marriages ended in divorce.

Church attendance is most common place to meet future spouses

Attending a religious service can be one of the best ways to meet future spouses. Church attendance not only gives you fellowship with others, but it also shapes your spiritual life. According to a Harvard University study, couples who attend religious services are 47 percent less likely to divorce than those who don't attend.

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