TLC Wedding Story – Where Are They Now?

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The hit reality TV show "TLC Wedding Story" has tripled in ratings in five years and has spawned three other shows. A Baby Story, A Dating Story, and A Makeover Story have all been up by 229 percent in two years. TLC has gained a following among women aged 18 to 34, a highly desirable demographic for advertisers. The show helped put the network on the map and continues to grow.

Nick Wilson and Colin Rieser showcase breathtaking weddings

In 'Our Wedding Story', filmmakers Nick Wilson and Colin Rieser show off the most beautiful and unique weddings from around the globe. They use cinematic techniques to tell love stories through their photographs and videos. The first season of the show featured a wedding in Laguna Beach, California. Season two will feature a wedding in Fiji, and the show will conclude with a stunning ceremony in Savannah, Georgia.

Myrla and Gil decided to stay married on 90 Day Fiance

Myrla and Gil were matched by experts based on their family values and financial security. Despite their obvious differences, they both agreed to remain married on Decision Day. The couple's final decision came after a series of off-camera conversations. While Myrla had a strong desire to remain married to Gil, she also had reservations about his dishonesty. After all, she hasn't spoken negatively about Gil.

The couple's main disagreement was over money. Myrla had significantly higher wages than Gil, but a different money mindset than Gil. She valued the finer things in life and lined her closet with expensive shoes. Gil, on the other hand, emphasized his love of passion, stability, and the American dream. However, Myrla and Gil fought over money, and both were uncomfortable with each other's behavior.

The couples' final decision was a surprise to viewers. At the beginning of Season 13, Myrla and Gil were barely getting along with each other. Myrla was known for being a bit bratty, and Gil tended to point out her nitpicking behavior. Despite their growing emotional and physical connection, Myrla ultimately decided to leave. They are still searching for common ground, but their relationship may not last forever.

The couple's problems are not unique to them. The majority of couples are dealing with problems during this season, including Gil and Myrla. They weren't the most popular couples before. Myrla was slow to commit and wouldn't kiss Gil until she felt comfortable. Fans were not sure if Myrla and Gil would make it. But despite Gil's inability to commit, they seem to be reconnecting.

Lillian and Tom stayed married on 90 Day Fiance

Lillian and Tom were married for only one year before they announced their divorce. They said that they remained best friends and still loved each other despite their split. They live in different states and Lillian seems to have moved on to new endeavors. Tom is still a real estate broker in North Carolina and Florida, while Lillian is involved in Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from human trafficking.

During the show, Tom and Lillian had polar opposite lifestyles and personalities. Tom preferred a more laid-back lifestyle while Lillian was a rule-follower. The couple often fought over things such as the way Tom dressed. They lived in a bus, which he didn't want to give up once they got married. Lillian, however, was adamant about not living on the tour bus!

Though the show was popular, it didn't end the show's romance. The couple had some difficulties during the show, but they eventually came to a mutual decision to stick together. They also decided to stay married. They announced that they were pregnant shortly before the reunion special. They welcomed a daughter, Olivia Nicole, in February 2019, and they are expecting a son, Robert Elvin Dodd IV, in December 2020.

Another Married at First Sight couple stayed married after their show ended, but they have moved on with their lives. They were separated for a short time after filming, but reunited again a few months after the show's end. The couple shared their happiness on social media and announced their split in March 2019.

Mark and Lindsey stayed together on 90 Day Fiance

Despite the show's success, Mark and Lindsey's relationship is in doubt. Both are seeking a lifetime partner and want to have a relationship similar to that of their grandparents. As their relationship grew, they began working on a house together and started to build a life together, but an explosive fight turned everything upside down. Neither of them knew how to handle the resulting blowup, and they blamed the other for the relationship's failure.

The drama started in the third episode of the show, when Lindsey exposed Mark to a host of secrets. Lindsey's list of scandals included his bedbug-infested apartment, toilet habits, and sperm consistency. They also discussed his former salary and lived in a bedbug-infested apartment. Ultimately, the show ended with Lindsey dumping Mark and getting divorced.

On Married at First Sight, Lindsey Georgoulis and Mark Maher had explosive arguments and ended their relationship in the middle of the season. Their marriage is still intact, but their relationship has had its bumps. Mark Maher's social media addiction was a major reason for their breakup. Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis were also a couple that went through a divorce despite their relationship.

Despite their split, Alyssa shared her story with the other couples during the season. Although she did not take full responsibility for her behavior, she believes that Alyssa did because she was jealous of Chris. They are dating again and have heavier conversations during dates. Their relationship is stronger than it had been in the past, but their friendship has lasted longer. They also remained friends after the show ended, which made things more complicated for the season finale.

Shawniece and Jephte’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance

Shawniece and Jephthe's 90 Day Fiance relationship has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Despite their mutual commitment to a relationship, Jephte Pierre has come under criticism from both fans and experts alike. After the birth of their daughter, Jephte defended his actions by saying that he wasn't in love with Shawniece Jackson. However, after the stress of a new baby, Shawniece Jackson was furious, ranting against him. So, while their relationship has been working so far, they are planning big career shifts in the future.

Jephte Pierre and Shawniece Jackson have dated off-screen for several years. In the Season 6 finale of the Lifetime show, the pair finally tied the knot. It was not without its difficulties, but the couple is still happily married. They welcomed their daughter Laura in the following year. Despite the challenges, Jephte and Shawniece's relationship on 90 Day Fiance is a success story.

Their relationship is so strong that Shawniece and Jephthe have been filmed attending three weddings together since the Season 5 finale. Jephthe's Instagram accounts show that the couple have already made amends. Meanwhile, the two were spotted on a trip to New Orleans and Texas in July. During their trip, they shared several photos of the events.

Larissa and Colt’s struggle to start a family

On Larissa and Colt's struggle to get a baby after their TLC wedding, we learned that both of them want to be naturalized Americans. But the stumbling blocks in their way are Eric Nichols and Larissa's past. Larissa publicly criticized Eric as a cheap, immature man in July, but it's still unclear whether she's dumping him. Larissa also revealed that Colt has been arguing with her new lover over every little thing, including finances and family issues.

The couple met online and dated for 11 days before their engagement. The two shared a Las Vegas residence with their three cats and lived together with his mother. Their marriage was scheduled for June 2018. But the couple was in a difficult time: Larissa, who was a "mama's boy," was arrested for domestic battery, and Colt, who was in the midst of an argument, filed for divorce. In addition, Larissa was concerned about her legal status. She was married on a K-1 visa, but she was afraid of deportation.

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Colt told Larissa that he was 97 percent sure he wanted to get married. Colt even complimented the woman working at the wedding venue who helped them decide on where to get married. The two have since spoken about the incident on social media, and their marriage appears to be on track. Their TLC wedding will continue, so fans can stay tuned for updates on their struggles to become parents.

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