Where Was a Harvest Wedding Filmed?

Harvest Wedding has become beloved for its appealing theme and captivated audiences upon its release. This movie premiered in the United States on the Hallmark Channel, making its first appearance on October 21, 2017. It's a captivating film sure to win over your heart. The beautiful locations featured in the movie might spark your curiosity about where Harvest Wedding was filmed. Keep reading to discover more.

The Harvest Wedding film was a bit different than the usual films we see on television. The movie is filmed at some of the beautiful locations. If you are wondering about the locations of the Harvest Wedding film, keep reading the article. We will let you know about the location. Along with the location, we will also discuss the movie plot.

Harvest Wedding Movie Plot

The main two characters of the movie are Sarah Bloom and David Nichols. They are played by Jill Wagner and Victor Webster. They were a high-school couple but lost contact when Sarah started school in New York. On the other hand, David stayed back at home to run the family farm. With the age, Sarah becomes one of the most successful wedding planner businesses in Manhattan. On the other hand, David becomes a successful founder of farmer’s markets. Both of them were so busy with the work is they can hardly think of love and relationship.

Although both of them were pretty busy with their work, their path crossed again in a ridiculous way. As Sarah gets the work to plan the wedding of a bride named Abby King. And, she was going to marry Tom Nichols, who was the younger brother of David. Sarah needs to prepare everything for the wedding as Tom was into the Army to be deployed soon. Although that was challenging, Sarah was confident enough to complete all the works at the right time even the bride’s mother was very demanding and coming up with new ideas every day.

During the period, both Sarah and David didn’t saw or meet each other as Sarah never visited her hometown. Although Sarah was in discomfort about the arisen situation, she was still attentive to make the whole thing work. Abby comes from a real estate empire and it was going to be a high-profile wedding. This brought a lot of attention and even the attention of wedding writer Payton Ellis. Sarah thought this can be a great way to give her business a boost.

Harvest Wedding Movie Review

Let us finish the story of the movie so that we can give you a better overview.

Although Sarah was highly focused to her work, she simply cannot hide the feeling of having David nearby. Coming in the same place, the old memories started hitting her mind. However, she was still very much attentive to the preparation and so do David. Sarah noticed that David was working hard in the fields. Yet the eyes of David light up when every time he sees her. What’s cute is David tried to hide his feeling claiming he is very busy with the fall harvest season as well with the works for the wedding.

But things got different when David see Mr. Handsome Payton comes to the farm to cover the marriage for an article in her marriage magazine. David come into help of Sarah to find the perfect spot for wedding. It was under a beautiful walnut tree and it’s the exact place where Sarah and David had their first kiss. With the magical preparation of the place for the wedding, it was hard for both Sarah and David to hide their feeling.

As the wedding day start knocking at the door, things get a little messy when the kitchen fire occurs. As a result, the celebrity chef they brought for the wedding messed up with the meal plan for the reception. However, thanks to the crews of the David’s Farmer Market, with their help, the were able to through a great feast. This is how the story of the What Happened movie went ahead.

Overall, the movie is quite good and you will surely enjoy it. The movie concept was great and so do the location of the wedding. It’s something you can watch with family.

Where Was a Harvest Wedding Filmed?

One of the attractions of the Wedding Harvest movie is its location. The location of the movie is very mesmerizing with a perfect natural view. Most viewers of the movie think that it is filmed somewhere in the United States. That is mainly because of the plot of the movie. But you might be shocked to know that the movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The location consists of a farm in there. Some part of the movie was also filmed at Billy Miner Pub, which is situated at Maple Ridge of British Columbia.

You might not know that Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a popular shooting spot. A lot of movies and TV series were shoot in this area. This includes the See TV Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Snake Eyes, The Good Doctor, The Flash, Riverdale, Vampire Dairy, House M.D., etc. These are only a few of the movies that were filmed there. The Wedding Harvest movie was filmed at 28 August 2017 to 16 September 2017. Although not mentioned in the movie, some parts might also film in the New York.

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Where I can Watch the Movie?

The Harvest Wedding movie was first released on the Hallmark TV channel. The TV network is known for the quality movies. Currently, the Harvest Wedding movie is also available in some online streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, JustWatch, etc.


The Harvest Wedding is a perfect movie to watch with your date. Specially, if you are a fan of wedding movies or hallmark movies, this is something you should must watch. The uses of music in the movie also makes it better and unique. We hope you will find all the information about the movie useful.  

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