Where Can I Buy Wedding Sweet Carts?

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Wedding sweet carts can come in many shapes and sizes. From wooden crates to mini picnic tables, you can find just the right thing for your special day. You can also use a napkin holder to prop up the bags of sweets. There are plenty of ways to display sweets at your reception - a picnic table, a basket, or an extra small side table can add to the overall display. You can also add flowers or bunting to accentuate the display.

Sugar plums

Sugarplums are a classic confection that have been around for centuries. They have been coated in sugar for centuries and were likely first made in the Middle East. The word sugarplum has more than one meaning, including "something pleasing". The term is derived from the French, and has been used to describe different kinds of candy since 1668. In fact, the English language first referred to them as "sugarplums."

To purchase sugarplums, you should visit a local boutique. Many stores will carry them, and they are incredibly affordable. If you are looking for the perfect wedding favor, look for a store that sells candy. If you're looking for something a little bit offbeat, there's a company in Southern California that specializes in kitschy treats. Whether you're looking for the perfect candy for your wedding favors, or a sweets cart for your reception, Sugar Plum & Co. has you covered.


There is no sweeter treat than candy floss. It is known by many names, including "fairy floss," "cotton candy," and even "snow cones." This magical spun sugar dessert is made with an electric machine that melts and spins the sugar through small holes. A candy floss cart is an elegant way to serve the confection, whether at a wedding, birthday party, or company event. Many of these carts are customizable, so you can include logos or text to make yours stand out.

Paper bags

Paper bags are a great way to display sweet treats at your wedding. Wedding favour bags are a popular choice for wedding sweet carts, but there are a variety of other materials that will fit your theme just as well. For a more elegant touch, you can consider choosing organza favour bags. Organza bags can be custom printed and can be placed next to your candy buffet. They are also versatile and can be used to serve guests at a candy bar.

Striped candy bags add a pretty touch to any sweet cart. Striped bags coordinate with your colour scheme. Paper bags can be printed with a wedding date and your initials, or with a favorite verse or phrase. Wedding guests are sure to enjoy the sweets. And it's a great way to reward your guests for showing up for the reception! While it's easy to buy candy in bulk, striped bags make great favors.

Wooden crates

If you are looking for unique wedding decor, wooden crates are perfect. They're versatile, add a rustic feel to your special day, and are resistant to the elements. They don't require much effort to break down and store after the event, which is a bonus! They can be displayed along a pathway to your seating area or even as the entrance decor to the ceremony. Whether you choose to use these items for decoration purposes at home or at your wedding reception, you'll find that they are ideal for any space.

Another way to use wooden crates is as drinks tables. You can stack crates with the bottom side facing the front of your reception hall. Add refurbished wood to the crates for a tabletop. Alternatively, you can use them as ice buckets for your guests to enjoy their iced drinks. Wooden crates can also be used as storage boxes for wedding favors and ceremony programs.

Once you have the crates, you can now paint them. If you choose not to stain them, you can opt for an unfinished look. Just make sure to sand the wooden planks smooth. This way, they'll be more durable than plain wood. And, if you don't want your guests to notice the wood glue, you can always stain it yourself. You can also use a sandpaper to wipe down the surface of the wooden crate to make it look cleaner.

Grazing platters

When planning a grazing table for your wedding, you can choose the type of foods you serve. A pizza cart, for example, can feature a personal pizza bar with all kinds of toppings. Alternatively, you can build the table into the unique architectural features of the venue. Whether it's a sweet cart or a savory station, the idea is the same. Here are a few ideas.

Themes for grazing tables are endless. Consider incorporating your wedding's color palette and decor to choose platters in different hues. For example, a tropical-themed wedding could feature fruit in the shape of flowers or a palm tree. Choose a fruity theme with kiwis, passion fruit, lychees, and pineapple slices. If your wedding is set in Italy, olives make a great addition to the table.

A grazing table is a perfect addition to the reception or cocktail hour. Guests can choose a variety of bite-sized snacks and enjoy them at their leisure. In addition to grazing platters, you can also create a dessert table using jars filled with cookies, chocolates, and more. Keep the colors neutral to match any theme. You can also use a grazing table for your wedding dessert table.

To add height and interest to your grazing table, you can use cake stands or tiered stands. You can also add edible greenery and edible flowers to add colour and interest to your table. The food itself should be attractive enough to eat, so make sure the food selections are healthy and delicious. In addition to the platters, you can add baskets of assorted bread rolls or artisan cheese wheels. A variety of chargrilled vegetables also makes for an attractive presentation.


A heavy duty Pinball Lift Dolly Cart for a wedding is perfect for any celebration. This cart is made of 100% bull denim cotton. It is 14 3/8" in diameter and comes in various colors and sizes. The handles and spade are adorned with intricate rose petals. It is made in the U.S.A. and can accommodate any number of candies.