Where Can I Get a Wedding Suit?

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Buying a wedding suit can be daunting. You can find many options, including Made-to-measure and off-the-rack options. Here is a guide to help you make the right decision. You may find the perfect style and fit for you. But where can I find the perfect suit? Read on to learn about the different options. And don't forget to ask about the tailor's recommendation.


If you have been dreading the idea of a wedding suit, consider shopping online. Not only are the selections far more extensive, but you can also choose your size and color from the comfort of your own home. Some online wedding suit companies will deliver the suits to your doorstep so you can try them on in privacy. For minor alterations, a local tailor can make them. You can also get real-life fit tips from sales associates who know what a peaked lapel looks like, as well as colors, styles, and fits.

Despite the convenience of online wedding suit ordering, it is still important to research the process thoroughly. Check out online storefronts, customer reviews, timelines, and pictures of wedding suits to determine which style and color are best suited for your big day. It can be overwhelming to order such a large item, but the experts have compiled some of the best places to purchase wedding suits. If you're getting a suit tailored in-store, try to make the appointment a couple of months ahead of time. Then, check out the company's website a few times and double check that you've ordered the right size.

Suitsupply is another direct-to-consumer retailer. This company prides itself on "radically personalized" service. You can choose from pre-styled tuxedos or create your own based on your measurements. Suitsupply's website features a full selection of suits, tuxedos, jackets, trousers, and waistcoats. If you don't like the fit of the suit, you can order a replacement for free.

Another benefit of ordering a wedding suit online is the ability to customize it. If you'd like to get a suit tailored to your specifications, you can even share a cart. By doing this, you can save money and time, and everyone can wear the same suit on the big day. You can even order a custom wedding suit for yourself and your friends. You can even get it resized or altered if you need to.


If you're unsure where to start, try browsing online stores that sell suits and blazers. Many of them offer free shipping and easy returns. You can also sign up for an Amazon Prime trial to try out their services for 30 days. Choose from a wide selection of styles and colors at State & Liberty, a bespoke tailor that offers a large range of wedding-worthy suits.

Generation Tux does not have a brick-and-mortar location but uses an algorithm to determine the right fit for its customers. Customers can submit their waist measurement, shoe size, and height to find the best-fitting suit. The company also offers kids and big-and-tall sizes and up to a 60" waist pants. The company's rental policy covers minor alterations up to $20, and if the suit isn't the right fit, it sends a replacement free of charge.

Summer-themed weddings typically call for lighter tones and softer constructions, with lighter navys and cottons the most popular choices. Darker navys, however, are preferred by those with fair complexions. A simple two-piece is an appropriate choice for a summer wedding, and a casual pair of loafers or suede moccasins will finish the look. A tie is optional, but it can be worn if desired.

The Groomsman Suit is another good option for wedding suit rentals. The Groomsman Suit offers wedding tuxedos for less than the rental cost. The Groomsman Suit offers a home try-on option to its customers. Unlike other rental stores, you won't have to take your measurements at home. In addition, Generation Tux's online sizing tool allows you to see what the suit will look like on your body.

Made to measure

For the groom, Made to Measure wedding suits are an ideal option. While off-the-rack suits look great and can save money, they have limited tailoring options and poor quality. A tailor's ability to create a tailored suit is the key to getting the right fit. For the groom, this method of bespoke fitting is essential. Read on for tips and advice. If you're considering making your own wedding suit, here are a few things to consider.

When choosing a tailor, make sure to look for one who has extensive experience making wedding suits. Not all tailors have experience making bespoke suits. A sales associate will take your measurements and pass them to a lead cutter, production manager, or master tailor. Even if the sales associate doesn't have much training, the tailor will still be able to customize your suit. And you can choose between one with a few hundred options, or an unlimited number of combinations.

A Made to Measure suit is tailored to fit you perfectly. It takes anywhere from four to eight weeks, including two fitting sessions. The process can involve a few minor tweaks, but it's important to have a high-quality product. If the process takes longer than six weeks, it's possible the suit was made overseas. This could lead to poor quality. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality made-to-measure suits on the market.

Bespoke suits are more expensive than standard made-to-measure suits. Bespoke tailors create paper patterns for the suits they make, but the cost of the service is higher. However, beware of the quality--there is no such thing as a perfect made-to-measure suit. Bespoke suits are usually the most expensive. However, they are well worth the price. A tailor's bespoke suits can be the most expensive wedding suit.

A made-to-measure suit will be made to fit you perfectly, but it will require several fittings. The difference between a custom and an off-the-rack suit is very small. The latter is much better quality and will last for many years. You will be comfortable wearing a made-to-measure suit. And while it's expensive, you'll never have to worry about wearing it again. And when you wear it, your best friends will be impressed, too!


Off-the-rack places to get tuxedos and suits are available from many online retailers. Depending on the fabric, you can order a full suit or a blazer in a size that suits you best. You'll need to provide a couple of measurements, including your height and weight, but a sizing algorithm will do the rest. Then you can order from a selection of over 29 styles and four different color palettes.

The advantages of off-the-rack suits are obvious - they save time and money, and they can look very good. But the downside is that the suit will take five to six weeks to make, and alterations will be limited. Plus, they'll probably be of a lower quality and more generic in style. Off-the-rack suits are not only generic looking, they won't fit you right.

Another great option is the bridal boutique Tadashi Shoji. This off-the-rack wedding suit store is an Anthropologie-type shop with a wide selection of bridal gowns. Expect beautiful details and boho flourishes. There's also in-person fittings available. You can also order a custom hat and cufflinks from them. There are several off-the-rack wedding suits in the Tadashi Shoji store in New York, but these are just a few options.

Nordstrom is another place to find a wedding dress. While it doesn't have designer names, you can buy one that fits and feels great. Macy's also has a great selection of wedding dresses and prom dresses. A Calvin Klein Gathered Keyhole Long Sleeve Gown for just $299 can give you the classic look you're looking for. The style is great for dancing, and the hemline makes it comfortable and easy to move in. You can also buy several dresses and save money.

Off-the-rack wedding dresses can be a great choice for brides on a budget or with tight time constraints. They provide a movie-style shopping experience, and the dress can be taken home on the same day. And because of the low price tag, off-the-rack wedding gowns are usually cheaper than custom-made wedding dresses. These wedding dresses are also great for brides on a budget, because you can try on several different looks and save money.

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