How Much is a Wedding at Kennolyn Cost?

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How much does a wedding at Kennolyn cost? This restaurant has several all-inclusive packages, and they have flexible guest count policies. You'll also find that they have a no-dog policy and serve organic and sustainable food. If you're planning a wedding with children, this venue is a great option. It also offers a children's menu and offers a 50% discount on the wedding package for children ages 2-4 years old.

Kennolyn offers a variety of all-inclusive wedding packages

The venue at Kennolyn is an all-inclusive event and lodging facility. The staff at Kennolyn can assist with design, decor rentals, and other wedding-day details. You can even have the venue set up and decorated by the events staff. The Stone Creek Village is a comfortable place to stay, complete with recreational activities for guests to enjoy. If your guests prefer a more private setting, Kennolyn has cabins available for rent, allowing you to customize your event to match your style and budget.

If you're looking for an environmentally-friendly event venue, Kennolyn Ranch has several all-inclusive wedding packages available. They compost nearly all of their event waste, allowing you to celebrate your wedding in a manner that is environmentally friendly. There are several all-inclusive wedding packages for the occasion, including the wedding reception, honeymoon, and engagement parties. The venues have the ability to accommodate up to 300 guests, and they are ideal for a small, intimate gathering.

The facility is also equipped to handle large events, with banquet services and event planning options available. The Kennolyn conference center features a swimming pool, play fields, volleyball courts, and ping pong tables. The restaurant serves a buffet with dishes such as grilled chicken breast, corn gruyere, marinated flank steak, sauteed mushrooms, and smoked salmon. The venue is also licensed for private parties.

It has a no dog policy

The Kennolyn campground is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The campus is beautiful and there is plenty of nature to explore. The cabins at Kennolyn are clean and comfortable, unlike many hotel rooms. The beds are comfortable, and you'll be glad you chose Kennolyn over a hotel. If you want to bring your dog to camp, you should make sure you get permission beforehand.

It has organic and sustainable food

The green credentials of Pajaro Dunes Resort, a Green Certified hotel, help the property to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment. Natural wood walkways and lower-level lighting are used throughout the property, and it encourages guests to bring their own reusable water bottles. All food left over is composted, including the rinds and cores of watermelons and romaine lettuce. Princess Penelope the pig also enjoys the rinds and cores of apple and watermelon.

Nora Pouillon is a well-known restaurateur in Washington, D.C. She owns the first certified organic restaurant in the U.S. She has been a champion of the organic food movement for the past 30 years, helping to develop close relationships with farmers and producers. Her work has won her many awards and the Environmental Film Festival featured a documentary about her efforts. You can learn more about Pouillon's efforts at her website.

It has a flexible guest count policy

Kennolyn's in-house culinary team creates custom menus to suit the tastes of any couple. They use high-quality ingredients and produce to create delicious cuisine for any occasion. Choose from Italian, Mexican, or American fare, and enjoy the flexibility of a sit-down or buffet dinner. The venue is ideal for couples with children, and their child-friendly menu is 50% off for guests ages 2-4.

The minimum guest count is 60 and maximum is 120. To reserve a date, you should send the rooming list to the restaurant at least 30 days before the event. The venue will bill you separately for each suite or cabin, and guests sharing a room typically pay for one another. You must pay the balance of your reservation 10 days before the event. Kennolyn will require your guests to arrive between 4 and 6 pm on the day of the event.

When it comes to setting a guest count, remember that it is not a simple matter. The venue and caterer need to know how many guests will be attending. Make an A-list and a backup list. Invite the guests on the A-list first, and wait for RSVPs. Then, invite the people on the B-list. This will ensure that everyone is included in the guest list.

It has a final guest count and event schedule changes

In the event of a last-minute change to the guest list, a wedding vendor must notify the client of the change at least 30 days before the wedding. A final guest count is required at least two business days before the wedding and no reductions can be made after that date. A reduction may incur additional costs, which are generally accommodated within five days of the wedding date. Guests must be counted accurately to ensure their comfort and ease. Event staff will be paid for their time, and additional hours may be charged for.

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