Where to Buy Chinese Wedding Biscuits

If you are planning a Chinese wedding, you may be wondering where to buy Chinese wedding biscuits. There are several places where you can buy these delicious treats. Here are some of them: Tong Kee bakery, Yi Zhan Jiu Gao Ding, Tai Chong Kok, and Thye Moh Chan. Each of these places makes a unique kind of wedding biscuit, and they are all worth trying.

Tong Kee bakery

The name Tong Kee carries a symbolic significance. The bakery is home to the oldest wedding biscuit makers in Ipoh. In fact, the shop has been around for four generations, since its founder, Mr. Cheng See, came from Si Huiin, China. He began by making authentic, traditional biscuits and gradually expanded the business to include other products as well. Today, the bakery specializes in kah li ping and other Chinese wedding biscuits.

The company makes traditional Chinese wedding biscuits from a recipe handed down by the founder. These biscuits are traditionally given to guests, especially the bride's family. The biscuits come in a pair of red bean paste and lotus paste, and are typically given out as wedding presents. Orders must be placed two weeks in advance. Once you receive them, you can eat them or gift them to friends.

The bakery has been around for 40 years, and is dedicated to maintaining traditional baking techniques and passing down Chinese culture. Its most popular baked buns come out of the oven ready to eat, and are adorned with treats. Their simplicity makes them a perfect choice for wedding day celebrations. The best part? You can even have them delivered straight to your doorstep! You won't believe how delicious they are.

The Chinese wedding biscuits from Tong Kee can be personalized to suit your personal taste. Custom-made mooncakes are also a great choice for wedding souvenirs. You can even choose the design of your wedding cake gift box! Tong Kee bakery has over 60 years of experience baking Chinese pastry goods. Their products are made with only the best ingredients, such as premium lotus seeds and pure peanut oil. They take pride in their quality and hygiene standards.

The quality of Chinese wedding biscuits is unrivaled. The TK Bakery makes their pastries with the utmost care, and their products are worth the trip! The bakery offers both traditional and gluten-free Chinese wedding biscuits. A delicious, elegant and memorable treat for the wedding day! So make your wedding dinner extra special by ordering these delicious treats. They will impress your guests and add aesthetic value to your wedding dinner.

Tai Chong Kok

If you're planning a Chinese wedding in Hong Kong, you've probably wondered where to find the most authentic wedding biscuits. Tai Chong Kok is a popular place to buy these delicious treats. The local bakery Tham offers traditional wood mould mooncakes, which look like animal faces. Most mooncakes don't have a filling, but a drizzle of golden syrup gives them a rich flavour. There are several stores in Tai Chong Kok, which have different fillings, including liquor and chocolate ganache. You can also find low-sugar biscuits, although they are still famous for the classic Little Piggies.

Chinese weddings are not complete without a good selection of these delicacies. Some local bakeries make traditional Teochew pastries, as well. Besides Teochew wedding biscuits, you can also find mooncakes and Teochew pastries in Tai Chong Kok. The Teochew-style pastries at Yang Hua Cake House are best-sellers, but you can also get Cantonese, Hainanese, or Yam Abacus seeds cakes.

While the number of traditional bakeries in Chinatown is dwindling, Tai Chong Kok still boasts a large selection of handmade mooncakes and Chinese wedding biscuits. Made from high-quality ingredients, Tai Chong Kok's handmade products adhere to strict standards of quality. And the renowned lotus seed paste mooncakes are a must-have for wedding celebrations in Hong Kong.

Another popular bakery in Hong Kong is Sin Hua Bee, which is famous for its Chinese wedding biscuits. Chinese wedding biscuits are traditionally given by the bride's family during the Guo Da Li ceremony. Nowadays, these delicious treats have become an everyday part of many wedding celebrations, although they are not as popular as they were during your grandparents' time. And with the help of tea, they make a delicious gift for guests.

Thye Moh Chan

If you're planning a Chinese wedding, you'll want to buy the traditional biscuits to give out as wedding favors. Kah pui ping, or red bean paste biscuits, are given out during the goh tai lai ceremony. These cookies have a limited shelf life, so the bride's family will want to order them well in advance. Moreover, because of their high-calorie content, these biscuits should be consumed quickly, especially if there are outstation relatives who need to come to the ceremony.

Chinese wedding desserts are traditionally sweet and soft and are made from sweet rice dough. These pastries originated during the period when cheese and milk were not commonly available. They are often made into sweet rice ball soup and represent the sweetness of love and the bonding of the two people. Nowadays, they are available in a variety of shapes, and are often filled with red, green, or sesame paste. Buying a bag of these biscuits for a Chinese wedding will ensure that the wedding reception is truly memorable.

Xi bings are an integral part of Chinese wedding customs. They are full of symbolism and heritage, and sending them with a wedding invitation is a warm nod to your Chinese heritage. This traditional treat will make the wedding even more special, and you'll find a great selection of flavours and varieties at Gin Thye Bakery in Singapore. This family-run business has been making Xi bings for more than 50 years, and their products are always freshly baked to order.

There are several bakeries in Hong Kong that offer these traditional treats. In Hong Kong, a wedding celebration is not complete without a box of wedding pastries. These cakes are often given as gifts to the bride's family as part of the betrothal ceremony. The bride's family will distribute them to their relatives with a formal invitation card. The bride and groom's families will also receive additional boxes of wedding pastries.

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