Where to Buy Chinese Wedding Tea Set?

Where is it possible to buy a Chinese Wedding Tea Set? There are many places where these sophisticated tea sets are available for sale. Later in this article, we will uncover various places where you can purchase such a set. Furthermore, we will share some intriguing facts about the Chinese tea ceremony, which could be information you haven't come across before.

Chinese are known for their old traditions that they are practicing for thousands of years. The Chinese Wedding Tea Set is the thing that they use during the China Tea Ceremony. Well, you might not know what is the tea ceremony. The Chinese Wedding Tea ceremony is a tradition of Chinese marriage where the bride serves and groom serves teas to their parents and other immediate family members.

If you are searching for a Chinese Wedding Tea Set, you have arrived at the right place. In the below part of the article, we will let you know where to find these tea sets. Along with that, we will also discuss the tea ceremony of China. Keep reading the article.

Where to Buy Chinese Wedding Tea Set?

The Chinese wedding tea sets are the specific variation of the tea sets that are used in the wedding for serving tea. Typically, the Chinese wedding tea sets are in red color and include some Chinese text. As per their tradition, the red color means happiness, healthiness, and some other positive vibes. There are also some patterns in the tea set that is to symbolize happiness.

Now let’s know where you can purchase the Chinese wedding tea sets. If you want to purchase them, online stores will be the best option. You will find them in Amazon, Etsy, etc. stores. Another excellent place to buy the tea set in cheap is the AliExpress. This popular Chinese e-commerce site includes different variations of the tea sets that are manufactured in China.

Besides, a simple google search will let you know about some other sources to buy the Chinese wedding tea set. You will find different varieties of the set. All you need to do is to find the right set that includes everything and goes with your preference.

What is Chinese Wedding Tea Set?

China is one of the best places of secret traditions that a lot of us from the outside don’t know. The Chinese tea sets are something that is fantastic and discrete from the regular ones we typically use. They are available in different colors and arrives with different paints, writing, and other ornamental decorations. In the Chinese tea set, you can find a lot of things.

A usual tea set includes spoons, tea tray, fair cup, tea clip, kettle, teapot, cup bracket, etc. However, one of the most unique additions to the set is the fragrance-smelling cup. The sets are usually made with different materials. Such as, some of them are made of porcelain where the others are made of glass, purple sands, or some other materials.

One of the interesting things about the tea sets is Chinese use different tea sets for different occasions and different instances. Such as, while serving green tea, they usually use transparent glass cups. This allows you to see the release of flavor and changes of color during the making of the tea. On the other hand, the Chinese use white porcelain cups while drinking black tea. As a result, they can see the beautiful color of the black tea through the white inside.

Things Included in the Chinese Tea Sets

Most of the time, the Chinese tea set includes the below-discussed items.

Cha Hai/ Fair Cup

One of the most important additions to the tea set is the fair cup, which they call Cha Hai. It is something like the teapot. This pot helps to make the tea perfectly. When you directly put the tea on the teapot, it might not assure you of the right consistency. Cha Hai helps to solve the issue. You will need to put the tea water on the pot first and shake it properly with the tea soup.

This makes the tea perfect consistency. Along with that, the Chai Hai equips bigger openings and has a large capacity. This allows you to make more tea than a usual teapot. The Cha Hai or the fair cup is an integral part of the Chinese wedding tea set.

Fragrance Cup

The fragrance cup, also known as the fragrance-smelling cup or aroma cup is another excellent addition to Chinese tea sets. It is known as Wen Xiang Bei in the Chinese language. As the name recommends, it is something that is designed to capture more aroma of the tea. This cup helps you to capture and enjoy the aroma of the brew.

They are different compared to the usual teacups. They usually equip a narrower opening which helps to keep the aroma inside. Like the Cha Hai, this is another important part of the Chinese tea set.


The kettle is the same thing that we use in the Western world to heat up the water for the tea. However, the kettle in the Chinese tea set is a bit different from the usual tea sets out there. It comes in a unique design and shape. Besides, the kettle can be made of various materials including stainless steel, pottery, iron, and much more.

Other Things

Apart from the above-mentioned things, there are tea trays in the Chinese tea set. This is where the teacups are positioned to serve the tea. They can be made of various materials including bamboo, plastics, steel, wood, etc. There are also teaspoons that are used to dig the tea soaked while making it.

There are also tea clips or tea chopsticks that they use to bring up the teacups. Chinese put their cups in hot water for sanitization before drinking and then a tea clip is used to bring out them from the hot water.


The Chinese tea ceremony is a unique tradition. You can consider adding this event to your wedding ceremony to make it more fun and more interesting.

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