Where to Buy Punjabi Wedding Chura

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If you are considering buying a punjabi wedding Chura, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase. First, you should know the symbols associated with this traditional piece of bridal attire. Second, you should know how to buy it and what to look for in a bridal accessory store. In this article, I will explain all of those things and more. After that, I'll discuss where to buy punjabi wedding chura sets.


The chura is one of the most prominent accessories worn by brides during their wedding. This ceremonial garment is adorned with traditional ornaments and carries a special meaning. The bride's sisters tie the kalire to her chooda, the traditional headband. This ornament is believed to bring good fortune to the newlywed couple, and it also symbolizes the bride's family and friends. The unmarried girls are made to sit in a line to watch, while the bride shakes her bridal kalire over their heads. The first girl whose bangles fall is considered to be the next one in line to get married.

The bride is not allowed to see the choora until the ceremony begins. Before the wedding, the bride is forced to sit with her eyes shut, covered in a white cloth. The wedding procession is welcomed by the family, who then tie a sacred string called a gang around her neck. The gang is intended to ward off evil spirits. The bride will be allowed to open her eyes after the wedding ceremony is complete.

The Punjabi wedding is a grand affair, with lavish food and high-spirited music. After the marriage, the bride returns to her parents' home and spends a night with her family and relatives. She will bring gifts for her husband's family, as well as for her in-laws. This ceremony is known as the Jago and is a part of the wedding tradition. It's important to remember that the chura is only one of many traditions in a Punjabi wedding.

The chura/choora is the traditional attire worn by brides for the ceremony. It is considered auspicious for the bride and is believed to bring prosperity and fertility to the newlyweds. The bride's maternal uncle will sit for the havan ceremony and put on the chura to purify it with milk and rose petals. The bridal chura is then put onto the bride's wrist.


The chura, or bridal kalire, is a common accessory worn by Punjabi women during wedding ceremonies. The bride will tie these ornaments to her wrists, often in the form of a small umbrella. The jewelry is usually made of silver or gold and is encrusted with dried fruits and nuts. Kalirey are symbolic items used to represent wealth, prosperity, and the bride's family.

The chura is tied with a thread made from silk or velvet. The thread is then woven into the fabric of the chura to make it look more beautiful. The threads are tied on a strand of gold or silver that represents prosperity and a lifetime of happiness. The groom's sister and relatives tie these to the bride's chooda, which symbolizes the couple's new home and prosperity.

A chura is often given by the bride's maternal aunt or uncle during the wedding ceremony. This chura is then cleansed in milk and rose petals, and the bride is asked to touch it as a sign of blessing. The groom is then offered a special concoction made from curd, honey, milk, and ghee, called Madhuperk.

The chura is an important part of a Punjabi bride's solah shringar. It is the first dress a bride wears after announcing her engagement, and it is regarded as a sign of good luck and prosperity. A wedding Chura is often accompanied by a red handkerchief to symbolize fertility and prosperity. The chura, also known as a chooda, will be worn for 40 to 45 days after the wedding.

Buying process

You've decided to wear a punjabi wedding chura, and now you're wondering how to go about buying one. The good news is that punjabi wedding chura are completely customizable. You can order them to fit your particular body type and size. If you're short, a petite or tall size will do just fine. Regardless of the style you choose, you'll look fabulous in it!

You'll need to know the size of your Chura and its design before you make a purchase. Most churas come in red and white colours, but some are made in different colours. This allows you to match your wedding Chura with your bridal trousseau, if you wish. Before the Chura came in these colours, the bride would often have a coconut carved into her bridal Kalire. The coconut was often a delicious snack for the bride as she traveled.

The bride's family will also be important in Punjabi wedding chura. The bride's family will most likely be wearing the same outfit, as well, so you should choose one that complements your gown. You can even rent one from a company that specializes in Punjabi wedding chura. You can also rent a Punjabi lengha from a company like Epic Events.

Before you go shopping for a punjabi wedding chura, you'll need to know a little about the culture. It's a fun-filled day, and you'll want to wear a beautiful Punjabi wedding chura for this important occasion. Fortunately, there are many places to buy your wedding chura, and you can even find the perfect one online.

Products offered by bridal accessory shops

The traditional Punjabi weddings are celebrated with pomp and glamor. A large number of traditions are followed during this wedding, and the groom's ornamental kalgi is a significant part of the outfit. These accessories include the nath, a nose ring made of gold that can be a large or small ring, or a chain going up the bride's ear. Punjabi weddings are filled with many small details, but all of them combine to make it look exquisite.

The most common and traditional punjabi bridal accessory is the chura. It is an essential and traditional part of the look of every bride. Recently, other brides have started wearing the chuda, a set of 21 bangles that represent their new married life. Whether you want a traditional style or a contemporary one, you can find the perfect chuda to complement your ensemble.

A Punjabi bride will need a choker necklace. These are typically paired with a long neckpiece. Haathphool, a popular accessory in South Asia, is another essential accessory. The haathphool consists of thin gold chains and floral-patterned rings. Sometimes, real flowers are used for smaller functions. Chooda, a set of bright red and ivory white bangles, is also a popular choice. Wearing red bangles is considered lucky for the future of the bride and groom, so the chooda is a popular choice for the Punjabi bride.

Accessories for the hair include a chignon or bun, a floral headband, and flower adornments. The hairpiece should also match the lehenga and a matching maang tikka. The earrings should match the lehenga and the engagement ring. Make sure to check the mandatory checklist before you shop for accessories. If you are a Punjabi bride, this is an absolute must.

Personalized wedding chura bangles

The traditional wedding attire for Punjabi brides includes a choli, or set of bangles. The bride wears the choli on the wedding day and for some time afterward, as she is now considered a married woman. It is a tradition that carries a lot of symbolic meaning. Wearing it is said to bring prosperity to the newlywed couple, so it is a perfect choice for the bride-to-be.

A traditional Punjabi chura comes in red and white hues, and it has a strong emotional meaning for the bride-to-be. In addition, these bangles are popular among Punjabis and Rajasthanis, and they are now fast becoming a fashion accessory in India. Whether it's a customized chooda or a designer version, the options are endless. Personalized Punjabi chura bangles are increasingly becoming popular, and the trend continues to grow.

Traditionally, Punjabi Churas come in white or red, but today you can find them in a wide variety of other colors. If the color you love most isn't available in a traditional color, you can try matching your wedding Chura to your bridal trousseau. Earlier, wedding Churas were decorated with a coconut carved into a bridal Kalire. The brides would then munch on the dried coconut while the long road journeys.

When buying your Chura bangles, be sure to look for ones that are made of durable materials and crafted of high quality. In the Punjabi wedding tradition, Chura bangles are supposed to be worn for the first year after the marriage, and even during pregnancy. The bride can't remove them herself, and only the bride's sister-in-law can do so. By wearing a bangle that's not too heavy, they can last a long time on the wedding day.

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