LDS Marriage Advice Quotes

LDS Marriage Advice Quotes

The essence of a Latter-day Saint (LDS) marriage involves placing the love for your partner above your own desires. It's imperative not to delay starting a family or place restrictions on its size. Demonstrating unwavering fidelity, assurance in each other, and prioritizing your spouse's wellbeing above your own is crucial. Your union should remain unblemished by the stain of affairs outside the marriage. For further inspiration, here are some valuable LDS marriage advice quotes to ponder:

Your Heavenly Father expects you to marry for eternity

If you want your marriage to last for eternity, you need to make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen. This principle applies to all marriages, including Christian marriages. Marriage represents God's final relationship with His redeemed people in the New Heavens and New Earth. Read the Book of Revelation to see how marriage is described in this final world. Your Heavenly Father expects you to marry for eternity!

Returning missionaries are good marriage candidates

Many returned missionaries are seeking to find love, but that's not to say that they'll never date again. After completing their mission, many women seek a companion who will share their values and work ethic. Many girls are also under pressure to be "overachievers," and they may have well-meaning friends and mentors who insist that they should go on missions. This kind of pressure can push women to fulfill men's expectations of a returned-missionary wife. However, they shouldn't feel trapped into this mindset - there are many other paths to take during their early adulthood.

For some people, being a missionary isn't as important as being a good marriage candidate. For some, dating someone who has served a mission may be the only way to marry that person. However, dating a missionary may result in a marriage outside of the temple, where you might not have the opportunity to experience the full benefits of the temple. In this scenario, it may be better to find someone who has a love for the temple than to be a missionary themselves.

For others, dating a returned missionary isn't a bad idea. While serving on a mission, missionaries must live by a code of conduct. Even if they are in love with someone, they shouldn't pursue a romantic relationship until after the mission has ended. Missionaries serve the Lord in foreign countries and follow a strict set of rules. In order to fulfill their missionary duties, these men and women must save up money for years before they leave for their missions.


LDS marriage advice quotes about temples may be one of the most important pieces of Mormon counsel to couples. Temple marriage is the only place where a couple can be sealed for eternity. Marriage is a special union between a man and woman, but the LDS perspective is even more profound. A temple marriage provides an opportunity for a couple to spend the rest of their lives together and enjoy each other's company.


Repentance in LDs is a key part of Christian marriage advice. It requires not only forsaking one's sins, but also forgiving others. These two gospel principles are complementary and necessary for spiritual growth. Repentance, along with forgiveness, is important for spiritual progress. The Lord often encourages us to repent by pointing us to His example. Here are some marriage advice quotes from Christian leaders to help guide us in our lives.

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