An Indian Wedding Race – Where Are They Now?

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INDIAN WEDDING RACE explores the pressures that young people face and what happens when the love of your life decides to reject traditional Indian marriage customs. Dalvinder and Tarun, two young Indian men, try to find the balance between traditional Indian parents' expectations and their own desire for a love marriage. They must also navigate the world of online dating, astrologers, and their own families.


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There's something very Indian about an Indian wedding race, but a local documentary filmmaker hasn't noticed. The Indian community in Ingleton is still reeling from the tragic accident. Admarsu Birhan, an Indian man in his early 20s, had been staying with an Ingleton family as part of an exchange programme. He was almost done his three-month exchange trip when tragedy struck. Ingleton reacted with shock, putting her film on hold until a second subject could be secured.

The documentary "Indian Wedding Race" is the first in a three-part series about two young Indian Australians searching for love. The show follows the story of these two people as they try to find a life partner and get married. The movie explores the pressures that young people face when navigating a traditional family. The film was produced by 360 Degree Films and was supported by the Assigned Production Investment program of Film Victoria.


As part of the Kalathiya-Nigam union, Nigam performed at the wedding of his cousin. A cardiologist, Nigam was a med-school student when he met Kalathiya during a rotation at the university's medical school. In the course of time, the two became friends and bonded over beer and guacamole at Surfside. Despite their age difference, the two found their personalities to be complementary to each other, with Kalathiya preferring sodas while Nigam prefers bourbon.

As a playback singer, Nigam has won many awards, including the Padma Shri Award and National Award. He has also hosted numerous Mirchi Music Awards, including the thirteenth and fourteenth Mirchi Music Awards. Nigam appeared as a judge on the Bengali version of "Super Singer" in 2021. He also collaborated with composer Bickram Ghosh on the film's soundtrack. His songs from "Jal" and other recent films were nominated for awards, including one for Best Original Song at the Oscars.


A priest ties the bride's and groom's scarves together and walks them around a fire, offering herbs and flowers. The seven steps represent the marital vows. A priest then offers blessings for food, wealth, children, harmony, and eternal happiness. The bride and groom are then presented with flowers and rice. The ceremony is considered auspicious and a grand occasion, but is also symbolic of the relationship.

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