LDS Marriage Counseling Utah

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LDS Marriage Counseling Utah

The importance of family is a major part of LDS theology, which demonstrates the power of counseling in a marriage. Unfortunately, many couples face a variety of stressors in their relationship, including betrayal, fear, and disruptions of intimacy. Others report grief over losing the assurance of an eternal marriage. Still others face the risk of substance abuse or other relationship issues. The key to a healthy marriage is seeking counseling from a counselor whose background is rooted in the gospel.

Christine Keyser

If you're looking for a good LDS marriage counselor in Utah, Christine Keyser is the one for you. As an LDS therapist, she specializes in helping people work through difficult transitions. She uses an eclectic approach to help clients resolve their inner conflicts. Christine has experience working with adults, adolescents, missionaries, and children. She is trained to work with those who experience trauma. She also offers therapy online to meet the needs of her clients.

Providing marriage counseling in a comfortable setting with an emphasis on spiritual values, Christine focuses on strengthening families through effective communication. She has extensive experience in this area, including teaching communication classes at universities and presenting workshops for the Utah Governor's Initiative on Families Today. Additionally, Christine has served as a senior consultant for the Villard Group and is the Vice President of Communication for the American Society of Training and Development. Christine works with both private and public-pay clients at her Salt Lake County office. She also offers phone sessions and online counseling.

Christine Holding

A licensed psychotherapist, Christine Holding is a licensed therapist in Utah. She specializes in helping couples develop secure relationships. Her extensive background includes work as a clinical counselor, addiction group facilitator, and LDS missionary. She has advanced training in the treatment of trauma and attachment-based symptoms. In addition to marriage counseling, she also provides therapy for families in Utah and Wyoming. Listed below are some of the benefits of working with Christine Holding, a licensed therapist in Utah.

Born in Connecticut, Christine spent most of her life living across the country and world. She is an active member of the LDS Church. In 2006, she graduated from the International School of Beijing, and in 2010, she attended Brigham Young University to study psychology and business administration. Her work as a counselor shaped her passion for teaching and training. She currently sees self-pay clients in her Salt Lake County office, but also offers online and phone sessions.

The LDS Church's welfare system has become an important source of government funding. In Utah, state agencies rely heavily on church aid to cover the costs of welfare services, but the LDS Church's welfare system saves the state millions. A close friend of Simpkins confirmed her story and believes her client will continue to use this service. As a result, she recommends LDS marriage counseling to people struggling with a broken relationship.

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