How Long is a Catholic Wedding?

A marriage is considered as one of the seven religious graces or channels of god. Many people believe that Catholic weddings are a symbol of deep spirituality and prosperity. A catholic wedding is a covenant where a man and a woman establish between themselves in a partnership of the entire life. This whole thing happens…
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When Did Men Start Wearing Wedding Rings?

The wedding is one of the most memorable days of people’s life. The tradition and rituals of a wedding vary on a large scale based on the culture. However, one of the common practices in weddings is the exchange of rings. Earlier, wedding rings were used by women but now men also wear the rings.…
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How to Say No Kids at a Wedding

Some couples don’t want to include kids in their wedding ceremonies. Just because they don’t prefer the kid in the venue, doesn’t mean that they are stone-hearted. That can be for a lot of reasons including financial restriction, limited capacity of the venue, or just the personal preference of the couple. It doesn’t matter whatever…
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How Much is Open Bar at a Wedding?

Drinks are something that fits on every occasion and weddings are no exception. As per a recent report, around 72% of couples want an open bar at their wedding. But what is an open bar? The open bar is a bar in special functions where the host plays for all the drinks instead of the…
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