Weddings in a Wooded Setting

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Planning a wedding in a rustic, woodland setting? Mormon Lake Lodge in Arizona is a perfect choice. It's surrounded by pine forests and is set beside Mormon Lake. In addition to the lodge, the area also boasts wooden cabins for holiday accommodation. Guests who are coming for the wedding can even camp out for the night, so it's a wonderful way to celebrate your nuptials while in the area.

Chris and Breanne

A woodland-style Arizona wedding is possible at the beautiful Mormon Lake Lodge. Located in the woods, this romantic venue is surrounded by pine forests. Guests can stay in wooden cabins, or camp at nearby campsites. As the wedding party grew, the couple created a romantic menu that was sure to impress their guests. In addition to the elegant menu, the couple served roasted acorn squash, apple salad, and pickled stone fruit with yogurt.

Katelyn and Adam

This couple celebrated their fall wedding in a rustic woodland setting, at the Mormon Lake Lodge in Utah. Set in the middle of pine forests, the venue features a picturesque lakeside ceremony and a lodge with wooden cabins. Guests can also stay at the campground onsite. Their wedding ceremony and reception featured touches that were reminiscent of their loving childhood, complete with the support of family and friends. While the setting was rustic, Katelyn chose a lace dress with peacock feather embellishments in her bouquet.

Georgie & Ryan

For their Utah wedding, Georgie and Ryan chose a rustic, woodland-style location for their ceremony. The lodge itself is surrounded by pine trees and by Mormon Lake. Guests can stay in rustic wooden cabins or camp out in the campground. To make your wedding day even more authentic, plan fun activities or extra touches to share with family and friends. Listed below are some ideas for creating an authentic and memorable wedding.

The St George temple is the perfect location for a wedding. Since its construction in 1877, it has hosted countless LDS weddings. The beautiful architecture and immaculate landscaping have drawn people from all over the world to marry in the St George temple. This is a beautiful location for a wedding, and the wedding ceremony took place at the historic temple. Here, we have included a gallery of images taken from the wedding.

Georgie & Ryan's

The couple wanted a rustic, woodland style Mormon Lake wedding. While the lodge is set in the middle of pine forest, the wedding also had Catholic sacraments. In addition to the lodge, there were several wooden cabins available for holiday accommodation. The couple also had a camping site for guests to enjoy the outdoors. Their wedding photos were truly unique, and the photographer captured it in every detail.

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