How and Where to Get a Wedding Broom

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A wedding broom is a traditional wedding heirloom that is typically three feet long and features natural bristles. It is decorated by the bride and groom before the big day and many couples display theirs at home. They may even pass it on to the children of newlyweds, who will then use it on their wedding day. Whether a special heirloom or a borrowed item, a wedding broom is the perfect addition to a wedding ceremony.


Jumping the broom at a wedding is an ancient tradition that is full of history. This tradition, which is still practiced today, originated in African countries and is rooted in Celtic, Gypsy, and aboriginal cultures. While its origins are unknown, many believe that it has roots in the Celtic and Welsh cultures. Regardless of its origins, jumping the broom is a fun and memorable part of the ceremony.

The origins of the wedding broom are often debated, but one thing is for sure - it's multicultural. African Americans popularized the custom in the late-20th century. In the following years, white folklorists and wedding planners debated where the custom originated, but in the late 20th century it became associated with black people. The popular Roots movie, which aired in 1977, gave the tradition a black-American connotation. In the ensuing decades, some wedding planners and columnists assumed that broomstick marriages were a way to symbolize fidelity in the face of oppression.

Jumping the broom is a traditional wedding ritual performed by a close family member or close friend. While this tradition isn't particularly traditional, it has a long history. In addition to the tradition of jumping the broom at a wedding, the practice was also used by Africans in West Africa. They used to wave their brooms over the couple's heads to ward off evil spirits.


There are several different ways to include the wedding broom in your ceremony. The first way is to have your guests write their names on decorative paper attached to the broom. This will make the broom a symbolic symbol of the couples' union. Another way is to tie a ribbon around the handle, which represents the couple's ties and their families. However, you should first understand the history of the broom itself before you incorporate it into your ceremony.

The origin of jumping the broom can be traced back to the slave trade, when slaves were not granted the right to legally marry. Slaves devised their own rituals to mark their union. According to Harriette Cole, an author of "Jumping the Broom: The African-American Wedding Planner," the act of jumping the broom served as an open declaration of marriage for slaves. In recent years, it has become synonymous with tying the knot.

The traditional wedding ritual of jumping the broom has many meanings. Some African traditions are more religious, while others are symbolic of new beginnings. Many brooms have ancestral roots in Africa, though their original meaning has been lost because of its association with slavery. In addition, some Black couples may have opted to jump the broom during their ceremony. While there are many traditions around jumping the broom, the one most commonly associated with jumping the broom is the African-American one.


A wedding broom is often a symbol of a couple's union, and many couples save it or pass it on to future generations. The wooden handle represents commitment and strength, while the straw bristles signify the couple's families. The ribbon that wraps around the broom symbolizes the ties between the couple and their families. But, what is the symbolism behind a wedding broom?

According to the African American Registry, the broom has a long history and cultural significance. It began in Ghana, a country in West Africa ruled by the Ashanti or Asante confederacy. In the Asante tradition, the broom was used to wave over a newlywed couple and cleanse them of any evil spirits. It also symbolized the end of past wrongs and helped to remove evil spirits. It was also a symbol of a new life and a new beginning.

The symbolism of the wedding broom varies from culture to culture. In ancient Europe, the broom was often a symbol of witchcraft, and the "something old, something new" rhyme is a counterbalance to this. Symbolism of wedding brooms is often more complex than the literal meaning of the term. It may have been used to signify witchcraft, but it is not a common symbol of marriage in England.

Buying a broom

Buying a wedding broom is a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your big day. You can purchase a ready-made one or decorate your own. You can buy brooms in many different colors and styles, and decorate them yourself or have your bridesmaids and groomsmen decorate it for you. Whatever you choose, your broom will be a keepsake to remember your special day.

While brooms are typically associated with royalty, the ritual of jumping the broom has been used for centuries. Some Europeans practiced the tradition in their wedding ceremonies, and this practice eventually spread to the United States. Broomsticks were also used in ceremonies in West Africa. However, the oldest documented examples of African Americans jumping over the broom date back to the 1800s. As you can see, wedding brooms have a rich history.

In the past, jumping the broom was restricted to Middle Eastern and African cultures. Now, however, it is a common part of wedding ceremonies in the U.S. and has many meanings. Jumping the broom is a unique way to commemorate the union of two people. It is a symbolic gesture that marks a new beginning and honors the couple's ancestors.


There are several traditions surrounding the tradition of getting a wedding broom. Brooms are typically three feet in length with wooden handles and natural bristles. They are decorated for the ceremony and passed down from generation to generation. The broom can either be an heirloom or a "something borrowed."

In some cultures, a broom is jumped over to start the marriage ceremony. This tradition is also called "jumping the besom" and is based on an 18th-century idiom for a sham marriage. The tradition gained widespread popularity with the adoption of the Marriage Act 1836 in the United Kingdom. In the 1960s, Paula Patton and Salim Akil starred in a movie that popularized the custom.

The origin of the broom ceremony may be traced to West Africa. Brooms were placed at the doorways of houses to protect couples from evil spirits, and if someone refused to step over the broom, they were regarded as witches. This practice spread to America with immigrants from the British colonies in the 18th century. Today, this tradition is practiced by many people, including many Neo-Pagans.

There is a long and tangled history to the tradition of jumping the broom at a wedding. Some believe it originated in Wales, where broomstick weddings were practiced by Roma communities. The tradition was originally a symbolic act to seal a deal in unofficial weddings. Today, however, it is more common in Scotland than Ireland, and takes place during the reception. So, if you want to jump the broom, you'll have to know the history behind it.

Personalized brooms

Traditionally, the broom is three feet long with natural bristles. Many couples choose to decorate the brooms with flowers and ribbons. Some even attach self-adhesive gems or add a personal message. Traditionally, the broom is kept as a family heirloom and passed down from generation to generation. It is symbolic of the union of the newlyweds and is an excellent way to mark the occasion.

Today, you can buy a premade wedding broom or even make one yourself. You can purchase one at a craft store and decorate it yourself. You can also find pre-made brooms on Etsy. But if you'd prefer something a bit more modern, there are plenty of handmade brooms for sale. Here are a few of the most popular styles. If you want a handmade broom, you'll need to find a crafter who specializes in wedding brooms.

Another option is to buy a broom that features the couple's names on it. You can find some unique, personalized brooms for a couple on Etsy. Some of the styles include Kennocha Brooms. For the broom to be unique, choose a color for the ribbon. There are even options for embellishments such as fake wedding rings, pearls, brooches, butterflies, and more.

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