How Much is a Wedding at Sudeley Castle?

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If you're looking for a gorgeous venue to hold your big day, Sudeley Castle is one of the best options. Located just 8 miles from Cheltenham Spa, Sudeley Castle is an easy drive or taxi ride away. This castle is near Bristol and Cheltenham Spa, making it a convenient location for any wedding. This historic venue offers an elegant, unique, and stylish atmosphere for your big day.

Cost of a wedding at Sudeley Castle

If you're planning your perfect day with your loved one in a romantic setting, you may be interested in the cost of a wedding at Sudeley Castle. This historic venue has played an important role in British history for more than a thousand years. From battles to love stories, this location has witnessed it all. And if all that's not enough to make your day memorable, Sudeley Castle also has a queen buried within its grounds. Katherine Parr, one of Henry VIII's six wives, is buried within Sudeley Castle's award-winning gardens.

The Sudeley Castle is an exclusive wedding venue in the Cotswold Hills. It is located eight miles from Cheltenham and boasts more than one hundred and eighty acres of grounds. Many brides love to get married in a castle with a rich history, and a wedding at Sudeley Castle is no exception. Couples who want to celebrate their union in this beautiful setting will enjoy the romantic ruins, award-winning gardens, and more than one hundred acres of property.

Location of the castle

Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York is one such location. This gorgeous castle is a favorite among newlyweds for its fairytale setting and elegant interiors. To get in, simply ask the front gate attendant to check your event and hotel reservations. Then, simply follow the signage to the back parking lot. Once inside, you'll be able to walk the grounds in awe and enjoy the views of the countryside.

Rhodes Hall is another great option for a wedding at a castle. This historic venue was built in the early 1900s as a horse barn and was converted into a wedding venue in the 1960s. The interiors are spacious and boast crystal chandeliers and reclaimed wood beams. You can choose to have your ceremony outdoors on the front lawn, or hold a reception inside in the glass conservatory. The venue can accommodate up to 175 guests.

Rooms for civil ceremonies

Sudeley Castle is a beautiful wedding venue situated in the Cotswolds. The castle is famous for the last wife of King Henry VIII, Katherine Parr. She came to live at Sudeley Castle after the king's death. In her honour, Sudeley Castle has been restored to its original state. In the church at the castle, you can receive blessings. The rooms in Sudeley are traditionally used for civil ceremonies, such as weddings.

There are three rooms available for civil ceremonies at Sudeley Castle, each designed for a unique experience. The Library is an exquisite space filled with rare books and antiques. Outside, the picturesque grounds and lawns are the ideal backdrop for your wedding blessing. This historic castle is surrounded by sweeping valleys and bluebells in bloom. Guests can enjoy the views of the Cotswolds from the terrace.

Prices of marquees

If you're looking for a gorgeous, romantic location to hold your wedding, then a marquee at Sudeley Castle may be the perfect choice. This picturesque site boasts a variety of different wedding venue options, including the North Lawn overlooking the 15th century ruins of Sudeley Castle. If you're having a smaller wedding, you can also use the marquee on the Hop Field or Mulberry Lawn. Each of these settings is perfect for an intimate ceremony.

Depending on the size of the marquee, the venue may require a different cost than a standard marquee. The marquees at Sudeley Castle can accommodate up to 200 guests, and are available for hire in various sizes. A standard marquee costs PS1,500, while a large marquee can cost up to PS2500. There are also options for a wedding marquee for larger numbers.

Queen Elizabeth’s stay at Sudeley Castle

The castle is home to Katherine Parr, Queen of England, who was buried in Sudeley's chapel. Her body has been opened numerous times and was once disposed of on a rubbish dump. Her story is worth a visit, especially the fact that she was buried on private land. There is also an interesting plaque next to her tomb commemorating the words written on her coffin. Katherine Parr died in 1548, just a few days after giving birth to her daughter Mary.

The castle was first given to the Brydges family by Queen Mary in 1554. The castle became the property of her brother Richard in 1573. Queen Elizabeth stayed at Sudeley three times. In 1592, she hosted a three-day banquet in the castle to celebrate the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Nowadays, the castle is used for high-profile events, like weddings. Elizabeth Hurley married Arun Nayar here in 2007.