Islamic Wedding Favours – Why Five Almonds?

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You might have seen Saanchi Gilani and Shahaan Bachooali's wedding on Instagram. You might be wondering why there were five almonds in the wedding favour. It's a common question that is often asked by couples who don't know the tradition.

Saanchi Gilani and Shahaan Bachooali’s wedding on Instagram

The couple's Instagram feed is full of beautiful photos from their wedding. From the bride's cinematic entrance to the unconventional colour scheme to the bride's surprise dance performance, the day's festivities were a hit. The couple's guests included Athiya Shetty, Pernia Qureshi, Masoom Minawala and Conde Nast Traveller editor Divia Thani.

islamic wedding favours

In order to fulfill Allah's wish of granting you and your partner a happy and prosperous marriage, you can choose to give your guests gifts that help the less fortunate. For example, you can choose to give your guests an organic hemp scarf printed with the couple's family's original artwork. Another option is to give your guests a Jo Malone gift.

Why there are five almonds in a wedding favour

The tradition of giving sugared almonds to wedding guests dates back to Roman times. Although the tradition is not as widespread in modern times, it is thought to be symbolic of the bride and groom's desire for a sweet life. Today, almonds are often decorated with artificial flowers or tied with tulle and satin ribbons.

Jordan almonds are one of the most popular wedding favours. These candies have deep religious meaning. They represent the indivisible power of a marriage, fertility, and health. Almonds are bittersweet when fresh, and sugar coating them is symbolic of the sweet life that will be achieved.

There are several ways to prepare Jordan almonds for wedding favors. They are best presented in large containers and include a note about their significance. Some couples choose to hand out the almonds instead of placing them in a favour bag. They can be presented in a variety of materials, including paper, metal, plastic, and decorative bags. They can also be placed in baskets or other containers as table decorations.

Traditionally, Jordan almonds were given to wedding guests. They represent health, fertility, happiness, and long life. Typically, almonds are wrapped in tulle and decorated with a bow. The couple's names and wedding date are imprinted on them. The almonds are delicious and a thoughtful way to remember the wedding day.

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