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Shaadi is an Islamic ceremony that marks the start of a new life. The first chapter of the Quran is read at this ceremony, and the bride and groom hold a mirror between them to look at each other. The ceremony is accompanied by much fanfare and excitement, and the groom will typically arrive on a white horse and accompanied by drummers. It is a celebratory event that often occurs on the same day as the Nikah, or marriage, ceremony.


Rukhsati, or the sending of a bride with grace, is an important ritual that marks the end of the wedding ceremony. A baraat, or vehicle, is escorted by the bride, and she is led to her new home by her groom and family. A Quran is often held above her head to represent the blessings of God upon the bride. As she leaves, she is embraced by family members. Many women cry during this ceremony, as they remember their own rukhsati and know that they are leaving their families for a new one.

The groom's family is the first to greet the bride, and they are often emotional as they share their joy and sorrow. The bride's parents will soon be separating from her paternal home to set up a new life with her husband. The bride and groom are also given gifts, such as dried fruits and sweets, by the groom's family.

In Pakistan, the bride and groom exit the Walima during the rukhsati, which is separate from the wedding ceremony. This is a traditional event that marks the completion of the marriage ceremony and signals the beginning of the bride's house responsibilities and the groom's bid farewell to his independent life. This religious ceremony also includes a grand dinner, which is meant to announce the couple's marriage to the close family and friends.

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