LDS Marriage Videos – What the First Presidency Has to Say About Marriage

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In LDS marriage videos, primary age children describe their impressions of marriage. In this video, they describe how they see marriage and why it is important for parents to respect the marriage they chose for themselves. What they do not realize is that the images they see on these videos are modeled after their own experiences, which can help them make wise decisions about marriage. Here are some examples of the messages these videos convey:


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When considering which LDS marriage videos to watch, you should consider what the First Presidency has to say. Fortunately, there are several sources that cover the topic. Here are some examples:

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You may not have noticed, but LDS marriage videos are now available online. These videos are designed to be family friendly and geared toward the whole family. LDS spiritual leaders, such as Elder Richard G. Scott, have said that marriage is the perfect setting to overcome self-centeredness and selfishness. The power of pure love is incomparable, and it's the basis for a successful marriage. In one video, a boy and girl discuss what marriage means to them and how they can find a partner.

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