LDS Wedding Attire

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If you are planning to attend a LDS wedding, you should know about the dress codes. You should wear a modestly sleeved, knee-length dress. You should also stay away from any slits above the knee. Additionally, your neckline should not be too low, and your back should be not too tight. In addition, you should avoid wearing a garter, since LDS couples do not often perform the garter toss.

Modesty requirements

If you're planning a Mormon wedding, you may have to choose between different kinds of wedding attire. For example, wedding dresses are generally not permitted to be more than knee-length. You should also avoid skirts with slits above the knee. Your dress should also have no bare shoulders, and it shouldn't be too tight or revealing in any other way. Also, most LDS couples forego the garter toss.

Modesty is a big issue when it comes to LDS wedding attire. In order to wear a wedding dress at a temple, it must be knee-length or shorter and cover the chest. It should also be made of thick fabric. Most women wear a lined slip underneath, while others choose to add modest filler in the form-fitting part of the dress.

While most temples allow women to wear wedding gowns, it's important to check the requirements for modesty before buying a dress. A comprehensive guide to LDS temple dress requirements can be found at Totally Modest. The site can also point you to local bridal boutiques with modest wedding gowns.

If you're a Mormon bride, you'll need to wear a gown with long sleeves and a modest neckline. Most LDS temples require a knee-length dress, and they also require long skirts. A simple white wedding dress will likely satisfy the LDS temple dress requirements, and will also be a good choice.

Fabric requirements

If you plan to have a LDS temple wedding, there are certain requirements you must follow. First of all, the bride's wedding dress must be knee-length. There is no need for a train or an overly-revealing dress. Also, the back of the dress should not show too much skin. The fabric of the dress should be comfortable and not too tight. The gown should be free of ruffles, buttons, and other revealing details. Most temples have a limited collection of suitable dresses that are available for loan. If you do not want to buy one, you can also inquire from the temple's matron as to what is appropriate. If your dress is too short, you can cover it with another article of clothing.

If you want to wear a dress from the church's standard wedding dress collection, you should be aware of the fabric requirements. Some garments are made from synthetic materials, which are not comfortable for many women. Some of these materials also cause skin irritation, so you should make sure to purchase a fabric that is suitable for your body. The LDS Church has worked to make the garments more comfortable. In addition, it is making more changes to their clothing styles. For instance, there are now more choices for fabric and sleeves.

The fabric requirements for LDS wedding attire vary greatly, so it is important to make sure you know exactly what you need. It is a good idea to read a guide on the subject beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises. While it is not a legal requirement, it will help you to make sure your wedding dress fits the LDS guidelines.


LDS wedding attire is very different from other wedding attire. For example, the LDS temple wedding dress must be knee-length or longer. It must also have sleeves and cover the collarbone and shoulders. The dress should be fitted, but not too tight. In addition, LDS couples rarely perform a garter toss.

The wedding dress is not the only thing that LDS brides wear. In fact, many LDS brides will wear both the wedding dress and another dress for the temple ceremony. They will also wear the wedding dress after the temple ceremony. In this way, their wedding outfit is versatile and comfortable.

Modest neckline

If you're planning an LDS wedding, you'll need to consider the various expectations of modest wedding attire. Modest dresses may feature lace sleeves and shoulders. They may also have an elastic neckline, which can be moved off the shoulder at the reception. This will allow the bride to feel beautiful on her wedding day.

The length of the dress must be knee-length or longer. It must not have slits above the knee. The neckline should cover the shoulder, and the back shouldn't be too low. Most LDS temple wedding dresses are made of white fabric, so you can add a coordinating color with a sash or a detachable train. However, you can't add too many accents to your dress because that may violate the temple's requirements.

A modest neckline is essential for LDS wedding attire, and it's best to read up on LDS temple policies before choosing your dress. You can find the perfect dress without compromising your values. The most important thing is that it matches your personality, fits the temple requirements, and is comfortable for you. A modest wedding dress is sure to satisfy everyone on your wedding day - your guests, the temple and the church.

A modest wedding dress is a timeless classic that will last for years. You don't have to be a Mormon to wear one, but you must dress modestly if you're getting married in the LDS temple. Modest temple wedding dresses are knee-length or shorter. They can have a train, but they shouldn't have any embellishments, such as ruffles or embellishments.

Choosing a dress

When selecting an LDS wedding dress, keep your expectations in mind. Your dress should be simple and elegant, but you can also add a few touches to make it more interesting. For instance, contrasting textures on the skirts or bodice can add visual interest and modesty. In addition, your neckline should be simple, with a scoop or square neckline being common. However, you may want to consider a slight V-neckline as an alternative, as it can hint at your femininity.

If you want to try on a LDs wedding dress before purchasing it, you can visit bridal stores. Although bridal stores do not display their dresses in the same way as retail stores, they still have consultants who can help you choose the right dress. You can also try visiting a vintage bridal shop, which often has a wide selection of unique dresses.

If you're planning to get married at a temple, it's important to know the temple's dress policy. Most temples prohibit the wearing of a wedding gown that reveals too much skin or cleavage. Therefore, you need to choose a modest wedding dress that is not only comfortable, but also suits your style and the requirements of the temple. Moreover, you should choose a style that will last for generations.

It's also important to remember that wedding dresses for LDS temples should be knee or above-the-knee length. While this can be challenging for some brides, the LDS wedding dress distribution center will be able to help.

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