Tips For Choosing Where to Buy Wedding Vase Centerpieces

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Before you buy your centerpieces, determine what size you want your table. Smaller vases allow for more room at a small table, while larger vases create problems on large banquet-style tables. Lower-height arrangements allow guests to converse easily around the table. Taller arrangements add drama, but should not inhibit conversation. Here are some tips to help you choose your wedding vase centerpieces:

Wholesale Flowers and Supplies

Wedding vases are a popular choice for many types of occasions, including formal events. They are inexpensive, versatile, and can be used for several different settings. Many types of wedding vases are available in bulk, which makes them a smart choice for large gatherings. In addition to weddings, wholesale wedding vases can be used for other events such as birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations. These flower arrangements are also ideal for use as table centerpieces at home.

Clear vase tabletop flower stand - Featuring a frosted clear base, this multipurpose, 10 pcs clear vase stand is a popular choice for any wedding. They look modern and are easy to assemble. Made of durable acrylic material, the column is strong and stable. It can accommodate fresh flowers of all seasons, making it a great choice for desktop decoration. The rectangular shape adds to their stability.

Bulk centerpiece vases - Typically three quart Mason jars with or without flowers. Bulk centerpiece vases are available in three sizes, including a four-inch-diameter vase and a ten-foot tall bulk centerpiece vase. Bulk-sized vases can be paired up to create a more unique centerpiece. If you need more than three vases, you can also try a bulk-sized bark vase. This wholesale wedding vase centerpiece comes in two sizes: four-inch-diameter and 10" tall.

The possibilities for wedding vase centerpieces are endless. You can choose from over ten different styles, including gold, champagne, and beehive vases. You can choose from a wide selection of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Some vases even have pedestal bowls and hanging candle holders. You're sure to find the perfect one to match the theme of your big day! There is no reason to settle for less when you can get the perfect centerpiece for your wedding.

Shop inspired wedding essentials

If you're looking for an inexpensive centerpiece option, consider a few simple DIY projects. These inexpensive centerpieces will make your reception tables look more elegant, while still being affordable. Try spray-painting dried beans to add extra pizazz. You can also craft faux galvanized zinc vases out of cardboard or paint. Aside from vases, succulents make for lovely wedding centerpieces. You can also create your own flower arrangements using succulents!

The Eiffel Tower Vase exudes elegance and makes a lovely centerpiece. This vase works especially well for a themed event. Fill it with long-stemmed flowers, ostrich feathers, or thin branches for an elegant look. This centerpiece also makes an excellent backdrop stand. Glass trumpet vases are also a traditional choice and can carry a heavy load. You can also use a large ginger jar as a centerpiece to make your display more unique.

Another unique wedding vase centerpiece idea is a terrarium made of sand. Instead of candles, you can add greenery to a glass jar for a simple yet elegant look. A terrarium is a cheap alternative to candles and flowers. Plus, it can be reused after the wedding. If you're short on cash, consider DIY wedding vase centerpieces! They can save you money while still looking beautiful!

Another inexpensive option for a centerpiece is a citrus fruit cluster. This centerpiece is made out of crepe paper and topped with a pretty string bow. Then, you can fill it with colorful flowers, LED candles, or other decor items. And if you're not into DIY projects, you can always make your own! Wooden lanterns come in different sizes, so you can pick whichever you find best.


There are many ways to decorate your homemade wedding vase centerpieces, from glitter to lace. Even you can add rhinestones or gems. Another option is to add ostrich feathers. The ostrich feathers will give your centerpiece a royal look. Once you've decided on the flowers, you're ready to decorate! But before you begin, here are some tips to make sure your centerpiece is beautiful.

One style is to use fluffy flowers. These can be made out of artificial flowers or dipped in plaster. To complete the look, add votive candles. You can also pair faux floral arrangements with lace table runners. This centerpiece is perfect for any season! Just follow these easy wedding decor ideas to create beautiful, low-maintenance centerpieces. You'll be delighted with the results! Just remember to keep in mind the colors and the theme of your wedding.

Another affordable option is to make your own flower arrangements. A simple DIY centerpiece is easy to create and costs next to nothing. A clear glass bottle can be made into a unique vase. Try using different shapes and sizes to create the look you want. Fill the bottles with your favorite flowers, then arrange them on the table. You can purchase flowers or pick them yourself from the garden. Then, let them dry. Once they're dry, they'll last for years.

Instead of using candles and flowers, you can also try a simple sand art terrarium. Make one in a glass jar and then add some greenery on top. These DIY ideas are inexpensive, easy to create, and require only basic DIY experience. You can even give your guests a mini bouquet as a thank you gift. There are many options available, and you can find one to match your wedding theme.

Another easy DIY idea is a feather tree. Cut out feathers and use them to create a beautiful arrangement. They can be used to decorate the table or to hold flowers. One bride used all roses in her centerpieces, but chose varying heights and colors for interest. She also ordered a large amount of her favorite bloom and displayed just a few stems on each table. Another idea is to use bud vases as table centerpieces. These are inexpensive but give your tables a soft, delicate look. Besides, they are perfect for fall and boho color palettes!

Trends in wedding centerpieces

Vases are a classic wedding accessory that add beauty and character to your big day. The latest trends are simple but stunning, ranging from antique vases to modern glass vases. Vases with vintage looks have been popular for quite some time, and many florists now rent them out for weddings. Alternatively, you can try spray painting the inside of a clear glass vase. Here are some popular options:

Colorful flowers are still a great choice for your centerpieces, as they draw attention to the ceiling. Consider creating a tower for your cocktail or champagne. Cocktail towers are also more dramatic. Oversized letters displaying your wedding hashtag, or a large unique sign, are also great focal points. These wedding colors often correspond with art deco or minimalism themes, and continue to gain popularity. Whether you are planning a destination wedding or a traditional one, these centerpieces are sure to add flair to your big day.

Colorful arrangements: Brides are increasingly choosing bold color schemes and bouquets that include strong hits of color. Rainbow palettes are also becoming very popular among 2013 brides. You can also try elevated arrangements, which are popping up in decor schemes of all kinds. These can be airy or strong and sculptural. You can choose the colors and style that best fit your overall wedding theme. It's time to embrace your unique style and add a little color to your big day.

Dark florals: Using dark florals in your wedding décor is another trend. These arrangements use lush blooms like violets, hibiscus, and lilies. These arrangements are great for lining aisles or forming a hanging installation. They also lend a Gothic touch to your celebration. And if you're on a tight budget, consider buying a cheap wine bottle to use as a centerpiece.

Decorative accents: For an outdoor, bohemian-style wedding, oyster shell place cards are a fun way to add a touch of beach style to your wedding. They're easy to use and double as a favor, as they have a place for your guests' names. Alternatively, you can choose a woven table runner. The pages of fairy tales are sure to be a hit in any setting.