How Much Do Tall Wedding Centerpieces Cost

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The centerpieces are an important decorative item that helps to bring elegance and festive mode to the room. Usually, the centerpiece is the flower bouquet that occupies the center position of the table. It is an important part of the decoration and often helps to set the theme of the event. Although the centerpiece is usually a collection of flowers, it can be any other object. Keep reading the article to find out how much do tall wedding centerpieces cost.

The centerpieces are typically the most costly decorative flowers that you purchase for the ceremony. The cost of the centerpiece can vary on a large scale based on a lot of things. They can be big or small in size, consist of different flowers, and include a lot of other details which can change the cost. Keep reading the article to find out the average cost of the centerpiece along with its importance.

How Much Do Tall Wedding Centerpieces Cost

The centerpiece is very important when it comes to the reception. They help to set the vibes of the event. Usually, the cost of the centerpiece varies on a large scale. In the above, we discussed some of the things that can make the cost of a wedding centerpiece vary. For the small guest table wedding centerpieces made of various flowers, you will require paying a bit less. The cost of the guest table floral centerpieces varies from $80 to $400.

You might also put a centerpiece on the dessert table which can come in various sizes based on the size of the table. You will require putting around $50 to $150 for this. Note that this is the minimum average cost of the centerpiece. This can be a lot more based on your preferred choice of the flower and some other factors. As per the wedding stats website, the cost of the DIY wedding centerpiece varies from $245 to $320.

DIY making means preparing the centerpiece without a florist. You will require purchasing the flower, base, and some other things for this. The cost consists only of the supplies and it doesn’t include the cost of the florist charge. As per the same website, the cost of a professionally designed centerpiece by hired vendor costs you around $985. It varies from $902 to $1069 based on the factors.

How Much is the Other Flowers in the Wedding?

Like the centerpiece, the other cost of the flower will also vary based on several factors. Especially, the variation of the flower you are choosing will vary the cost a lot. It will also vary based on the charge of the florist. As per the experts, you will require paying around 8 to 10% of your total budget for the wedding. This can sum up around $700 to $2500 for the cost of the flower and the charge of the florist.

One of the most important flowers of the wedding is the bridal bouquet. Usually, it consists of better flowers and costs a bit more than the other flowers. As per Thumbtack, the bouquet will cost you around $350 to $500. Note if you can go for something simplistic, it can cost you around $150. After the bouquet of the bride, you need to think of the bridesmaid bouquet which usually costs around $40 to $60 for each piece.

Then comes the boutonnieres used by the men. This thing usually consists of one flower and doesn’t cost much. But as you will want to go for a quality flower, it will cost you around $15 to $25 based on the selection of the flower. You might also require some corsage, which will cost you around $20 to $45 based on various factors. Corsages usually uses orchids and roses which are comparatively expensive.

Note that when it comes to the corsage, boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquet, etc., you will require purchasing several pieces. To be more specific, you will require to decide how many persons will wear these. Based on the headcounts, you will require purchasing the exact numbers. So, their cost can sum up more than what you are thinking.

How Much a Florist Charge for Wedding?

The wedding florist is not always necessary. A lot of people nowadays don’t hire a florist. Instead, they DIY plan and use the wedding flowers for decoration. Although the florist is not highly important, he or she can help you to make the best use of the flower for the best decorations.  That is because finding the best math and decoration of the flower will not be easy for you without any prior experience.

Sometimes the florist can also help you with the other services. Such as, the florist can help you to pick the right flowers. She can pick the suitable flowers for the bouquet, corsage, boutonniere, and other things. Furthermore, she can help to match with the theme and style you want for the decoration. So, the florist can be very helpful to save your time while also making the wedding successful.

As an example, it is not going to be easy for you to put together the centerpieces alone. A wedding florist knows how to prepare them based on the table. Sometimes, the florist might help you to find a good deal on the flower. They usually know a lot of flower vendors and might find a discount for you.

The charge of the florist can vary based on several things. It can be different based on the intensity of the work, her experience, season, location, and some other thing. Usually, the cost varies from $700 to $1200 for the wedding. If your wedding is at a rented venue, you can ask the venue vendors for recommendations. They might help you to find the right florist to decorate the venue.


How much the tall wedding centerpieces will cost you usually depends on several things. The average cost can be something around $300 and it can go up to $1000. We hope this article will help you to understand how the cost varies.