Wedding Videography and Low-Light Detection (LDs)

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When choosing a videographer, be sure to talk about logistics before the big day. You should know what time your videographer will be available and what time of day they will be at your ceremony. You also need to figure out how long it will take for you to receive your finished video. Most videographers will be able to provide a DVD of your entire wedding, but you should be aware of the specific timeframe.

Izlas Imaging

Izlas Imaging is an award-winning wedding videography and portrait studio with offices in San Diego and the Intermountain West. It offers a range of services for a variety of budgets, including cinematic 4K wedding videography. The company's wedding videography services have won numerous awards, including Bride's Choice, Couple's Choice and customer satisfaction. The company offers local services, but will travel as far as other areas for an additional fee.

This team is comprised of a photographer and a videographer, and they work seamlessly together to create stunning videos. They offer a large library of wedding location options, no-hassle booking, and more. Nick and Jessica specialize in wedding videography and photography, and their complementary vision makes them extremely popular in the West and other states. They use dramatic lighting and contrast to create beautiful, artistic and unique wedding videography.

David Perry Films

Wedding videography is an important part of the big day, so why not have David Perry Films create it? The director has an extensive background in videography and filmmaking and is also a highly skilled teacher. He is also a captivating storyteller and photographer with a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion for flowers and gardens. This passion for the subject has resulted in many awards and nominations.

Kylee Ann Photography

LDs, or low-light detection, is an important feature to include when selecting a videographer. For a wedding, LDs can enhance the quality of your video. Unlike standard videography, LDs do not require a film camera. They can be edited to your liking. After the wedding, LDs can also be used to showcase your event. Kylee Ann Photography offers LDs wedding videography in addition to other services, such as digital photography.

Allyse’s Bridal and Formal

Allyse's Bridal is a Provo, Utah-based retailer of wedding gowns and formal wear. The new store is located in the University Mall and will accommodate brides in their search for a perfect dress. It will also be a great resource for Salt Lake Brides in need of formal attire. In addition to wedding dresses, Allyse's offers bridal accessories, hair styling, and wedding videography.

Allyse's Bridal workers become very involved in each customer's selection, sometimes even personally selecting the gowns for the bride. Customers write letters of gratitude to the store and its employees. It is so personal that the employees at Allyse's Bridal become emotionally involved with each customer's selection process. As a result, customers often write letters of thanks to Keith, who personally chooses their wedding dresses.

Allyse’s Bridal

Allyse's Bridal is a local wedding venue in Orem, Utah. They offer thousands of different gowns and have excellent customer service. Brides from the Salt Lake City area are welcome to visit this venue to find the perfect dress. Allyse's Bridal has wedding videography services available for any budget and style. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding videographer.

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