What Does a Mormon Wedding Mean?

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If you're wondering what does a Mormon wedding mean, you're not alone. While the ceremony is a top secret affair, it is also an occasion to celebrate a lifetime commitment. The rules of Mormon weddings include a year-long waiting period between ceremonies. Also, it's forbidden to marry outside the temple. The policy of exclusion has become particularly important among young Mormons, who consider it a commandment or sin to marry outside the temple. In addition, rejecting inactive family members is considered a sign of good Mormonism.

Temple marriage for “time and eternity”

The temple seal is a sacred ordinance. Although it is not marriage in the common sense, it is a divinely appointed union, much like Adam and Eve's marriage in the Garden of Eden. The sealing ordinance is a religious and spiritual event, which takes place in a room reserved for the couple.

The temple seal binds the couple for time and eternity. It is an act of service, commitment, and love that will bless future generations. The Bible teaches that a temple marriage continues to have effect after death. However, some Mormons are wary of the phrase "until death do us part," because it implies that the marriage will end one day.

During a temple sealing, the officiant will welcome the couple, speak about marriage as an institution of God, and counsel the couple to be kind and understanding to each other. During the sealing ceremony, the couple will look into mirrors and see their reflections, going forward and backward. This is a beautiful symbol of the promise to God.

The temple marriage is conducted with reverence and joy. It is a momentous occasion for Latter-day Saints. After the bride and groom have met with their families, they will enter the sealing room in the temple. There, an officiant will greet them, offer counsel, and offer fatherly commendations. The bride and groom will then kneel across the altar.

The Mormon Church teaches that marriage is an ideal state for both men and women. While the principle of celibacy is not elevated in the Mormon Church, eternal marriage is necessary for exaltation in heaven and salvation. After all, God said it was not good for a man to be alone. He also instructed him to leave his parents and cleave to his wife.

Those who are exalted will have no trouble falling in love with another exalted person. They will love their spouses as much as you love your husband. They will love you as a Christ-like person would. This is the real doctrine of exaltation love.

Top-secret affair

Mormon temple marriages are secret, and non-Mormons are not allowed to attend. They will be asked to wait outside the temple and will not be allowed to see the ceremony. This can be extremely heartbreaking for the LDS couple. But the Mormon church has not changed its policy on temple marriages, and the temple ceremony is still a sacred part of Mormonism.

Mormons believe in a strict code of conduct involving not sharing sacred documents, and sharing these secrets can lead to punishment. The ritual is so important that faithful Mormons take this vow seriously and will not share it with anyone they think is unworthy. This is why Mormon temple wedding ceremonies have secret handshakes, and this echoes Joseph Smith's work with Freemasonry. Many of the rituals are closely similar to those used in Masonic ceremonies, and many of the penalties that a married couple can receive for violating the rules of their religion are mirrored at a Mormon wedding ceremony.


If you're planning a Mormon wedding, there are a few important things to know before your reception. Guests should dress appropriately, as LDS weddings can be spontaneous and informal. For example, you should wear modest clothing that covers your neck and knees. Dressing in conservative fashion is not a requirement, but it's a good idea. Be sure to avoid alcohol, which is frowned upon in Mormon churches.

Mormon weddings are held in Mormon temples. A Mormon priest will perform the wedding. The ceremony takes about five minutes and involves the bride and groom kneeling around an altar. The ceremony is followed by the couple saying their vows and being pronounced husband and wife. Attendees aren't allowed to discuss or take pictures of the ceremony, as it's a sacred event.

Mormon weddings also have a reception, which is usually held the evening following the wedding. The reception is open house-style, lasting two to three hours. Guests can come to congratulate the newlyweds, and exchange gifts. Mormon wedding receptions are expensive and can involve a lot of guests. After the reception, the newlyweds typically depart for their honeymoon.

If you're the bride, you'll need to wear modest clothing. Women should wear a dress or skirt that reaches to the ankle. It's perfectly acceptable to wear dress shoes, but avoid wearing sock boots or sneakers. Also, don't wear revealing clothing, as this would be too disrespectful.

The reception should be held near the ceremony location, preferably in a central location. The location must be accessible to the guests so that everyone can get there. If the reception is in a city, you may need to have a hotel nearby to accommodate your out-of-town guests.

The ceremony itself takes about twenty to thirty minutes. A sealer presides over the ceremony. A Mormon "sealer" will offer marriage counsel to the bride and groom and seal the covenant. This covenant promises heavenly rewards to the couple, but it also calls for ongoing commitment and righteousness. The ceremony ends with a kiss, and guests are encouraged to congratulate the newlyweds.

Requirements for outfit

When attending a Mormon wedding, it is important to follow basic guidelines for proper attire. Men should avoid wearing gym clothes and should wear dress slacks or a nice dress shirt. Women should wear a long-sleeved button-down shirt. Women should also avoid revealing clothes, since it would be disrespectful to the bride.

The dress style for women at a Mormon wedding should be modest. The dress should be ankle-length or longer. It should cover the temple garment. This may make it difficult to find the perfect dress. It is also important to keep in mind the time of day and location of the wedding. In some cases, the wedding invitation will indicate the dress code.

The wedding ceremony in an LDS temple is usually short and informal. It is also very informal, with only four to 25 people invited. Guests who are not members of the church are not permitted to wear revealing clothing. In addition, the ceremony is held in the morning, while other guests wait in a waiting room or outside the temple grounds. Visitors are also invited to attend the temple visitors center to learn more about the LDS faith and practices.

Brides and grooms should wear white slippers and long white stockings. The bride should also wear white socks. For men, the wedding outfit must also include a white tie and white slippers. Mormons are married for eternity and the wedding ceremony is a 30-minute ceremony at a temple.

If the bride is a LDS bride, she will wear the traditional white wedding dress to the temple. Women should avoid long sleeved dresses that show cleavage. The bride must also remove the train from the wedding gown to enter the temple.

The wedding dress is an important part of the ceremony and should be appropriate for the ceremony. The wedding dress should be modest, white, and long enough to cover the temple garment. In addition, it should be high-necked, have a back that is covered, and not have any embellishments or ruffles.