How to Wear Mormon Wedding Garb

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The first step in putting together your Mormon wedding attire is to determine what type of undergarments you will wear. Then, figure out what you will wear for the Ceremony and the Dress. There are several options for men. A dress sweater with formal slacks is acceptable, but a short sleeved shirt may be considered too casual. A tie is not required. Only members of your immediate family will wear one.


Undergarments for Mormon wedding garb are traditionally veiled, and feature a unique pattern that distinguishes them from other garments. Originally, these garments were designed to cover the naked body and protect the wearer from harm, but in recent years, improvements have been made to the garments to make them more comfortable for wearers. Mormons have also begun to incorporate more modern fabrics and designs into their garments, and the latest improvements include silk-screened markings and tags.

Undergarments for Mormon wedding garb are made of lightweight fabrics, and are typically white in color. White is used because it represents purity and is worn under clothing. While these garments do replace regular underwear, women may still wear a supportive bra under the garment. The style of the garments differ by gender. A man's undergarment may be longer than a woman's undergarment. The garments can be quite elaborate, and the details vary depending on the gender.

The original undergarments worn by Mormons date back to the 1840s. After Smith's death in 1918, Mormon underwear began to undergo changes. Today, undergarments are available at church-owned stores, or online on the LDS church website. Although Mormon underwear is not meant for public display, it still remains a pillar of the faith for many. However, in the modern age, undergarments have become a cause for concern for many Mormons.

Despite the controversy over whether or not the garments are acceptable, wearing them is completely personal. Romney, for instance, served a mission and married his wife in the LDS temple, and remains a Mormon in active membership. Romney is a proud member of the LDS Church and wears temple garments as part of their daily clothing. However, he does not wear them when he plays tennis or goes to the beach.

Despite the new garment policy, LDS women continue to struggle with wearing undergarments that are too close to their skin. Some women with health issues or mastectomy prosthetics have trouble wearing undergarments that do not cover them properly. Women with different body shapes and bust sizes also face challenges in dressing. However, the LDS Church did not make a big announcement about the new policy. It should have announced it in a big way to alleviate such problems.


Men, when you wear a Mormon wedding dress, you can opt for a blazer or a suit with a nice fitting shirt. It is also acceptable to wear a polo shirt or a dress sweater. However, it is best to avoid wearing a tie, since this is considered to be too casual. The only exceptions to the dress code are close relatives and the groom. Listed below are some other tips to look your best in a Mormon wedding dress.

Before you head out to search for the perfect Mormon wedding dress, you should know what body types and body shapes look best in a wedding dress. Mormon brides generally prefer to wear dresses that fit their body shape without sacrificing the modesty standards of their faith. The basic five dress shapes are a good starting point for choosing a dress. Those with a fuller figure should opt for one of the more fitted gowns. Otherwise, a short dress will look awkward on a short figure.

In general, brides should choose a dress with sleeves. A long-sleeved gown or a spaghetti-strapped dress is not appropriate for the temple. Brides can opt for a sleeveless dress, but the bride should avoid those with bare shoulders. If you do opt for a sleeveless dress, you should consider wearing a wrap or sweater over it. Otherwise, the dress should be elegant and classy.

The type of dress you wear for your Mormon wedding ceremony will depend on your budget and the theme of your wedding. Those with modesty requirements should avoid colored or sleeveless designs. However, brides can choose to add other accessories such as lace jackets or lace panel inserts for a more modest look. Many temples have small collections of dresses suitable for lending. You should make sure you consult temple officials before making any final decisions.

Most YW leaders have their wedding dresses stored in attics. They are proud to have a piece of their lives that was a high point of their life. Sadly, these YW leaders never got a chance to fully use their potential outside of the church. They were preoccupied with morning sickness, financial troubles, and diapers. Now, they want to show off their gown to other church ladies. They rationalize this behavior as teaching a lesson to the young girls.


When attending a Mormon wedding, dressy shoes are a must. Although a pair of formal shoes may not be the best choice, neutral dress shoes can still work. They are an excellent budget option, and practically every LDS woman has one or two pairs in her closet. Besides being comfortable and functional, they should be beautiful. Avoid choosing shoes that look too matronly or shabby, as these will only make you look older and unprepared for the occasion.

To be respectful of the LDS culture, you must avoid wearing revealing clothing, especially if you have small children. While a formal wedding may involve an evening party, an LDS wedding is typically unstructured. Guests should wear clothes that cover their knees and neck. You should also consider the venue, which can be a cultural hall or a Relief Society room. For example, the cultural hall may have court markings for basketball. Also, the music used during the ceremony is unfamiliar and the officiant may wear a suit.

For men, the dress code for a Mormon wedding is quite strict. A suit with a blazer or polo shorts, with a buttoned-up shirt, is appropriate. However, a short-sleeved polo shirt may be considered too casual. Conversely, a dress sweater and formal slacks are appropriate. Tie isn't required, as only close family members will wear ties.

For women, there are several types of shoes suitable for a Mormon wedding. Closed-toed shoes are most appropriate, but sandals are fine if the ceremony is informal and comfortable. You don't need to match the color of your mother of the bride's shoes exactly, but you can dye them in a complementary color to coordinate with her dress. While sandals are appropriate, they are usually not ideal.


The first rule of Mormon wedding attire is to avoid wearing revealing dresses or skirts. These dresses are not appropriate for the temple. The dress must also be ankle length. If the dress is knee-length, it is not Mormon-appropriate. A dress or skirt of knee-length or less is not acceptable. Women can wear high heels but should avoid embellished pumps. Open-toed shoes are also not appropriate. Men should wear dressy shoes.

When attending a Mormon wedding, guests wear clothing similar to those worn for church. Mormon temples are very quiet places. People speak softly so as not to distract the other people. Mormon brides wear modest wedding dresses. During the ceremony, the priest delivers a short speech, known as the sealer's speech. The priest uses his authority from God to "seal" the marriage. The speech is usually about five minutes long and offers the couple a message of happiness.

Men may wear a button-up shirt and slacks. Shirts with short sleeves are considered too casual. Dress sweaters are acceptable. Men should avoid wearing ties to the wedding, as they are not customarily worn by guests. Only close family members can wear ties. Mormon weddings are a very formal affair, so the dress code should be appropriate. You should also try to find a friend or family member who practices the religion and has Mormon friends.

The wedding ceremony itself is a very secretive affair. However, Mormon leaders have updated their rules in recent years so that couples can get married in the civil ceremony after temple sealing. Moreover, the ritual is still very strict and requires the couples to wear white clothing for their temple weddings. The marriage rite is considered sacred for Mormons, and the clothing is not easily changed. In case of a divorce, the couples must seek a cancellation from the church before they can tie the knot again.

After the wedding, the couple has a big wedding reception and luncheon, and invites guests who aren't Mormons. In addition to the ring ceremony, the couple also holds a reception after the wedding ceremony. There is no alcohol during the reception. The bride and groom kiss each other to seal the marriage. In the evening, the couple shares a final kiss. It is a very emotional and beautiful day.

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