Where to Buy Wedding Anniversary Rings

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Before you go window shopping for a ring, make sure your partner likes the ones you have selected. Ask them about their favorite gemstones or observe their reactions to rings. Don't feel limited to choosing a traditional anniversary ring; you can also go for a different style or metal if you're sure your partner will like it. Generally, it's best to stick to a style that you know your partner will like. Alternatively, you can select a sentimental gemstone that has special meaning to the couple.

David Yurman

If you're looking for a unique wedding anniversary ring, look no further than a David Yurman design. This iconic American jewelry designer has been making jewelry for almost 30 years. His designs are widely admired and are among the most notable works of American jewelry design. Read on to learn more about the history of Yurman and why his designs have become so popular. You can even purchase a David Yurman ring from an online store!

The designer's signature collections offer an array of unique styles to suit the individual taste of each wearer. From classic solitaires to modern androgynous rings, his collections are sure to make your wedding anniversary ring a truly unique and timeless item. The unique designs and materials used in his works will express your true style and personality. You can even buy a ring that's one of a kind.


If you're looking for the perfect wedding anniversary ring, you might want to try Annoushka's Love and Commitment collection. The collection consists of five designs, ranging from classic three-stone pieces to more ornate flora. In addition to the traditional diamond and gold ring, Annoushka also offers a wide variety of alternative engagement rings.

Kate Middleton's sparkly eternity ring was first spotted on her finger at the royal wedding, and fans immediately suspected it was from the Annoushka brand. The designer confirmed that the ring is indeed hers, and mentions it as a favourite of royal women. Kate Middleton's Annoushka diamond eternity ring is 18-karat white gold, set with 0.23ct of sparkling diamonds. She also owns a pair of pearl earrings by the brand. This ring is versatile and can be worn on its own, as an eternity ring, or even stacked.

The wedding band is an important part of the ring stack, as it represents a couple's love for each other and is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Ancient Egyptians believed that the vein in the fourth finger went directly to the heart. Because it's so significant to your partner, the ring should sit at the base of the stack of rings. Annoushka pays homage to this legend by setting tiny rubies inside the shanks.

Brilliant Earth

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding anniversary ring, you might want to consider a Brilliant Earth ring. The brushed-matte band features an image of a Yosemite landscape. The design was inspired by a donation to a non-profit organization that protects America's national parks. It also comes in different settings, including solitaire and eternity bands. For more information, read on.

Buying a Brilliant Earth ring means you are supporting responsible diamond mining. Each diamond is sourced from a certified mine, with 5% of profits donated to the DDI. And as a bonus, each Brilliant Earth ring is made with 15% recycled material. In addition to the environmental benefits, you can even buy a "Botswana Sort" diamond. This will eliminate any concern about human rights and support responsible diamond mining. Besides being environmentally friendly, these companies also offer substantial benefits to the local population.


Kate Middleton and Prince William have been spotted wearing Annoushka's wedding anniversary rhodium plated rings. Fans of the designer were particularly intrigued by Kate's choice of ring, as she wears a pair of her pearl earrings. However, Kate has not yet confirmed that the ring belongs to her. Earlier this year, she appeared on Good Morning Britain, where she spoke about her love for the royal couple and her choice of jewellery.

David Yurman's sapphire ring, for instance, boasts 1.55 carats of stones set in 18-karat yellow gold. It will definitely turn heads! Or, a ring by Annoushka, with shimmering diamonds set in 18-karat gold, will impress your partner and be an instant conversation starter. And if your fiance is a ring-wearer, you might want to consider a ring from Dana Rebecca Designs, which features a combination of marquise and round stones.

After a couple's anniversary, it is important to select the perfect anniversary ring. Choose the perfect piece for your partner by considering her style and taste. Go to a jewelry store together to decide on the perfect anniversary ring. If you're not sure what kind of ring to get her, don't worry! Diamond Registry's experts are here to help you! The company offers top-quality diamonds at wholesale prices.

Annoushka’s double row ring

Known for its unique design, Annoushka's double row RING can be the perfect choice for your next wedding anniversary. It comes in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold and features a double row of diamonds that give the illusion of two bands. Whether you want to give a stunning engagement ring or a wedding anniversary band, these rings can make any special occasion perfect.

Kate's ring was first spotted on her hand in a photo. A fan immediately assumed it was made by Annoushka, and she also owns a pair of the designer's pearl earrings. After asking the brand to confirm the authenticity of the ring, Kate revealed that she was given a ring by her husband. It is 18ct white gold and hand-set with 0.23ct diamonds. Kate wears it on her finger as a single row ring, but it also comes in a double row stack.

Another style of ring designed by Annoushka features a row of diamonds, each one featuring a different color. This style features shimmering diamonds on the front and a single row of diamonds on the reverse. It's the perfect style for your anniversary and is also stackable, making it perfect for stacking. In addition to diamonds, this designer also offers a double row of gold bands.

Annoushka’s diamond eternity ring

Kate Middleton recently wore a diamond eternity ring designed by Annoushka Ducas. It is set in 18ct white gold and has a halo of sparkling white diamonds. She wears the ring as a stack or on its own. The designer has a range of eternity rings, but this one is particularly impressive. You can find it priced at PS1500 and is one of the most affordable on the market.

The Annoushka diamond eternity ring is a gorgeous choice if you're on a tight budget. It is set in 18-karat gold and features shimmering diamonds on both sides. The diamond eternity ring is stackable and can be stacked to create a larger piece. You can also consider getting her another one in a different color to match her diamond ring.

You don't have to pick a traditional anniversary ring for your partner - you can mix and match gemstones and metals to suit your style. If you're choosing a diamond eternity ring, you can ask her what gemstones she likes. You can also ask her what kind of stones she likes. If you're not sure about the style, you can always go for a diamond ring with the most sentimental meaning to her.

For a different style of ring, try one of the other designs from Annoushka's Love and Commitment collection. The collection features five different designs, ranging from simple three-stone pieces to intricately-detailed flora. And if your partner prefers to wear rings that have a more earth-friendly material, you can get her a recycled gold ring instead.

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