How to Wear Wedding and Anniversary Rings

How to Wear Wedding and Anniversary Rings

If you've already gifted your wife a diamond wedding ring or are thinking about surprising her with a coordinating anniversary band, it's important to understand the best way to wear these rings to maximize their beauty. Numerous styles are available, ranging from contrasting to complementary designs, and there are options to sport these rings on various fingers too! Here are some pieces of advice to consider when selecting rings for that memorable occasion.

Styles of diamond anniversary bands

There are many styles of diamond anniversary bands for wedding and relationship rings. They can be any style of eternity band with diamonds set on the front portion. The options are endless. When choosing between different styles, keep in mind your personal taste, preferences, and the setting style of the engagement ring and wedding band. In addition to their aesthetic value, anniversary bands can reflect your personal style. Read on to find the perfect style for your special day!

The most popular style of diamond anniversary bands is the eternity band, which has diamonds set all around it. Eternity bands are particularly tasteful because they tend to coordinate with most wedding ring settings. Another classic style is the pave set diamond anniversary ring. This ring features five tiny diamonds set into a white gold band, resembling a butterfly. Both the diamond and the metal make for a beautiful and meaningful anniversary ring.

Aside from the size, another important consideration for your ring is the cut of the diamond. If you want to go for a diamond anniversary band, look for a stone that doesn't appear yellowish. Also, it doesn't need to be the highest colour grade diamond in order to look great on your ring. Diamond anniversary rings are made to last, and a higher carat weight will ensure that it will last for a long time.

Another style of diamond anniversary bands is the three-stone diamond ring. This ring features three sparkling diamonds bezel-set in a 14k white gold band. This design is most suitable for couples with simple wedding sets, as the three-stone ring might have too much sparkle. A ring with this design costs about $6300. So, what's your style? Go ahead and spoil your partner!

When choosing a diamond anniversary band, think about what finger you want to wear it on. You can stack a wedding and an anniversary band on the left hand. Another way to wear a wedding ring is on the right ring finger. Alternatively, you can stack your rings on either hand. If you want to keep the design simple, you can opt for a solid band. You can also add a gemstone to your ring.

Styles of contrasting vs complementary ring

Complementary and contrasting elements can be beautiful, but you must make sure the rings do not compete with each other. Ideally, complementary and contrasting elements should compliment each other rather than compete for attention. The size, shape, and placement of stones in contrasting rings should be clearly contrasting to avoid the ring's design drawing too much attention. Stone placement and fire are important factors to consider. An "enhancer" ring will have smaller stones placed near a larger stone setting.

When choosing a style of anniversary ring, consider the color and design of your partner's wedding band. A complementary anniversary ring has the same gemstone and metal as the wedding band. A contrasting anniversary ring has a different metal color or gemstone, but echoes the look of the engagement ring. The rings can also have different styles, depending on what you and your partner like.

Matching styles are another option. Complementary designs are symmetrical, so the bands should be of similar width. In addition, complementary styles may include matching stones. Asymmetrical bands are also popular. Make sure the band widths of the two rings are similar. This can make it easier to match the bands. In this way, the rings will compliment each other instead of clashing with each other.

Anniversary rings are usually given on milestone anniversaries, such as the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th. Compared to wedding rings, anniversary rings allow you greater freedom in design and style. They can be elaborate or simple, and can be added to the wedding stack or worn on their own. Anniversary rings often have special meaning, and are a symbol of the commitment between two people.

Stone options for anniversary bands

Today's wedding and anniversary bands are more adventurous than ever. More brides are opting for colorful gems over diamonds. Brent Neale, for example, chose blue sapphires to represent his love, commitment, and fidelity. If you are considering a non-diamond option, consider a garnet. They come in a wide variety of colors, and are popular choices in antique settings. They are not as hard as diamonds, and they are a bit more affordable.

If you're buying a wedding or anniversary ring for your partner, don't forget to make sure that she likes the recommended stone or style. Ask her about her favorite gemstones, or just observe her reaction to the gemstones as you browse through the rings. Anniversary rings don't need to follow the traditional style, so you can choose a stone that she or he will love. If you're buying a ring for yourself, you can go for a sentimental stone instead.

Five-stone diamond bands are also available. Unlike three-stone bands, five-stone rings generally have larger stones. Five-stone bands are similar to half-eternity bands, but their diamonds are bigger. A five-stone band can be either minimalistic or adorned with multiple small diamonds. Either way, it's a timeless choice for a wedding or anniversary band. When shopping for an engagement ring, be sure to choose the style that fits your wife and her personal style.

When choosing a stone for your wedding or anniversary bands, it's important to consider how much money you're willing to spend. The right stone will make all the difference. For instance, diamonds are expensive, but moissanite stones are cheaper and come with a brilliant shine. Another choice is a double row anniversary band. The double row anniversary band features 22 sparkling moissanite stones. On the other hand, a triple-row ring with blue sapphires and a double-row of diamonds is a great way to show your partner's affection.

Besides diamonds, eternity rings can come with diamonds around the entire circumference. Typically, they have the same width, and the stone on either side is equal in size. Eternity rings are a timeless choice. The style of the eternity band is also popular. The ring will coordinate with most wedding ring settings. However, if you're looking for something more classic, then an eternity ring is the way to go.

Which finger to wear them on

When deciding which finger to wear your anniversary and wedding rings, you have several options. While there is no "correct" finger for wearing these rings, there are a number of common choices. You may opt to wear your anniversary ring on the same finger as your engagement ring, which is the right ring finger. Or you may opt to forgo the wedding band altogether and wear only your anniversary ring. Whatever you decide, the finger you wear your rings on should feel right to you.

If your partner likes simple gold bands, go with those. While simple gold bands may not be as sparkly as diamond rings, they can still represent your relationship well. When it comes to choosing the style of your anniversary band, choose one that compliments your partner's style and complements her existing rings. And don't forget to consider the metal and jewel's sentimental value. Depending on your partner's taste and preferences, you may be able to create a ring that is equally stunning and meaningful to both of you.

When wearing your anniversary ring next to your wedding band, make sure it fits flush with your wedding ring. You can even stack the two rings to make them look like a diamond wand. Either way, it is a special gesture and a great way to show your partner your love. Whether you are wearing them separately or in a stacked configuration, your anniversary ring can stand out while enhancing your wedding set.

During your engagement and wedding, you should consider which finger your partner prefers to wear her engagement ring on. Earlier, the engagement ring was worn on the ring finger. But as time passed, diamond rings became more common, and eventually became the standard for engagement rings. This tradition was created in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria and his wife Mary of Burgundy. The two of them exchanged diamond rings, and today they are considered the standard for engagement and anniversary rings.

Traditionally, the ring finger is the most appropriate finger to wear the ring. It is associated with the goddess Apollo, who symbolizes beauty, love, and compassion. Historically, most people wear wedding and anniversary rings on the ring finger, but other rings may also be suitable. The best thing to do is choose the hand that feels the most comfortable for you, whether it's your wedding or anniversary ring.

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