Where to Buy Wedding Arrhas

If you're organizing a wedding in Spain, you might be curious about where to purchase wedding arras. These arras matrimoniales act as significant emblems, signifying the 13 virtues of marriage along with Jesus and his 12 Apostles. The person responsible for carrying the Arrhae ensures it is crafted from premium materials. These charms are typically presented in sturdy white cases accompanied by a stand for display.


If you're planning a Spanish or Latin American wedding, you'll probably want an arrhae-bearer at the ceremony. Arrhas are a traditional wedding paraphernalia made up of thirteen gold coins. They're traditionally presented to the bride by the groom in an ornate box or basket, or in the Philippines, a small pouch. Arrhae-bearers are essential to the wedding ceremony, as they represent the groom's love and care.

Traditionally, a young boy is assigned the role of wedding coin bearer. A boy is chosen to march down the aisle carrying the wedding coins, which are known as arrhae in the Philippines. Usually, the boy's attire is colorful and embroidered, or painted to represent the couple's personalities. It can be a simple silver or gold wedding arra or it can be something more unusual. A wedding arras can also be an adult friend assigned to the role by the bride. It's an unexpected surprise for the guests.

Arrhae-bearer pillow

An arras, or ring bearer, is a symbolic wedding attendant who carries a pillow with the bride and groom's rings attached. While many couples choose to attach fake rings to the pillow, the ceremony is more meaningful when the ring bearer is comfortable being in front of an audience. After the couple exchanges their wedding vows, the groom presents the arras, or ring bearer, to the bride. The name arras comes from the Spanish word arras, which means "earnest money," which originates from the Roman tradition of breaking gold into halves.

A hand-embroidered ring bearer pillow is an inexpensive way to honor the role of a ring bearer. Ring bearer pillows are usually made from recycled materials and vintage fabrics. Some fabrics are lightly dyed with organic black tea. Ring bearer pillows are comfortable to carry for any size person. They don't contain flowers, rings, or crystals. The pillow itself is an important part of the wedding ceremony and is an excellent souvenir to give to your guests.

Las arras matrimoniales

The arras matrimoniales are the traditional wedding gifts given by the bride to the groom. Traditionally, these pieces are made of gold or silver, but can be made from other metals or materials. They can range in price depending on their material and size. Here are some suggestions for your arras:

Historically, arras have had a variety of symbolic meanings, ranging from the guarantee of matrimony to the sharing of resources. In the medieval period, they were sometimes given as part of the dote or dowry. They have a variety of different meanings, from symbolizing prosperity and sharing of assets to expressing commitment and love. For these reasons, it's not surprising that these marriage symbols have been around for centuries.

In ancient times, marriage was about economics, and arras of boda were given to the bride as a gift. But today, marriages are more about love than economics. The arras also represent the shared responsibility of the couple. Symbolically, they symbolize the sharing of common wealth. Traditionally, arras of boda represent the marital promise and are used to signify these.

Traditional wedding sponsors traditionally procure las arras for the bride and groom. This person is similar to a godparent, and works closely with the couple to choose the right las arras for the couple. Nowadays, las arras are sold in box sets, which often come with an ornate gift box. They also include thirteen wedding unity coins. And there are even retailers who sell las arras gift boxes.

In modern times, las arras matrimoniales are a part of the wedding vows. In ancient times, the bride received thirteen coins as a dowry, representing her trust in the groom to provide for her family. Today, the arras matrimoniales have a more personal meaning and symbol. For modern Catholic couples, the arras matrimoniales ceremony is a meaningful part of the wedding vows.

A traditional Hispanic wedding involves exchanging 13 gold coins during the ceremony. Each coin symbolizes a man's commitment to his future wife and family. Traditionally, the bride's godparents provide the coins. The groom then presents these coins to the bride. The bride is then expected to keep the coins in an ornate box or a simple pouch. For more information about arras matrimoniales, see the article below.

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