Where Did They Film American Wedding?

Released in 2003, "American Wedding" quickly became a favorite comedy film among audiences. At its heart, the story focuses on the wedding festivities of one of the key characters. Additionally, the movie features an intriguing plotline involving a bachelor party planned by the bride herself. If you find yourself curious about where American Wedding was filmed as you watch, you’re not alone.

Well, the American Wedding movie is not filmed in a specific location. Instead, the movie is filmed in several locations. The locations are mostly inside the United States. In the below part of the article, we will discuss the locations of the film. Along with that, we will also provide you some relevant information about the movie. So, keep reading the article.

Where Did They Film American Wedding?

As we said earlier, the movie is filmed in a lot of places and most of the places are inside the USA. At the very beginning of the movie, you will see an aerial shot that begins at 0:05 seconds of the movie. It is East Great Falls Towns Square. The place is also known as Town Square of Orange, Plaza Square, Orange. The next shot is in Jim’s House. Which is situated at 4153 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach.

Then, in the next part of the movie, you will see Stiffer teaching Jim how to dance. It is in the gym of Saint Anthony High School. The location of the school is 620 Olive Avenue, Long Beach. After that, the scene of the wedding dress shopping shot arrives which is at 0:21. They want a boutique named Lloyd Klein Boutique. The address of the boutique is 7415 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles.

Then, in the next scene of the movie, the seems in the Dance Off in Chicago. It is situated at 118 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles. In the scene, we mainly see the boy squads of the movie. In the next scene of the film, which is at 0:33, you will see a floral shop. The location of the floral shop is 101 S. Glassell Street, Orange. This is the second scene of the film which is shot in Orange.

Additional Locations

The next part of the movie is where Stiffler eating pooh. The place is Huntington Library and Biblical Gardens. It is situated at 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino. The next scene of the movie consists of the Florist House. Besides, the location of the house is 4107 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach. The next scene of the movie is showing the exterior of the Resort where they get married. The name of the resort is Ritz Carlton, it is situated in Half Moon Bay of Northern California.

The next part of the movie consists of the Wedding and Reception. The venue of the wedding was Huntington Library. It is situated near 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino.

The wedding scenes site was the beautiful Ritz Caltron which is situated at 1 Miramontes Point Road, Half Moon Bay. But the main wedding reception site was Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science. It is inside the Huntington Library and Gardens situated at 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino. It is a bit east of Pasadena. The place is completely different now. You will not find the same venue when you will go there.

So, these are the locations where the movie is filmed. Here are the locations where the movie is mainly filmed:

  • Half Moon Bay, CA.
  • Orange, CA.
  • Universal City, CA.
  • Los Angeles, CA.
  • Ontario, CA.
  • Pasadena, CA.
  • Long Beach, CA.

Some of the locations of the movie were also shown in some other movies. These include the Wedding Singer, A Cinderella Story, The Nutty Professor, Memoirs of a Geisha, Serenity, etc., and some others.

Plot of the American Wedding Movie

One of the main characters of the movie is Jim who was going to propose to Michelle to marry him. At that moment, Jim's dad called and told him that he has the ring. Then Jim's father arrived at the ceremony and some mishaps happened. In the meantime, Jim proposed to her and she accepted it. Jim doesn’t want his friend Stifler at the wedding. But h becomes very upset with it. Later Stifler told Jim that he will teach him the dance moves if he allow Stifler in the wedding.

In the meantime, they decided to go to a bachelor party. Later, Jim, Stifler, and friends traveled to Chicago to find out a designer who will make the dress Michelle. Later they found the dress designer and she agreed to make the wedding dress for Michelle. Michelle got a small sister who arrives here for the wedding. Her name was Cadence and both Finch and Stifler were attracted to her.

They were trying to win over her by various means. Stifler planned the bachelor party without letting Jim know but on the same day, Jim invited the parents of Michelle for the dinner. There Michelle’s mother finds out some mishaps. This is the story of the movie continues. To understand the next part of the movie, you will require watching it.

The Cast of the American Wedding Film

One main character Jim Levenstein was played by Jason Biggs. The role of Steve Stiffler was played by Seann William while Alyson Hannigan play the role of Michelle Flaherty. Besides, the little sister of Michelle or the role of cadence was played by January Jones. The role of Paul Finch was played by Eddie Kaye Thomas while the role of Kevin Myers was played by Thomas Ian Nicholas.

Some other characters of the movie include Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad, Molly Check as Jim’s Mom, and Deborah Rush. The list also includes Fred Willard, Angela Paton, Eric Allan Kramer, Nikki Ziering, and much more.


The American Wedding movie is filmed at several locations as we discussed above. And, most of the locations of the movie are around California in the USA. Some of the places where the movie was filmed include Los Angeles, Orange, Half Moon Bay, and some other places.

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