Where to Buy Wedding Bracelet

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In search of a perfect wedding bracelet? Here are some of the top picks for a beautiful piece. These include the Parker from Olive + Pieper, the Millicent Delicate Chain Bracelet by Kendra Scott, the Stone Chain Bracelet by Pura Vida, and Maple & J's Hand-crafted Tibetan bangles. All are beautifully crafted and will make your wedding day a magical one.

Olive + Pieper’s Parker

This stunning wedding bracelet has garnered rave reviews from brides everywhere. Set with a row of small crystals, the blue Nile tennis bracelet is adorned with one-carat diamonds. Its delicate hinged design and elaborate elegance will make you the most stunning bride-to-be. The 18-carat gold and turquoise combination will last for years, and is the perfect choice for a traditional bridal look.

Kendra Scott’s Millicent Delicate Chain Bracelet

Kendra Scott, a popular jewelry designer and philanthropist, has collaborated with Austin-based lifestyle blogger Emily Travis to design an exclusive bridal collection. The collection marks the brand's first influencer-designed collaboration. Travis has long been a loyal wearer of Kendra Scott's jewelry, and couldn't imagine her wedding without a timeless, elegant bridal party.

This stunning piece is crafted from 18-karat gold and turquoise, both of which are well-known for their calming and balancing properties. The textured, knotted design is sure to catch the light on any outfit. It measures 7 inches with a 0.5-inch extender and comes with a Kendra Scott jewelry pouch and gift box. This piece is a classic choice for any bride, whether she's planning her wedding or wants to wear it for years to come.

If you're unsure of which style to choose, Kendra Scott's wedding collection features many elegant statement pieces. The Millicent Delicate Chain Bracelet, for example, is made from gold and is available in several metals. A gold wedding band with a 14-karat gold band is particularly versatile. It can be paired with a pearl or diamond to make a stunning bridal ensemble.

Pura Vida’s Stone Chain Bracelet

If you're planning to wear a Pura Vida wedding bracelet, you'll want to consider getting it for your big day. While many people choose to wear handmade jewelry for the big day, you don't have to sacrifice beauty and elegance for the sake of sustainability. This sustainable jewelry brand is a popular choice for both women and men. Not only is their product line made from recycled glass, but it's also made from biodegradable materials, which makes them a great choice for a wedding.

The company has a two-pronged mission: to provide sustainable jobs to artisans throughout the world and to raise awareness for charities. Griffin and Paul's vision for Pura Vida started with their Stone Chain Bracelet for their wedding, and soon they expanded into other jewelry lines. Since the beginning, the company has partnered with over 800 artisans in impoverished countries to create a sustainable income for these artisans in a positive working environment.

Whether you want a dainty, romantic look or a more modern, urban style, you're sure to find a stylish Pura Vida bracelet. The Stone Chain Bracelet has a delicate chain band, a stamped bar charm with the company's logo and a small, itty-bitty stone charm. If you're looking for a less traditional look, you can also check out Kendra Scott's Millicent Delicate Chain Bracelet.

Another unique feature of this bracelet is its charitable mission. Pura Vida donates 5% of their sales to SAVE, the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. This organization is dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding suicide, and has created a line of beautiful bracelets inspired by its mission. A special Suicide Awareness & Prevention Pack comes with three different bracelets: a white band bracelet, an intricate braided bracelet, and a genuine Amethyst stone charm.

Maple & J's Hand-crafted Tibetan-inspired bangles

While working in China during college, Cara Hochhalter stumbled upon an amazing collection of handmade jewelry for children. She wanted to find good quality bangles for her children. The bangles she found were often made of cheap silver and plated metal, with frilly beaded designs. So, she began manipulating real silver and gold in her family laundry room. She later moved into a separate studio, which is now outside her home.

Inspired by the jewelry wearing habits of Tibetan monks, these bangles are hand-crafted from 18-carat gold and will last for many years to come. These bracelets can be worn alone or stacked, and are also available in infant and toddler sizes. One of our favorite pieces is the Lulus bracelet, which features cubic zirconium crystals and a silver-toned base.

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