Where to Buy Wedding Dinner Dress in Singapore

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Luckily, Singapore offers many places to buy your wedding dinner dress. Taobao, Luna Bianca, and Yvonne Creative are some of the top options for brides looking to find the perfect wedding dress. Alternatively, you can try online shopping. We recommend shopping from these places:


You can also buy wedding gowns on Alibaba-owned website Taobao. Besides being affordable, Taobao wedding gowns are also available at nice prices. You don't have to go for the expensive brand, as long as it has a good reputation. Also, be sure to read reviews from other customers. The ratings can be deceiving if a shop gets fake reviews. If you're not sure how to judge a shop's quality, check out their other gowns.

Another option is Ezbuy, a forum dedicated to buying used items online. You can browse the forums and read reviews from other customers. However, you need to be quick and prepared to get the best deal. Also, try avoiding renting a dress. Renting a dress has many disadvantages. It's worn by many brides before, whereas secondhand dresses have only been worn once and are of better quality. To find the perfect wedding dress at affordable prices, visit the Budget Brides Singapore Facebook group. The group has great recommendations from vendors.

As for cost, Taobao has a lot to offer. A wedding gown from Taobao costs less than $150. Even if it's made in China, it's not that much. The dresses sold on Taobao are the same as those in local wedding boutiques, but with much cheaper prices. Besides, you won't have to worry about the quality as they're made by talented Chinese fashion designers.

Love, Fioyo

The online woman's apparel retailer, Love, Fioyo, offers a variety of bridal couture dresses and everyday fashion wear. In addition to offering wedding gowns and other formal wear, Love, Fioyo also offers a wedding dress rental service online. You can choose from a range of wedding gown styles, and enjoy up to 10% off bridal combo packages. Love, Fioyo's Signature Convertibles collection offers gowns, tops, and pants. These outfits are created for fashion sustainability, and are designed with detachable layers, making them versatile for multiple occasions.

The dresses are designed to complement all kinds of weddings, from casual to elegant. From simple evening dresses to sexy cocktail attire, Love, Fioyo offers a wide variety of styles and fabrics. The brand's philosophy of "Be your own label" allows every woman to find a look that suits her personal style. As such, the collection is made up of bridal gowns, cocktail dresses, and everyday fashion wear.

Located in the heart of Chinatown, the boutique carries unique wedding dresses by international designers. You can rent or buy these gowns depending on your budget and preferences. The boutique is also a great place to find wedding gown rentals in Singapore. The store's bridal gowns are designed to fit different body types and shapes. It is the perfect place for brides of all budgets and styles to find the wedding gown they need.

Luna Bianca

The quality of the Luna Bianca wedding gowns is unmatched. Made in Europe, each gown is expertly hand picked by Helen Wang, the boutique's fashionista. From high fashion minimalism to elaborate designs, this designer has it all. The perfect wedding gown is sure to make you look and feel gorgeous. Whether you're planning a formal dinner party or a small dinner party, you'll find the perfect dress at Luna Bianca.

For an elegant and affordable evening wedding, you can choose from a beautiful dress from the Luna Bianca wedding gown collection. Prices range from S$500 to S$1800. In addition, the boutique offers a variety of bridal packages, ranging from alterations to the entire wedding day. Luna Bianca is located at 21 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188108. You can visit the boutique during business hours, from 12pm to 9pm. You can also visit La Vita Brides, an online wedding gown store, to find the perfect evening dress.

The Luna Bianca bridal boutique has an extensive collection of gowns and offers the complete wedding planning experience. The store also offers hair and makeup services, and has a vast selection of wedding gowns. You can purchase or rent the perfect wedding dress from the Luna Bianca bridal collection, or have it tailor-made for you. They also offer wedding dresses for rent. A Luna Bianca wedding dress is sure to be perfect for your special occasion.

Yvonne Creative

For a hassle-free wedding experience, visit the Yvonne Creative Bridal boutique. This full-service bridal boutique has been around for 23 years and has a vast selection of stunning gowns to choose from. You can also opt for a customised package and even get pre-wedding or actual day photography. The staff at Yvonne Creative is always ready to provide you with assistance and suggestions.

In addition to their extensive collection of gowns, Yvonne Creative also provides bridal services such as makeup and photography. For a truly special wedding, you can even get a wedding package with additional services, including flowers, makeup, and photography. In addition to bridal services, Yvonne Creative offers bespoke dresses and wedding packages, which are designed according to your individual needs. Its prices are competitive, and you will feel comfortable in a gown designed specifically for you.

The wedding gown plays an important role on a bride's big day. Renting or buying a wedding dress will help you find the best fit for your figure and the theme of your wedding. You can even customize it to fit your style, if you have a specific idea in mind. Yvonne Creative is an excellent choice if you are looking for a wedding dinner dress in Singapore.

Amethyst Bridal

If you're on a budget, the most affordable place to buy a wedding dinner dress is Amethyst Bridal, near Mountbatten MRT. Another good option is Right For You Bridal, which offers flat rates of $150 regardless of the design. In addition, bridal studios often have tie-ups with photography companies, so you can purchase your gown with a photo session, which can give you even more value for money. Some packages also include the groom's suit and makeup.

Budget Brides

While it may seem impossible to find a wedding dinner dress for a low budget, there are some excellent options for Singaporean brides. One of the best places to buy a wedding dress on a budget is at a bridal boutique. There are many such boutiques in Singapore, but choosing one can be overwhelming. One boutique in particular is highly recommended, as it has a wide range of affordable wedding dresses for budget-conscious brides.

Another store to consider for bridal gowns on a budget is L'Atelier Carte Blanches. The boutique sells wedding dresses ranging from S$2500 to $1200. The boutique focuses on pleasing the individual needs of its brides and grooms. Its designers are highly regarded and have gowns featured on world fashion runways. Brides may also choose to rent wedding gowns, which will cost up to S$5800.

One more great place to purchase a wedding dinner dress on a budget is the Far East Plaza. This mall is home to several lesser-known boutiques, including Elegrance, Conabelle, and Betty's Loft. Both Conabelle and Betty's Loft have several outlets, and Elegrance has two. These stores carry both elegant and simple wedding gowns and dresses for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

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