Where to Get Affordable Wedding Rings

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If you're unsure where to get an affordable wedding ring, don't fret - there are several places you can buy it. Blue Nile, Etsy, Tiffany & Co., and MiaDonna are just a few options. You can also use your creativity by shopping online. Just remember to choose a timeless, stylish, and affordable style. In any case, a good return policy is also a must if you're buying the ring offline.

Blue Nile

If you're looking for an affordable wedding ring with a designer touch, Blue Nile is the perfect place to look. The company offers an extensive selection of designer jewelry, created by specific designers with their own unique specialisations. Many of these designers are famous and popular in the industry. You can also browse their collections to view other work from these talented artists. You can also design your own ring by selecting a diamond and setting, and then finishing it with engravings, inscriptions, and more.

Another reason to shop at Blue Nile is that the site allows you to create your own ring with their "Build Your Own Ring" feature, a Ready-to-Ship collection, or a loose stone option. In addition to providing expert guidance and in-depth educational materials, Blue Nile also offers exceptional customer support around the clock. You can even schedule an appointment over the phone or virtually, if you want. They have showrooms in Salem, New Hampshire, Portland, Fairfax County, and Bellevue, Washington.

The website is simple and easy to navigate. You can search by price, cut, and clarity, and select the style that suits your budget. While Blue Nile doesn't let you see the actual diamond, they do provide a section for recently purchased diamond rings. The website is easy to navigate and the filters make it easy to find the perfect ring for your budget. Its FAQs are full of helpful information and articles.


Many online jewelry stores offer wedding rings at reasonable prices, and Etsy is one of those places. But before you buy from an Etsy seller, you need to know a few things first. While engagement rings on Etsy can cost as much as $20,000, you can still get a stunning piece of jewelry for a fraction of the price. Etsy sellers can also work with you one-on-one to customize your ring and save you money in the process.

Online jewelry stores such as Etsy sell handmade wedding rings. Since each seller is an independent maker, they are likely to be honest with you about their products. However, this does come with its own drawbacks. You can't try on the rings before you buy them. In some cases, you might not like the ring in person, but photos of wedding rings on Etsy can help you decide what you want. Photos on Etsy will show the rings' sparkle, materials, and various angles.

Another advantage of purchasing a wedding ring on Etsy is that it's easy to read reviews. Etsy vendors are often honest and ethical. However, there are a few downsides to buying from a vendor. First, you won't get a certified piece if the vendor can't offer a guarantee. Secondly, some Etsy vendors may not provide the ring in its description. Nevertheless, they are usually customer-friendly and provide competitive prices and discounts.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is an American specialty and luxury jewelry retailer headquartered in New York City. They specialize in fine jewelry, sterling silver, crystal, and china, as well as stationery and fragrances. Other items they sell include watches, personal accessories, leather goods, and perfume. Some of the company's more popular products include the famous Tiffany blue box and the Tiffany butterfly pendant. The company also offers free shipping in the United States, if you buy a piece from their online store.

With the mastery of romance and its creative brilliance, Tiffany & Co. has written new chapters in the world of love. The exquisite designs and delicate craftsmanship in each piece of jewelry made by the company reflect centuries of experience and expertise. Their engagement rings and wedding bands are the perfect symbol of a pure union. The iconic pieces of jewelry are designed to last a lifetime and are adorned with the most precious gemstones, such as diamonds, and are incredibly popular among couples today.

After the Great Depression, Tiffany & Co.'s sales volume increased. In 1919, the company sold $17 million worth of jewelry. Although the figure never surpassed that of the 1920s, profits remained high and dividends increased steadily. In 1929, Tiffany & Co.'s stock price was the same as it had been in 1914, and dividends grew to almost $10,000 per share. In the same year, the company also went public by selling 4.5 million shares of common stock.


A Portland-based company that makes affordable lab-created diamond rings is MiaDonna. You can get lots of ring inspiration and eye candy from their beautiful Instagram and Pinterest pages. These wedding rings are a wonderful way to support a green, sustainable company. You don't even have to pay for shipping. Their website is simple to use and they have an At-Home Try-On program for you to try on different designs.

You can purchase a MiaDonna ring in any price range. You can even choose your center stone, which is a lab-grown diamond or synthetic gemstone. The center stone is then custom-cut to your specifications. You can upgrade to a more expensive stone at any time, if you wish, or simply choose one that's more affordable now. They even offer upgrades to their diamonds and gemstones, so you don't have to worry about a depreciating center stone!

The founders of MiaDonna have an important mission. The company strives to be an advocate for the environment and the communities affected by conflict diamond mining. As a result, their jewelry is made in the U.S.A., using lab-grown diamonds, gemstones, and recycled precious metals. Furthermore, they donate 10% of their profits to charity, supporting educational programs in African diamond mining communities. The company is also a Certified B Corporation, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.

MiaDonna’s At Home Try-On program

When shopping for a ring, MiaDonna's At-Home-Try-On program makes the process simple. The website features 360-degree views of all the rings and even a build-your-own feature. It also lists the exact prices of chosen settings and stones. You can also try on rings in the comfort of your home for up to 5 days.

A home try-on order is shipped via USPS First Class mail and only within the continental United States. Packages must be mailed within 7 days of receipt. If you are not satisfied with your ring, you can return it within 30 days of receipt. In addition, you can try on other items from the website. By letting a family member or friend try on your ring, you can see which one would be most comfortable for her.

Another great feature of MiaDonna's At-Home-Try-On program is its commitment to sustainability. They use conflict-free lab-grown diamonds and precious metals, as well as recycled materials, such as gold and silver. They also strive to be socially responsible, supporting the Greener Diamond Foundation's efforts to restore lands damaged by diamond mining.


Both James Allen and Whiteflash are reputable online jewelry stores, but the former has one distinct advantage: high customer satisfaction ratings. While James Allen has more negative feedback, Whiteflash consistently receives more positive reviews. Complaints about James Allen have typically been about the quality of their rings. However, there are also some pros to Whiteflash. This is why we chose them over James Allen as the place to get affordable wedding rings.

While whole-ring engagement rings are the most common way to go, these are not the cheapest option. Engagement rings are expensive and are often topped with precious stones. While some vendors offer free engraving, most charge a flat fee based on the number of characters you choose. For example, engraving a ring with 50 characters can add as much as 10% to the price. To avoid this, consider buying a loose diamond.

James Allen has a reputation for delivering high-quality pieces quickly. Whiteflash allows its customers to customize their rings and choose from a wide selection of styles. Their rings are highly customizable and cost less than the national average. James Allen offers free 30-day returns and lifetime warranties for most engagement rings and wedding bands. James Allen and White Flash are both accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Both stores offer customer support via live chat and phone.

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