How to Display Wedding Photos in Your Home

Getting married is genuinely a blissful occasion in someone's life. The wedding day serves to capture and keep beautiful remembrances. And truly, who doesn’t wish to preserve their most treasured memories? This is the reason why displaying wedding photos can be an outstanding method to regularly look back on your significant day. In this article, we will delve into techniques for showcasing wedding pictures at home.

After coming from the honeymoon, you get excited about the wedding photos. Now it’s time to think “where can I display my wedding photos?” Don’t worry because we are here to give you 7 creative ways to display wedding photos at home. Keep reading for wedding picture display ideas.

How to Display Wedding Photos in Your Home

Hang as a Mantel Display

It is the most creative way to display your wedding day. Take your favorite wedding picture and frame the picture. Then hang the picture above the fireplace or dining table. Whenever any guest comes to visit, the first thing they would see is the picture hanging on the wall. You can choose any picture of your wedding day.

It would be the best idea if you choose an intimate getaway or landscape shoot. Make sure you keep the wedding photo frame in a place where it’s easily visible. The frame has to be eye-catching to catch everyone’s attention.

Whenever you seat in front of the fireplace or at your dinner table, the wedding photo will remind you about the good old day.

Make a Photo Gallery

This is the most common yet most beautiful way to display wedding pictures. Make a wedding photo gallery. You can place the gallery in your corridor, in your living room, in your bedroom.

This is the most elegant way to display your intimate memories. You can put 7-8 photo frames in your wedding gallery. You can fill the gallery with stunning wedding shots. Also, you can customize your wedding photo gallery with various sizes of frames. Keep your photo gallery in front of everyone’s eye so that they can enjoy the memories you have. 

Color themes can customize your wedding photo display gallery. White is the standard frame color for wedding pictures. Not only that, your wedding gallery can include landscape shots or panoramic shots of your wedding day. 

Canvas Wall Display

Canvasing your wedding photos is another creative way to highlight your memories. The best place to keep the canvas is your living room and your bedroom. Canvas prints are the traditional approach to display wedding photos at home. 

Put your canvas prints above your bed in your bedroom. Make sure the canvases are facing in front of your door. Whenever you or your guests enter the room, the photos will give you the moment of happiness you had. 

You can put the picture in a pattern or symmetrical display. This is the best way to display wedding photos at home

Make a Wedding Photo Stand

A wedding photo stand is a creative way to display wedding photos in your living room. The stand will exhibit your wedding images differently. Also, you can move the stand anywhere you want. That means the wedding stand will be convenient. You just mix and match your wedding photos and put them on the stand. The stand will creatively resemble your beautiful day. 

Everyone wants to showcase their memories or achievements in front of people. A wedding stand will be the best idea to display wedding photos at home. Also, you can put multiple photos on the stand. Not only the stand but the place will look wonderful and creative.  

Build a handmade Art Display

If you want to hang wedding photos at home, consider building an Art Display. It can be DIY that means you can handmade your art display. 

We filled handmade things with love and emotions. Whenever you make something with your hand, you pour your effort and emotion into that thing. Making a DIY wedding photo display is a great way to be emotionally attached to that day. A handmade art display can be anything. You can make DIY frames with paper or wood. Attach some flowers around the frame to make it more beautiful. 

Or take some Polaroid wedding photos, then stick them on the wall. After that, decorate the wall with fairy lights. This is a creative yet beautiful way to display wedding photos. Or you can make photo hangers with embroidery hoop wreaths. You can hang the hoop in your living room to decorate the place. 

Make a Wedding Shelf

A wedding shelf is personalized only for wedding pictures. You can buy a shelf from any store or make it at home. 

Put all your wedding memories on the shelf. The photo frame has to be in different sizes. Landscape, Polaroid, panoramic pictures will give the shelf a versatile look. Decorate the shelf with some flower pots. Also, a great idea to decorate the shelf is to put your wedding flower bouquet

Do not throw your flower bouquet. Keep it and reserve it for displaying with the wedding photos. The wedding shelf will look gorgeous if you print the pictures in a mug and display it with other frames. This is a traditional idea to print pictures in a mug. The mug will give you the feeling of that moment. 

Make a Wedding Album

A wedding album is the most traditional technique of preserving precious moments. Our grandparents have been doing this technique for ages. Even so, the wedding album is the old yet most beautiful way to display wedding photos at home. Make a customized wedding album for yourself. 

Match your wedding color theme with the album color theme. Put your favorite portraits in the album. You can showcase the album in your living room. Also, the album can hold over 100 pictures. So you don't have to worry about the number of pictures. Make a wedding album and create your memories. 


If you are tired of searching for ways to display wedding photos at home, then this article should help you. Getting married is a windfall in our life. And we want to show our achievements to the world. Displaying wedding photos at home will give you that satisfaction of joy you wanted. Keep creating memories and keep showing them to the world. 

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