Where to Get Unique Wedding Rings

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If you want a ring that stands out from the crowd, one great option is to use a gemstone. This could be a gemstone that the bride and groom love or one of the couple's birthstones. The stones should be durable enough to withstand everyday wear. For example, a pink sapphire set in a halo of diamonds looks great on a unique white gold wedding band.

Unique engagement rings

Now that the marriage proposal is imminent, you want to get this one important step right. Everyone expects to see a stunning engagement ring and the thought of getting it right is overwhelming. Here are a few great places to buy an engagement ring that speaks to the recipient. And don't worry if you're not in a budget, you can still find something that's unique and beautiful. Whether you're planning a big celebration or a more low-key affair, there are a variety of ways to get the perfect ring.

One of the best places to go for a custom engagement ring is a reputable New York-based designer. James Allen, a father and a renowned jewelry designer, has been crafting his Unique Engagement Ring collection for over four decades. These rings are exquisitely handcrafted and are a truly unique experience. They come with unique settings and can be viewed in 360 degree HD video. These rings are unique because they are handcrafted and designed by a single person.

Colored gemstones are also popular options, and can make a statement. While diamond engagement rings became popular in the 20th century, colored gemstones have been used for centuries. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone in the world and are available in almost every color imaginable. Emeralds, meanwhile, are a popular choice among royalty. Red rubies are traditionally associated with passion and romance. Whether you choose a classic diamond or a colorful stone, it's important to remember that the sentiments that surround it are just as important.

If you want your engagement ring to be extra special, look for a unique cut. The cut of your diamond should be unique, and the style of the ring should reflect your taste and your budget. Diamonds are popular, but you can also opt for a more unusual cut. Some diamonds feature an asymmetric hexagon ring cut. Another popular choice is the old mine cut. In this case, the ring contains a secret message or code.

If you're in the mood for something a little more unusual, consider buying a ring from the Zales website. The company will typically ship your engagement ring directly to the recipient or send it to you if you bought it online. If the ring isn't quite what you were looking for, you can send it back within 60 days. Most Zales locations accept online purchases. If the ring isn't for you, simply send it back to the store and they'll refund you. However, you should keep in mind that sometimes, refunds can take up to 30 days to process.

Another great option is Blue Nile. This online retailer has a huge selection of high-quality diamonds. They also have a low overhead, so customers can see the rings in person before buying. Blue Nile's best-looking vintage engagement rings are adorned with hand-engraved details and accent diamond bands. Choose from a simple band style or a complex one that includes colorful gemstones. Whatever you choose, Blue Nile has a ring for you!

Alternative engagement ring styles

Traditionally symmetrical engagement rings are not for everyone, so you might want to consider some alternatives. You can find unusual ring styles that are not only unique to your partner, but also beautiful and romantic. Alternatively set diamonds are another popular choice, and you can even find rings with asymmetrical bands. In addition to unconventional band designs, alternative engagement rings often feature cut outs or negative space. In addition, some unconventional settings feature off-kilter stones.

Gemstones are another alternative engagement ring style. A ring made of ruby is striking and makes a statement. Rubies are also one of the toughest precious stones, so this ring is durable and long-lasting. Pearls are also a beautiful and timeless choice. These stones are not only beautiful but they are also rare, so you can't get just any old pearl! Choose an unusual ring to impress your partner with unique style.

Cluster diamonds are another alternative to conventional diamonds. Cluster engagement rings are certain to turn heads. They are composed of several smaller stones, each surrounded by a larger stone. Depending on your style preferences, cluster diamonds can be set in a variety of precious metals. This unique style makes it the perfect alternative engagement ring for those who don't want a traditional ring. For instance, a clustered engagement ring has several rows of stones surrounding a single center stone.

Despite their popularity, solitaire diamond rings are still the most common type of engagement ring. While they are understated and classic, they also look elegant and sophisticated. If you want to spend less, consider a diamond-set cluster or a diamond-set halo engagement ring. Either one will be a beautiful choice for your special lady. There are plenty of other ring styles to choose from if you want to surprise your partner with a ring she'll love.

The best alternative engagement ring style for your partner is the one that fits her lifestyle. Consider her taste and lifestyle. Slim fingers may be better suited for a solitaire, while thicker finger types may look great with a cathedral setting. Either way, your beloved will surely love the sparkle of her gorgeous gemstone. So, don't let style restrictions stand in your way of happiness. Alternative engagement ring styles are available to meet all budgets and preferences.


If you're looking for a unique wedding ring without having to break the bank, consider buying it on Etsy. You can buy vintage or antique jewelry, or get a ring with history. Many of the jewelry sellers on Etsy are small, independent businesses. You can even work with them to create your own custom design. Etsy is a great place to find unique wedding rings, and you can buy them directly from the artists.

When choosing from a seller on Etsy, read reviews. Buyers rarely complain about poor communication or bad communication. Be sure to read the reviews before buying from someone you've never heard of before. Read as many reviews as possible and ask to see their diamond certification. It's important to look for reviews of the jewelry you're considering before you purchase, as this can give you an idea of the quality.

If you don't want to go with tradition, you can find something similar to the royal sparkler that Kate Middleton wore. Another highly rated Etsy shop is Lucy's Fine Jewellery. The ring features a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and looks like it was inspired by the Princess Diana ring. But it won't cost you the same as a royal jewel.

Purchasing a ring on Etsy has its upsides and downsides. First, you won't be able to view the actual ring in person. The pictures on Etsy, however, show the ring from various angles and in your hand. You can see how the diamond sparkles and what kind of materials it is made of. Lastly, you can buy a ring that fits your budget and style.

The top pick from Etsy is an opal and diamond ring with a beautiful design by a highly rated seller. The ring is crafted from 18ct white gold and has a unique halo twist. In addition to diamonds, the Etsy seller also offers rings with gold and moissanite stones. These are just a few examples of the many beautiful and unique wedding rings you can find on Etsy.

The Victorian style moissanite engagement ring on Etsy merges past and present. Its center stone is set in a ring with three smaller diamonds. The diamonds are all conflict-free and the 14K yellow gold setting looks classic and timeless. The ring's CAD image allows you to check the quality of the stone before purchasing it. The Etsy vendor also offers a certificate of authenticity. The ring is shipped in an unmarked velvet box.