Cartoon Images of a Muslim Couple at a Wedding

Cartoon or animated? These two styles dominate when it comes to whimsical representations of nuptials. Whether it carries a spiritual message or just aims to elicit a chuckle, a wedding-themed cartoon is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Moreover, using a cartoon about the wedding could wonderfully highlight the couple's affection for one another.


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False cartoon images of a Muslim couple at a wedding have a long history. In 1893, a newspaper featured an article about a Muslim wedding. It was a popular fad, a time of increasing interest in Islam. The World's Fair in Chicago also featured a working mosque. The growing curiosity about Islam coincided with an influx of immigrants from the Ottoman Empire. Most of these immigrants were from the area of modern day Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

The images were originally published in a French magazine. The magazine's editor-in-chief Stephane Charbonnier, who writes under the pen name Charb, has promised to publish more cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad. The magazine has been sued a dozen times in the past by Christians. In recent years, the magazine has been the target of Islamist attacks. After being attacked in 2011, the magazine renamed itself "Charia Hebdo." It also named itself after the Prophet Muhammad, and invited him to serve as the editor-in-chief.


A Muslim Sufi from Seattle and adjunct professor at Seattle University, Jamal Rahman, says the wedding cartoons are inappropriate. He says the images reflect a childish temper tantrum. The cartoons have the potential to cause riots in Muslim countries. Moreover, they violate Muslim beliefs and the Shariah, the fundamental law of Islam.

It's important to understand that the cartoons are an expression of a particular point of view. One cartoon, which features a pig's snout, is clearly mocking the Prophet. Another cartoon features a dog raping a praying Muslim.

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