What Do Host Couples Do at a Wedding?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, marking the most notable day for both the bride and groom. Preparing for a wedding involves extensive responsibilities for the families and friends of the bride and groom. An essential role in the ceremony is played by the host couple. The primary responsibility of the host couple is to manage various aspects on the day of the wedding. If you're curious about the specific responsibilities of host couples at weddings, continue reading to discover more about what host couples do during the ceremony.

In the below part of the article, we will discuss what does a host couple in the wedding. Along with that, we will let you know about some etiquettes of the wedding host couples.

What Do Host Couples Do at a Wedding?

Once upon a time, there were no wedding planners, or catering companies, or wedding design firms. At that time, the duty of the host couple was to help the parents of the bride with the works on the wedding day. Although it requires a lot of work and courage to be the host couple at the wedding, it was an honor for the couple to serve as the host couple at the wedding.

There is a lot of work actually for the host couple. This can be anything at the wedding. You might even require carrying things for the sake of the day. As there are a lot of service providers to look after things including the wedding planner, the duty of the host couple is more simplified nowadays. The professionals handle the tough things like tear down, set up, décor, cater, and other related services in exchange for money.

That means now it is not going to be much hard for you to be the host of a wedding ceremony. You will not require worrying about the hard floral setup, gifts, look after the catering or anything between the church and reception.

So, What Do Actually Host Couples Do at The Wedding?

The duty of the host couple is to look after things whether they are going well or not. They usually do not require doing much of the physical works nowadays. So, if you are worrying to ask out someone to be a host, you shouldn’t. In fact, you can ask someone who is really meaningful or important in your life to be the host of the wedding. There are also some etiquettes of selecting the host couple for the wedding.

Make sure that the couple you are asking, is really familiar to you. Pick someone who has been always there for you in both of your good and bad days. Such as, it can be your big sister and her husband who has been always an important part of your life. Or, it can be a childhood friend who is married. It can also be your young aunt and her husband. It doesn’t matter whomever you pick, make sure to treat them as very important.

One of the main duties of the host couple can be greeting the guests. This starts from the church when the guest joins for the wedding ceremony. What they will actually do is to shake the hands of the guests and welcome them to the ceremony. Make sure that you are giving them a boutonniere and the corsage to wear. This will make them feel important and the guests who don’t know them will also know that.

So, here is the take-out: The main duty of the host couple is taking care of the guest. They need to welcome the guest with a big smile and warm heart. Make sure that they are not doing something else like heavy lifting or looking after some other physical works. They are more like the “welcoming committee on your wedding day.” And, don’t forget to honor them with a gift for the important work they have done for you.

What Are Some Other Things the Host Couple Can Do?

Well, sometimes the host couple may require more works than taking care of the guest at the wedding. Sometimes, you might be short of people or family members to take care of important things, you can ask the host couple for additional works. However, make sure that you are telling them prior about what needs to be done. Let them know if it is possible for them. And, make sure that you are not putting additional pressure on the person. You need to do is to assure that the couple is taking the duty happily.

Sometimes, you will require the host to be your logistic manager and look after the thing of supplies. However, as we said earlier, they don’t need to work physically. You should have a professional for doing this. You might also give the duty to take after the stock of the food and work of the catering service whether they are working efficiently or not. Sometimes, they might require doing some other spare works.

If you have been asked to be a host of the wedding make sure to be aware of the duty you need to do. You might ask the bride or groom about your duty. Most times, as a host couple, you will need to welcome people and assure the hospitality of the guest. You will assure that the guest is comfortable at the wedding event. In rare cases, you might require extra works, which the bride and groom or the wedding host should clarify to you.

How Many host Couples You Should Have?

Well, it can be one, two, or more. When it comes to hospitality, if the number of guests is big, you should go for multiple host couples. For a smaller wedding, we think one or two host couples is enough. You might also pick a separate host and hostess who is not a couple but will work together for the wedding.


Hosting a wedding is not something easy. It will require a generous amount of work and dealing with a  lot of people. You should pick someone who is good when it comes to dealing with people.

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