Fun Drinking Games to Celebrate Weddings

A dull wedding day can cause a lot of worry for any couple. Imagine if your friends aren't entertained, or even more concerning, if they choose to depart prematurely. Take a moment to calm down. We've gathered an assortment of wedding drinking games to ensure everyone is lively and enjoying themselves. With activities such as oversized Jenga and beer pong, your attendees are guaranteed to have a memorable experience at your special occasion.

Wedding Lawn Games

Wedding lawn games are a fun way to start the reception and enjoy the gorgeous outside scenery. Yard games for weddings are enjoyable and can also serve as an extension of your décor. Use the wedding's theme, colors, and anything else that helps tell the couple's story while deciding on outdoor lawn games to play during the reception.

1. Ring Toss

Ring toss, played at weddings, is fun to commemorate the ring exchange. Because this game represents a significant part of the wedding and the couple, you should decorate the rings by embellishing them with fake gems so they stand out.

2. Giant Jenga

Like the game of Jenga, marriage is a delicate balancing act. Use a giant outdoor version as a wedding reception game, and add a personal touch by writing "Did You Know?" details about you and your spouse on each block.

3. Beer Pong

Beer pong is a fun addition to any celebration, including weddings. Set up a couple of bear pong tables so your guests may show off their table tennis talents. Form two teams with a group of people around the table. Each player takes turns throwing a ping pong ball into a beer cup. If one misses, then the opposing team is up. Every time a player scores, the other team has to drink that beer cup up.

Wedding Table Games

When entertaining visitors outside, it's fun to set up some outdoor activities. All guests, however, will need to be seated before the reception may begin. With the help of wedding table games, you can help your guests relax and enjoy themselves by breaking the ice and removing any uncomfortable situation. Visitors who prefer to sit at a table rather than hit the dance floor might still have a fantastic time.

1. Wedding Couple Mad Libs

In need of counsel on the subject of love and marriage? Make a template in the style of Mad Libs and have guests fill it out while they wait. This is one of the wedding games that guests can enjoy on their own, or they can get the whole table in on the action by trading advice on how to keep the romance alive, where to go on "married dates," and other topics.

2. Couple Trivia

Prepare a quiz for the guests to take on the newlyweds by writing down facts they may or may not know. Learn more about the couples by answering questions about how they met, what they did on their first date, and what they planned for their honeymoon.

3. Card Games

Waiting until the reception begins may be long and tedious for your guests. Instead, provide a few decks of cards for guests to entertain themselves. You can even take a step further and arrange card games with cocktails, such as Solitaire cocktail deck or Go Fish.


The sight of all your loved ones gathered together is sure to be a highlight of your wedding day. A wedding is a great time to party with your closest friends and family as you celebrate your new marriage. Playful wedding games of various kinds help get the party going, encourage people to break the ice and bring out their inner child.

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