Why Do We Do That Wedding Game Answers?

Although not mandatory, incorporating games into a wedding can greatly amplify the festivity of this momentous occasion. A particularly beloved game among many is "why do we do that," which explores the various traditions linked to weddings. This engaging activity is often played either at the bridal shower or directly on the wedding day itself. If you're eager to uncover the reasons behind the traditions examined in the "why do we do that" wedding game, feel free to read on in the article.

Below, we will discuss the questions and answers that are often asked in the why do we do that wedding game.

Why Do We Do That Wedding Game Answers

Bride Stands on the Left of the Groom

One of the most common questions of the what do we do that is why the bride stands on the left of the groom. It is a culture in most of the western and eastern societies. They do this considering this is the position of honor. In the earlier centuries, the bride stands right on the groom, as a sign of the bride is the property of the groom. It was also for protecting the bride from the other men looking at her.

But nowadays, the bride stands left next to the groom. As a result, it is more of honoring both the bride and groom as equal.

Why Bride Carry a Bouquet?

One of the most common traditions in the wedding of western culture for the bride is to carry a bouquet. The tradition started from the ancient room. During that time, the bride carried or wore flowers. That is to signify the new beginning of life. Besides, as per some other cultures, the strong-smelling flower can prevent evil spirits, health issues, and bad luck. They use flowers and herbs with a powerful smell.

Although there were hard and fast rules earlier on how to wear the flower or what flower to wear, now things are completely different. The bride can pick the preferred flower bouquet of their choice. It doesn’t need to be high in fragrance, better in shape, color, or any other thing. Nowadays, the bride keeps the bouquet as a part of their visual appearance. Oftentimes, it is chosen to match with the dress.

Why Groom Wear a Boutonniere?

The boutonniere comes from a French word that stands for buttonhole flower. The boutonniere is also worn in the earlier period to keep off any bad luck, evil spirit, etc. in the 16th century. However, it becomes more of a fashion item during the 18th century. People started wearing the boutonniere as a fashion item. At that time, it was very normal for the men to wear coats with boutonniere, breeches, and boots.

During the 19th century, the boutonniere becomes more of a romantic attire. Men wear that to makes him stand out from the crowd, just like the polished shoes. The use of the boutonniere is now less common in usual life. But it has become a very important part of special occasions like the wedding, proms, and related ceremonies. Apart from adding elegance to the dress, they are also to show honor and nobility for the accomplishment.

Why the Bride Wear Veil?

A wedding dress feels incomplete without the veil. In some religions, it is encouraged to wear veils. Although it was for covering the head to preserve their looks for any other man except the groom. However, woman nowadays wears a veil that is transparent and makes them look good. The veil is a way to represent modesty and obedience. On the other hand, it also symbolizes chastity.

In the earlier period, the elite women in the ancient Greek and Persian empires wore the veil to signify their high status and respectability. In some cultures, women are required to wear a veil based on their class, rank, and occupation in society. It was forbidden for the prostitute and the female slaves to wear the veil.

In earlier periods, the veil was thicker but with the time and approach of some of the elite personalities, the veil is now made very thick and light. It is more like a fashion item and oftentimes, the veil matches with the wedding dress.

Why the Flower Girl Drop the Petals?

The flower girl drops the petals of a rose to signify fertility. She walks down the aisle before the bride. Traditionally, the flower girl wears a white dress and tosses the petals. While the white color of the dress symbolizes purity, the red color of the petals is to symbolize fertility. It started from the ancient Roman and Egyptian periods. However, they threw seeds to the newlyweds as a sign of fertility. This sometimes also represents the happiness of the couple.

Why a Ring Bearer Bring the Ring?

This is a beautiful tradition of the wedding which is eye worthy just like the flower girl. Ring bearers are typically the small child from the immediate family or close friend family. The kids carry the wedding ring which symbolizes innocence and the beginning of a new life. The ring bearer needs to be less than 10 years. However, there are some tracks of a bit relevant tradition in ancient Egypt and old Europe.

Why Bride and Grooms Cut the Cake Together?

One of the common traditions of the wedding is the bride and groom cutting the cake together. The tradition begins from Roman times when the groom broke bread over the bride’s head. In middle age, the couples high-stacked cakes in their wedding and the newlywed need to kiss the cake. However, the symbolization is different in the modern period.

The cake is cut by both the groom and the bride to symbolize the continuity of the relationship. They feed each other with the cake which symbolizes taking care of each other. The cake-cutting ceremony also symbolizes commitment for each other and the families.


There are some of the most common questions of the why do we do that wedding game. While playing the game, we hope that the above answers will help you.

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