How Many Carats Is Wendy Williams Wedding Ring

Wendy Williams has established herself as a distinguished television presenter, famously for her role as the host of 'The Wendy Williams Show'. Her large diamond engagement ring has attracted a lot of attention, leading to curiosity about its size in carats. If you're interested in discovering more about the specifics of Wendy Williams' wedding ring, follow the link. (For details on the price of Kate Middleton's wedding gown, click here.)

Since Wendy Williams is a popular personality, it is a matter of curiosity for fans to check out her outfits and discuss them. Recently, the huge diamond ring is creating a lot of discussions. In this article, we will let you know about the number of carats in Wendy Williams ring as well as the worth. So keep reading.

How Many Carats Is Wendy Williams Wedding Ring

The smallest details of celebrities do not escape the eyes of fans. Because millions of people follow them. Today I am talking about such a celebrity. He is none other than the popular media personality Wendy Williams.

Whenever the large diamond ring on his finger catches the eye of the viewer, since then, there has been a lot of interest in the net world. Such as how many carats it is, how much it costs, where it is designed, and many more. Some people think it is her wedding ring while others think it’s her customized special edition. But the reality is that there is no definite source as to whether this is Wendy's wedding ring or not.

According to various trusted sources and research, Wendy Williams' famous ring is 3 carats. It was actually an 8 carat stone. But later he replaced it in the seventh year of marriage. But sadly, it was not possible to find out the price of Wendy Williams' attractive ring. Moreover, there is no clear explanation of the design of the one who made it.

What Happened To Wendy Williams Wedding Ring?

Earlier this year, Wendy William revealed a piece of huge news about her wedding ring. She said during her show that she switched her wedding ring to another ring of her old choice. The decision came after she broke up with her husband, Kevin Hunter. She wants to show it to the whole world but this time all the diamonds have been removed from the ring. To her love is now priceless which she frankly admits in front of the camera.

Wendy is now proudly wearing a huge flower ring filled with diamonds that she had many years ago. It is now a precious piece of jewelry that she has. And she’s not at all ashamed of her ring replacement. Wendy's followers took the ring replacement issue very seriously after her breakup. Some people have even praised his bold decision.

What Are Some Most Popular Celebrity Wedding Rings

In addition to Wendy Williams, other celebrities wear expensive rings. Here is a list of them that you may know.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was proposed to by William, the son of the British dynasty, with a diamond ring. This engagement ring is modeled after Princess Diana's iconic sapphire. Its designer is Gerard.It is an oval ring with 14 glittering diamonds in a white gold setting. This special engagement ring is around 12 carats and has a market value of approximately $500,000.

Beyonce’s Wedding Ring

Beyonce is a popular star in the pop industry. He has been doing pop music for three decades. Her fans call her 'Queen Bay'. She is a household name among fans for her looks, outfits, make-up, and some brilliant music. In particular, various generations discuss the mystery of Beyonce's cult figure. It says that she is one of the most cultural icons of all time.

Celebrity gold designer Lorraine created Beyoncé’s wedding ring. It is a 24-carat diamond ring with a platinum split shank around it. It is worth 5 million dollars.

Serena William

Famous tennis star Serena William’s wedding ring is also quite expensive. Serena made her extensive engagement ring from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. It is set by three striking stones set in a platinum band. She did not specify its value. However, experts estimate that the emerald diamond ring is worth about $2 million and weighs 12 carats.

Serena and Alexis' wedding was as heartwarming and bright as her ring. Their wedding ceremony is Disney-themed. Her wedding ring was a public attraction whose details are known to all. According to her, marriage is a common practice. Everyone has the right to know. So she shared the wedding ring with her fans and posted it on her official Instagram account.

Jenifer Lopez

Popstar Jennifer Lopez is also on the list of expensive wedding rings. Although she has been married twice. When she first got married in 2002, her ring caused quite a stir. Her wedding ring looks pale pink and weighs 8.1 carats. It costs $1200,000.

Jennifer Lopez's various live concerts and even TV shows have caught her wedding ring on camera. As a result, she became the headline of the famous newspaper. This ring of hers was considered the biggest ring at that time.

Anna Kournikova

Latin music artist Enrique Iglesias's relationship with Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova was very popular. Their wedding ring is also very expensive. It appears during her tennis game. The yellow ring was purchased in 2004. It was valued at $540,000. At present, its market value is $8443596.

When Anna asked a reporter about her wedding ring, she just avoid it with a smile. To her, it is a special jewel of dignity and pride. So she didn’t want to evaluate it with value.

Kim Kardashian

Talking about the expensive ring but it is impossible that Kim Kardashian's wedding ring will not be on this list. She is an American socialite and businesswoman. Her new, flawless 20-carat emerald-cut diamond ring is worth ৪ 4 million, a gift from her husband, Kanye West. This ring adds a gorgeous resemblance to reality star Kim Kardashian's jewelry outfit. The ring was first shown to Kim by her husband Kanye during a proposal at a stadium in 2013.


Wedding rings are an object of pride and honor for every woman. Usually, wedding rings are a bit expensive. But when a celebrity wears it, it becomes a thing of interest to everyone. Wendy William's wedding ring is no exception. We hope this article will help you to know how many carats Is Wendy Williams wedding ring.

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