How Long Does a Catholic wedding Last?

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Catholics truly believe that marriage comes as a gift from God. According to the Catholic vision, a wedding is rooted in the Holy Scriptures which is manifested in its teachings and practices through the church. A catholic wedding is a relationship that binds a man and a woman in the ultimate bond of love that is observed in the church to protect their sanctity.

Marriage unites a couple in a bond of fidelity and mutual love and gives them an open life. It is a way of responding to God’s call with holiness that invites the couple to be one of the signs of Christ’s love on earth. Catholic wedding ceremonies are fully loaded with tradition. This special day is celebrated with various rituals and ceremonies.

If you are planning a catholic wedding, you should know how long does a catholic wedding lasts. The following paragraph will assist you to know about the duration of a catholic wedding. Let’s check it out.

How Long Does a Catholic wedding Last?

Well, Catholic weddings are celebrated in a slightly different way than typical weddings. The duration will depend on whether you are participating in a mass service or not. If you are attending a mass service along with the communion, it will take a bit more time.

Usually, it takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete a catholic wedding with a mass and communion. On the other hand, without a mass and communion 25 to 30 minutes is enough to complete a catholic wedding. Some couple who don’t like to attend in communion. They only participate in the main ritual of marriage function. In that case, it takes much less time.

Note that if one of the couples is not a catholic, there is no need to have a mass during the wedding session. But if both the couples are catholic then it is very nice and appropriate to join the mass function. Because a full mass and communion is a common traditional part of any catholic marriage ceremony. Although it is not a compulsory thing. It’s totally the wedding couple's own choice.

Another common denominator is that couples believe in two different cultures. If they each add some of their own styles to the wedding ceremony, the wedding time will take longer. So it is assumed that how much time it takes for your wedding to be accomplished will define how many formalities you will participate in.

What Are the Customs of a Catholic Wedding?

Catholic weddings are very beautiful, simple, and full of symbolism. Those who are going to get married in a catholic way for the first time can see the whole process at a glance. This article will help you to know what customs are observed in a catholic wedding. Let’s take look.

Processional (Introductory Rite)

The priest and servers will enter themselves in the church and take their place before the wedding couple arrives. When the bridegroom reaches their place, they greet them. Once everyone arrives at the church and takes their place, the processional song will begin. After the processional song is completed, the priest will draw everyone’s attention to the sign of the cross.

Greetings from the Priest

After completing the processional, catholic marriage ceremonies usually start with a greeting from the priest and an opening prayer which everyone listens to very politely. The priest will take the names of the couples and praying for god’s blessing on their wedding day. Then the priest will lead the way of wedding guests to a hymn.


Hymns in catholic marriages must be spiritual as well as religious. Before starting the wedding ceremony, the couple should meet with the priest to discuss their preferred readings and themes. Some couples like to manage hymns through modern instruments. There are several varieties for a catholic hymn. The couple can decide on a cantor to work as the head or organist of the live instrument.

However, there have many Christians who like to go with a guitarist, violin, harp, or wind instrument. In terms of catholic hymns, the ‘Classic Gloria’ is a most favorite to everybody.

Primary Prayer

When the greetings and opening hymns are complete, then comes the opening prayer. There are six options for the couples to choose a single opening prayer. However, at the end of each prayer, the invitees present at the congregation in unison concluded with an ‘Amen’ response.


There will be at least three bible readings in a public ceremony. This is how the main function of the wedding ceremony will start. The priest will frequently read from one of the four gospels. You can read from a paragraph of the New Testament through a friend or family member. After the reading is over, the priest will give insights into the reading passages. 

Rite of Wedding

The whole church will stand when the couple receives their vows. They will declare and admit their commitment to each other. The priest will then ask for their consent. If yes, he will bless them and will call for a change of ring.

Ring Exchange

Ring exchange is the most crucial part of the whole wedding. After the vows are done, the couples will exchange rings with each other. Then the priest will bless the rings as a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness, and love. The priest may invite the couples to exchange kisses. Although this is not a compulsory practice of Catholics. This is how a full-fledged catholic wedding ends with the exchange of rings.

The Holy Communion

Holy Communion is also called the Eucharist. This represents the symbol of the ‘Last Supper’ where Jesus broke bread with his dispels just before his death. Guests will leave their seats to line up in front of the priest. The priest will provide communion bread and wine to everyone.

Note that only Catholics can take part in this particular tradition. Non-Catholic guests will be covered by this tradition. They can receive the blessing by crossing their arms over their chest or stay in their position.

Final Prayer

Once the communion is over, the whole gathering will stand as the priest will recite the closing or final blessing. He will bless the newly married couple and the entire guest in the name of God. At this moment, the marriage license may sign during the service. Although it depends on the couple’s preferences.


Those who trust in the catholic tradition are commonly interested in catholic marriage. A catholic wedding ceremony with a mass and communion typically lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. This time may vary depending on the couple’s partiality. Hopefully, this article will useful to you.

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