What to Wear To a Catholic Wedding

Receiving an invitation to a Catholic wedding comes with the responsibility of knowing the proper dress code for the occasion. It's essential for guests to dress smartly, reflecting the respect and consideration due to such an event. Curious about the appropriate attire for a Catholic wedding? Let’s explore the perfect ensemble.

A wedding is a social and joyous occasion for all. But if you are not sure what to wear during the ceremony, it may be a concern. Usually, catholic weddings are celebrated in a different manner from other wedding ceremonies. So you need to have proper insight into etiquette. When attending a catholic wedding as well as choosing the right dress will help you to be confident. Keep reading.

What to Wear To a Catholic Wedding

Wearing the perfect outfit at a catholic wedding can be a bit of concern. What if you were invited to a catholic wedding and your dress code did not specify? Well, then you have to use your best judgment.  There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for a catholic wedding.

For Female invitees

In catholic weddings, women should dress modestly. Dressing modestly means wearing a wedding dress that is good-looking and makes you feel comfortable as well as avoiding exposing too much skin. Wearing a short dress is also an improper etiquette in the wedding ceremony. Clothing should not be worn in such a way that women’s thighs are exposed. Besides, refrain from wearing white clothes. Because the color of the white dress is reserved for the bride.

For a catholic wedding, one should wear something that matches the casual and formal. It is best to wear a shawl or short jacket over the arm and cover the back while at church. Although you can remove this stuff during the reception.

Moreover, wedding outfits are not always the same. Choosing the dress according to the timing of the wedding event is a wise thing to do. For evening weddings, wear dark type dresses and choose some light-colored dresses for daytime events. Last but not the least, keep yourself away from wearing too many bright or colorful outfits.

Besides, it is also important to choose a specific dress code considering the duration of the wedding invitation. For example, the clothes you wear when attending a winter wedding ceremony may not match the summer outfit. Clothes need to be warm enough when attending a winter wedding event, especially in the evening celebration.

For Male Invitees

Men don’t need as much variation of outfits as women. Because simplicity is what makes men look beautiful. It would be appropriate for men to wear at least one shirt when attending a catholic wedding. A suit on top of the shirt with a tie, a perfect combination for a wedding party. Make sure the shirt is casual or one color type. It is not wise to wear jeans when it comes to pants. So wear casual fabric pants.

Typically, male guests are not allowed to wear hats at the wedding as it does not go with the event.  Furthermore, cut-off shirts that expose the arms should avoid. Because it is not appropriate for the occasion. Warm outfits like wool suits can be a great choice for men to attend a winter wedding.  

Things to Remember of Etiquette for a Non-Catholic

Catholic weddings are celebrated in the church. There is some etiquette for attending the church that you should respect as a visitor. Even if you are a non-Catholic, follow these etiquettes to protect the dignity of the catholic masses.

1. Everyone prays attentively during worship. Plus the priest gives this insight and reads the word of god. This is the ultimate violation of etiquette. Because your words will distract the people around you from focusing on god. So it is better to save the conversation after the masses.

2. Put your cell phone in a silent mood and keep it in your pocket. The church is a holy place for worship. It is best if you can keep it in a closed mode. Because if your mobile rings suddenly during prayer, it distracts the prayer atmosphere. Another thing is to refrain from any kind of messaging during prayers.

3. If you are a non-Catholic, please come forward to bless but do not accept communalism. Because firmly Catholics believe that Eucharist is the symbol of the blood, soul, and divinity of the body of Jesus Christ. So it’s ideal only for hardcore or practicing Catholics.

4. Many important occasions have certain dress codes. The church is one of the places where it is recommended to wear neat and clean clothes. Yoga pants and flip-flops should never be worn in this sacred place. This doesn’t mean that your clothes have to be expensive or fancy, wear only those that are humble and in harmony with the prayer environment.


What Color Outfit Shouldn’t Be Worn At The Wedding?

All kinds of white dresses and suits are strictly prohibited in the wedding ceremony unless you are especially asked to do so by the bride or groom.

Is It Perfect to Wear Black At a Wedding?

Yes, wearing black is acceptable in catholic marriages. For a long time, there was a superstition among the people that wearing black at weddings was offensive and inauspicious for marriage. But in the twenty-first century, it is ridiculous to hold such eloquent ideas.

Can I Join the Catholic Wedding Wearing a Skirt?

Wearing a skirt at a catholic wedding is appropriate as long as it is not too long. If you want to join a catholic wedding after the skirt, choose the right length and elegant one. Make sure your skirt is below the knee.


Catholic's wedding is something that different from the other traditional weddings. If you are attending a catholic wedding for the first time, you should follow some instructions about your outfit. The most important tip is to avoid white outfitting. Through this article, we have tried to give you the idea of choosing clothes as well as etiquettes for wedding preparation. If you still feel a little hesitant, feel free to seek advice from someone who has been to a catholic wedding before.

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