How Long Is A Traditional Catholic Wedding?

Catholic wedding ceremonies are typically marked by their understated elegance and the use of symbolic rituals. This specific marriage celebration is deeply rooted in religious customs, adhering to the practices of devout Catholic followers. Thus, the question emerges: What is the Length of a Traditional Catholic Wedding?

If you are planning a Catholic wedding for the first time, you should know how long it takes to complete and the Catholic wedding rituals as well. In this article, we will let you know about the duration of a catholic wedding. Let’s check it out.

What Is a Catholic Wedding?

A Catholic marriage is a relationship that binds a man and a woman in the ultimate bond of love. The whole marriage process is held in the church to keep the sanctity of their relationship. This ceremony traditionally includes a full mass and communion. It does not take more than 30 to 45 minutes to complete the formalities of this marriage.

However, some couples ignore the mass part in their Catholic marriage. Because participating in mass functions is not compulsory. Catholics are very conscious of timing when it comes to marriage.

How Long Is A Traditional Catholic Wedding

Catholic matrimonies are different than ordinary ceremonies. The duration of your wedding will depend on whether you are attending a mass festival. It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete a Catholic wedding with a mass and communion. Oppositely, if you do not include mass and communication in your marriage, 25 to 30 minutes is sufficient. Because not all couples like to join the communion.

Note that there is no need for couples to join in the mass unless at least one is a Catholic. But if the couple is both Catholic or has faith in the Catholic tradition, then it is very appropriate to join the mass occasion. Since these are traditional Catholic marriage rituals.

Moreover, some couples practice in two different cultures. Sometimes couples of different styles add some of their own styles to their wedding. As a result, it is normal to increase the time of marriage. Finally, the duration of your wedding will depend on how many formalities you attend.

The Rituals Of Traditional Catholic Wedding

Catholic weddings are very simple and tidy. Those who are considering getting married in the Catholic way for the first time can follow the whole process. This article will help you to know what are the rituals of the Catholic wedding ceremony and their sequential activity as well. Let's jump to the following paragraph to see them.

The Processional

Priests and servers will enter the church and occupy their specific place before the wedding couple arrives. The couple will then take their assigned place. As soon as they enter the church they will be greeted by priests and servers.

Once everyone arrives at the church and receipts their place, the procession song will start. When the procession song is over, the priest will draw everybody's attention to the sign of the cross.


When the procession is over, the priest will begin the salutation and an opening prayer. Because it is a common activity of Catholic wedding ceremonies that everyone listens very politely. During this time the priest will name the couple and pray to God for their blessing. This is the end of greetings.


Make sure that your wedding hymns have spiritual and religious touches. In this case, the couple chooses readings and themes according to the priest's advice shortly before the wedding ceremony begins. Nowadays it is very popular to conduct hymns with modern instruments. If you want, you can put that arrangement in your marriage. However ‘Classic Gloria’ is a favorite hymn for Catholic hymns.

Early Prayer

Couples have 8 options to complete Early Prayer and they can choose anyone from here. At the end of the prayer, everyone responds by saying 'Amen' in unison.

Bible Readings Period

Typically, there are three Bible readings in Catholic marriages. Most of the time the priest reads one of the four gospels. One of your Bible reading companions may be a friend or family member who will repeat with the priest. At the end of the Bible reading, the priest will give an insight into the paragraph he has read.

Vows And Ring Exchange

The most turning point in Catholic marriage is age and ring exchange. Because all the drama of marriage ends through this. They vow to always be diligent and responsible towards each other. When the vows are over, they exchange rings.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is also called Eucharist. It represents the symbol of the 'Last Supper. Because the great Jesus broke bread with his disciples before his death. According to this custom, it is still celebrated in Catholic marriages. The priest will then give Communion bread and wine to everyone in the church. Everyone will stand in a line to receive it. Of course, non-Catholics will stay out of what we said earlier.


Is Catholic Wedding Always In The Church?

To be honest, the church is the ideal place for a catholic wedding. According to Catholics, getting married in a church brings blessings to the great Jesus. If you want to witness a traditional Catholic marriage, go with the church.

Is It Necessary To Bring A Gift With A Catholic Wedding?

Yes. Gifts are always a good one. Gifts at every wedding are a special courtesy for couples. So if you get an invitation to a catholic wedding then take a gift.

Does Catholic Wedding Have A Specific Dress Code?

There is no specific dress code for catholic marriage. However, the semi-formal dress is suitable. Shirt with pants and suits for boys. On the other hand, the skirt fits with the white long dress for girls.

How Much Does A Traditional Catholic Wedding Cost?

Those who are regular members of the church will pay $200 for their wedding. But if you are not a member of the church then you have to pay $400 to $2000 for your marriage. Anyway, an average of $1000 is perfect to get married in church.


A wedding unites a couple in a bond of fidelity and mutual love and gives them an open life. Traditional catholic marriage is full of culture and symbolism. This marriage ends within just 30 to 45 minutes. If you believe in Catholicism, enjoy your marriage according to the rules.

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