How Much is a Wedding at Captain Bills

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How Much is a Wedding at Captain Bill’s?

When planning a wedding, one of the first things you need to know is how much is a wedding at Captain Bill's? The following article will cover everything from Prices to Availability. You will also learn about Valet service and parking. We have also included tips for getting the best deal possible. Whether you are looking for a casual or elegant setting, Captian Bill's has everything you need for your special day.


Prices for a wedding at Captain Bills are reasonable for a destination wedding, and the location makes it an easy choice for couples looking to get married in a scenic location. The insignia resort and spa is a popular location, and offers many wedding settings, from garden ceremonies to lakefront affairs. A wedding at Captain Bills can include an exquisite meal of surf and turf to high-quality sushi and steak. It's important to note that the restaurant prides itself on the freshness of its food, and this is apparent in the dishes they serve. For instance, the venue has fresh rack of lamb and lobster on its menu, so the guests can be assured of a delicious meal of seafood.

Captain Bills is a waterfront venue on Long Island. This picturesque wedding venue is an ideal choice for water-loving couples because of the beautiful setting and excellent service. Weddings at Captain Bills include a champagne toast, cocktail hour, on-site catering, and reception staff. The venue is known to be a wedding photographer's paradise. The prices for a wedding at Captain Bills vary by day, depending on the type of event and your budget.

The prices for a wedding at Captain Bills are comparable to those of other venues in the area. Wedding guests will receive a personal tour of the historic building, which was purchased in the 1950s. The interior was renovated, and Carl and Sophie Abendroth built the main restaurant. The next door building became the catering hall. The restaurant and marina were sold to Carl Anton in 1982, who put it into receivership. The owners closed the doors for a few years, but the restaurant and catering hall continued to operate under the same ownership.

Weddings at Captain Bill's Bayview House are full-service events. Their professional staff arranges all the details for you, including decorations, entertainment, and catering. The venue also provides bar and valet service for the guests. The Harborview Room is ideal for small celebrations with a small number of guests. It also features a fireplace and deck for the wedding ceremony. Whether you're holding your ceremony on a deck or inside a cozy room, the staff will take care of your guests.


Captain Bill's Submarine is a popular Phoenix sub shop and pop culture museum. With hundreds of bumper stickers adorning its walls, this is a must-visit destination for Phoenix residents. The sub shop offers standard hot and cold subs, as well as salads and other typical fare. While many people will get by with standard cold subs, there is a specialty New York Beef and Cheese sub that is sure to delight guests.

Valet service

If you're heading to a Disney theme park, the valet service at Captain Bill's Bayview is a great way to avoid parking hassles and to enjoy the convenience of having your car parked right at your door. The service charges $33 per day, and you can pay when you return to retrieve your vehicle. While it's customary to tip your valet captain, you can always choose to leave your car running to avoid any hassle.


You may be wondering, "How much is parking at Captain Bill's Bayview?" The restaurant offers valet service for its customers. While parking costs are more than average, the restaurant's check is larger than most restaurants. There are two options for parking: onsite parking or valet. The price of parking at Captain Bill's Bayview depends on the time of day and the number of guests. If you're planning on dining there with a large group, you may want to consider making reservations ahead of time.

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