Wedding Venue Without Liquor License

For your wedding celebration to include alcoholic drinks, obtaining a liquor license is a requirement. Lacking such a license means that serving alcohol at your event is not allowed. The idea of a wedding festivity devoid of alcohol is quite difficult for many to envision. Therefore, what steps should you take if the venue you've selected for your wedding does not possess a liquor license?

Drinking alcohol at a wedding is a tradition. You are planning a wedding but you do not have a liquor license. There is no reason to worry about it. We will share with you some tips that you can follow to solve this problem very easily. So read this article carefully to know some great ways to fix a wedding venue without a license.

Wedding Venue Without Liquor License

Not everyone can be a professional and legally licensed liquor holder. It takes a few sticky rules to follow and the necessary documents to get a liquor license. Everyone wants to plan their wedding in such a way that alcohol is available at the venue. Now, if you don't have a liquor license, have you ever thought about how to manage the venue? I will answer your question in the following paragraph.

Collect A License From Someone In The Family

Every American family has at least one person who has a legal license to drink alcohol. He can be your parent, uncle, mama, grandfather, or anyone else. If you do not have a license holder in your family, you must have someone in a close friend's circle. With his license, you can easily get permission to have a drink at the wedding venue. This is the best and completely hassle-free way.

Make Him Your Wedding Host

There are some wedding venues where references to liquor licenses are not enough. They also want the license owner's presence, his signature, and insurances. Altogether the liquor license does not allow drinks at the wedding venue without the personal details of the owner.

In this case, you simply make the owner of the liquor license the host of your wedding. As a result, he will be your guardian and there will be no difficulty in arranging a drinks party. In fact, this technique is followed in many marriages nowadays.

Pick A Liquor Licensed Venue

At present, most wedding venues do hold civil liquor licenses with signature bars in different parts of the country where wedding venues can be rented without a license. In this case, you have to show your corporate identity, legal insurance copies, or bank statement. Mostly, these venues are open to the public and the venue authority itself is the secured license holder.

However, managing venues in these places is very tough. Because they have a lot of demand and most of the time they are booked. If you want to arrange a wedding at this type of venue, you need to confirm the booking at least six to one year in advance.

One of the disadvantages of licensed venue authorities is that they are not available in all regions or locations. As a result, picking up this venue for someone becomes a lot of distance. We know that facilities cannot be managed in all directions everywhere. If you can compromise the above problem then it will be perfect for you as a wedding venue.

Which Type Of Liquor Item Is Suitable For Wedding?

Your wedding should have some interesting drink items that will make your guests happy. Here we are sharing with you some drink items that you might add to your wedding.


Wine is the main drink at most weddings. Also, wine is the top choice of drink lovers at weddings. So it is important to arrange wine for your wedding according to the number of guests and the demand. There are different types of wines such as red, white, rose, and sparkling. Of these, red wine is the most favorite. It is made from grape varieties and is very intense and dark in color.

There are even different types of red wine such as Pinot Nair, Intense Violet, or Merlot. You can choose any one of them which will be party-pleasing. It is said that red wine is about 50% of wedding wine purchases.


Whiskey is another common drink in wedding celebrations. Especially in cocktail hours, it is more valuable. After finishing the couple's ring exchange, the party was in full swing. Then a glass of whiskey in the hands of each guest became demandable.


There is nothing new to say about beer. Because it is mandatory in any formal event, business meeting, wedding ceremony, friends reunion every occasion. So undoubtedly beer is an essential drink in cocktail hours. There is also variety in beer. Select the beer according to your taste and budget.


Champagne is a great idea to celebrate a wedding. It has been a tradition in wedding ceremonies since ancient times. If anyone wants to make their wedding shiny, they should arrange champagne. Champagne is given to guests as a gesture before the wedding buffet.


Mixed alcohol is a combination of multiple alcohols. This type of alcohol is very appropriate for modern weddings. You can set a mixture of alcohol in your wedding to enhance the exceptionality of alcohol. Although for this you have to hire a skilled bartender.


If you want to have some fancy and special drinks items, Tequila would be prominent for your wedding ceremony. You can also organize Tequila liquor to honor the VIP members invited to your wedding.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

There is no reason to think that all the guests at the wedding will be alcoholics. Moreover, there may be many teenagers or senior citizens. They may not like alcohol. So it would be wise to keep some normal cola or soda in the marriage. This will keep a balance in your marriage for which everyone will appreciate you later. So choose liquor in your wedding wisely.


Both venue and liquor are important for a wedding. Sometimes it is not possible to fix all the venues without a liquor license. So follow the necessary way to select the venue without a liquor license and enjoy your marriage.

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